5 Ways To Track Whales Buying Cryptos and Apps Needed

An introduction to crypto whales, how to track whales buying cryptos, their significance, and the tools used in monitoring their activities.

Some people or organizations have more influence and power than others, and this set of people is called the Crypto Whales. This article will explain the crypto whale trading activities and how to track whales buying cryptos such as Bitcoin and other altcoins.

Who Are Crypto Whales?

A crypto whale is a person or organization that possesses a greater number of particular cryptocurrencies. A whale that owns enough cryptocurrencies can manipulate the coin or token value. There is no official threshold to be considered a crypto whale, but 1,000 coins are the most commonly used figure for BTC. The number is usually much higher for altcoins because the altcoin market caps are significantly lower than that of Bitcoin.

Track Whales Buying Cryptos
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How To Track Whales Buying Cryptos

Let’s briefly discuss the whale’s trading activities and how to track whales buying crypto assets; considering the transparent nature of blockchain, it is possible to track crypto whales. When it comes to tracking whales buying crypto, we look at wallet addresses containing a minimum of 1,000 BTC. Any incoming or outgoing transactions from these wallets may interest market participants.

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  • Exchange-to-wallet

For security reasons, whales prefer to use cold wallets to store their crypto assets if they do not desire to sell them in the short term. If they withdraw certain crypto assets from exchange to their wallets indicates that the supply of these crypto-assets is reduced. As a result of this, the price of these crypto-assets will increase. However, if crypto whales withdraw stablecoins to their cold wallets, the market conditions are very bad for investment, and the crypto asset prices will drop.

  • Wallet-to-exchange

If a crypto whale transfers crypto to a known exchange wallet, the crypto whale has deposited crypto assets into its exchange account, and they plan to trade them soon. If a large sum of crypto assets such as BTC or ETH is deposited to the exchange wallets, the whales are considering selling them to the market, putting downward pressure on the market. However, depositing stable coins may indicate an investment plan, putting upward pressure on the market.

  • Wallet-to-wallet

Crypto whales may transfer crypto from wallet to wallet; they often make over-the-counter crypto trades. The reasons are privacy and liquidity. OTC trades are usually untraceable, and the effects on the price are usually not as prominent as regular trades. However, a large transaction from a whale wallet to another wallet could be an OTC trade.

The transaction types do not mean any 100 percent specific outcomes. Because crypto whales know these transactions are transparent, anyone can track them, so they may decide to move coins to trigger market reactions.

  • Blockchain explorers

Blockchain explorers can be used to find the individual wallet addresses which have relatively fewer transactions but hold a great number of crypto assets. With Blockchain explorer, you can also see the exact number of tokens they have on the mainnet and the tokens they recently moved. Moreover, if you use Etherscan, a blockchain explorer for the Ethereum blockchain, you can use the watchlist on Etherscan to set alerts to track transactions to and from a certain address.

  • Whale Alert

Whale Alert offers tracking and alert services that track large transactions across major blockchains and tags known wallet addresses. You can join Whale Alert, the Twitter, and Telegram communities to track whale transactions in real-time.

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How Does Whale Alert Work?

Whale Alert is a site that tracks and records the movement of bitcoin whales, tracking and analyzing millions of transactions every day.

With whale alert, you can find out what the bitcoin whales are doing, their recent trades, and the large amounts of bitcoin they own. With This information, you can predict where the market will go. Whale trackers follow the wealthiest and biggest cryptocurrency addresses and send alerts whenever there are movements big enough to shake the market.

5 Best Crypto Whale Tracker Apps You Should Consider Using

Below is a list of crypto whale tracker sites for tracking whales buying crypto:

  • WatcherGuru

A cryptocurrency news network called WatcherGuru offers automatic cryptocurrency whale tracking, real-time coverage of crypto and NFTs, and other services. This option may be found on their website under the “WHALE TRACKING” section, which also contains 45 other resources for tracking whales, including rank, address, number changes, and historical data.

  • WhaleWatcher

You can choose between the free service and the Captain’s Club when you sign up for this NFT and cryptocurrency whale tracker tool. The Captain’s Club is a premium advanced tracking service that offers quicker alerts, push notifications, and private Discord servers where you can communicate with other members.

  • Whalemap

ClankApp posts real-time recordings of bitcoin whale transactions on its website, Telegram, and Twitter.

This cryptocurrency whale tracker tool’s main shortcoming is the lack of in-depth graphs and charts that display a cryptocurrency whale’s historical transactions. The advantage of utilising the tool without spending money comes with this limitation.

  • ClankApp

On its website, as well as on Telegram and Twitter, ClankApp records cryptocurrency whale transactions in real-time.

The major flaw in this cryptocurrency whale tracker tool is the absence of detailed charts and graphs that show a cryptocurrency whale’s transactions over time. The benefit of using the tool for free comes with this restriction.

  • Whale Alert

A tool called Whale Alert tracks more than a dozen different blockchains, including HIVE, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

The tool provides a free alternative, which helps start started but excludes alerts from the service. Data on transactions exceeding $500K and an hour’s worth of transaction history are the only data available to traders.


How do I keep track of my crypto purchases?

  • Install the Cryptosheets addon.
  • Sign up for a cryptosheets account.
  • Import the prices of our live cryptocurrencies.
  • Make a table for our investment portfolio.
  • Put up a pie chart of the distribution.
  • Make a graph showing the return on investment.

How does whale Alert work?

To increase the accessibility and transparency of blockchain data, Whale Alarm provides alert and tracking services.

What is whale Alert?

A global Whale Alert initiative aims to lessen ship strikes and other human activities that endanger marine creatures. To improve the efficacy of whale conservation and protection efforts, network partners contribute their skills in various fields, including technology, research, outreach, and education.

What indicators do whales use?

Using the Chaikin Money Flow indicator, traders may determine whether institutions, whales, and investors are stockpiling and purchasing cryptocurrency or spreading and offloading it. CMF essentially represents the flow of funds backing cryptocurrencies.

What crypto are whales buying in 2022?

Battle Infinity: Battle Infinity is one of the top cryptocurrencies to purchase in 2022.

Lucky block: Another of the top cryptocurrencies for the long term is the Lucky Block initiative.

Bitcoin: With a $450 billion market valuation, Bitcoin is the first and most valuable cryptocurrency.

XRP: Ripple’s open-source, permissionless technology uses XRP as its native token.

Cardano: Cardano is a well-known proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus-based decentralized blockchain platform.

Are whales buying XRP?

This group of whales, which possesses 6.12% of “all XRP,” has been the busiest among non-exchange addresses, claims Santiment. Whales on the #XRPNetwork who jointly possess between 1 million and 10 million $XRP have been building up, and they currently control the biggest share of the asset’s supply in the past two months.

How do you track whales on Etherscan?

the use of Etherscan.io, Go to the holders section after choosing a token. You can track a whale wallet using the wealth of information found here. The chart of token holders is available for your perusal. Find wallets that acquired sizeable stakes within the first few weeks by looking at the magnitude of the holdings.

Where can I track crypto whales?

You can keep an eye on the wallet addresses of the biggest holders as well as exchange wallets to spot whales by keeping track of any notable changes in cryptocurrency prices. Watch the order books. A whale could be at play if you suddenly notice larger-than-normal buy orders.

How do you track what whales are buying?

APE, a more recent token, is currently being devoured by whales. A brand-new Ethereum-based token for the Web 3.0 age, Apecoin is inspired by the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection. Its goal is to support and construct fresh community development projects.


Tracking crypto whales can help you understand and contextualize market movements and patterns. However, your trading and investing decisions should not depend solely on such methods.

The cryptocurrency market is unregulated and lacks the checks and balances of a traditional market. Market manipulation is far easier and more common, with crypto whales trying to stay ahead of the curve.

Kindly drop your view and opinion in the comment section on what you think about this article on how to track whales buying crypto.


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