10 Crypto Marketing Manager Remote Jobs Hiring Now

This article will discuss the 10 crypto marketing manager remote jobs hiring now. Crypto marketing jobs involve marketing activities to promote the awareness and acceptance of various crypto-related assets.

Are you a crypto marketer or an enthusiast who can influence, market, or promote a cryptocurrency-based company or product? Here is a step-by-step guide to gaining employment as a crypto marketing manager.

Meanwhile, it’s ideal to understand who a crypto manager is, their job description, requirements, duties, and responsibilities before we proceed.

Crypto Marketing Manager Remote Jobs
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Who is a Crypto Marketing Manager?

A crypto marketing manager is responsible for managing, organizing, and directing activities to create awareness of crypto assets. A crypto-based manager coordinates these awareness-driven activities and helps to ensure that the goals and objectives of the crypto marketing team are achieved.

Crypto Marketing Manager Job Description

The job description for a crypto marketing manager is to work closely with the teams responsible for these awareness-creating activities on crypto assets. This crypto marketing manager is expected to chair their marketing activities to attract and retain new customers.


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10 Companies Hiring Crypto Marketing Managers Right Now

If you are still wondering whether there’re job opportunities in the crypto industry, well, I’ll tell you today that the crypto industry is overgrowing at a fast pace.

There are so many Blockchain jobs waiting for people to fill but yet not enough candidates for the opportunities. Below are ten of the available companies currently hiring crypto marketing managers.

  • Coinbase

Coinbase is a renowned crypto asset exchange platform with increasing transactions on cryptocurrency daily. As one of the largest exchanges, Coinbase offers many crypto-related jobs.

  • Point72

Point72 is an asset-based management company that hires crypto experts who are knowledgeable, skilled, and have experience in crypto-assets and blockchain technology.

  •  Binance

Binance is a known platform that offers various crypto-related services to traders and crypto investors. The company provides multiple positions relating to crypto analysts, cyber security, marketers, and network engineering worldwide.

  • Kraken

Kraken is another popular U.S -based crypto exchange that enables diverse crypto transactions. The exchange offers crypto software development jobs to skilled engineers and developers.

  • BrainTree Payments

BrainTree payments is an active payments company that helps provide developers with various tools to accept multiple means of payment quickly. The company is a known employer of many crypto-experienced persons.

  • Square Inc

Square Inc is a popularly used mobile payment and related e-commerce platform that offers users access to various crypto-related businesses. The company is a known employer of different personnel qualified to hold diverse crypto job positions.

  • Ripple

Ripple is a widely known blockchain technology that helps for a safe and secured transfer of funds between multiple individuals. The company has various crypto job opportunities to offer.

  •  Gemini.com

Gemini.com is an online-based platform that enables one to buy and sell multiple crypto assets. Gemini offers different remote crypto jobs open to those with their requirements.

  •  Trade Station Technologies

This company is one of the best when it comes to providing suitable tools for identifying various opportunities in crypto to invest in for profitable returns. Trade station employs a more significant number of people to fill multiple positions in their company.

  • SFOX

SFOX is an electronic platform company that helps users engage in various trading activities and is a great employer for different persons to occupy diverse crypto job positions.

Duties and Responsibilities Of a Crypto Marketing Manager

Below are some of the duties and responsibilities which a crypto marketing manager is expected to fulfill.

  • Build and carry out various strategies to boost a company’s crypto brand awareness.
  • Effectively support the content creation team and help coordinate its amplification.
  • Report on various findings and refer to solutions or advice about these submitted reports.
  • Efficiently organize and conduct various campaigns to attract diverse kinds of developers.
  • Engage in social media advertisement and assist the advertising team with support, advice, and direction.
  • Launch various marketing and question campaigns.
  • Continually driving DeFi and the adoption of various improvements and features.

Skills Required For a Crypto Marketing Manager

Below are some of the skills that a crypto marketing manager must possess to fill this position.

  • Communication Skills

Most activities about crypto marketing are often related to communication, which necessitates a crypto marketing manager to have this skill. They must communicate vital information on time for activities to go well.

  • Leadership Skills

A crypto marketing manager must be a leader when handling activities. They must be influential and able to guide other individuals to effectively and timely meet up with the goals and aims of the company.

  • Team Work

One vital skill a crypto marketing manager must possess is combining efforts, which is “Team Work.” It is crucial for a manager to effectively derive ideas from other team members before concluding a particular discussion or activity.

  • Analytical Skills

A crypto marketing manager must possess analytical skills, which will help analyze various data to extract and produce meaningful information in the form of reports that will be suitable enough for decision-making.

Crypto Marketing Manager Salary

A crypto marketing manager often earns $60,000 to $80,000 for working with various agencies to help promote their brands in the international market.

Crypto marketing is a good job opportunity that a skilled and qualified Individual can consider. Ensure to research the hiring company and determine the position and requirements for the specific position. We hope this article will provide you with vital information about the crypto marketing manager’s job. Kindly visit our comment section for your questions and concerns.

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Crypto Marketing Manager Remote Jobs
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