Crypto Expert Discusses Why Consumers Should Invest in Digital Currency this Year

Ever wondered why crypto experts discuss why consumers should invest in digital currency this year? In this post, you’ll learn why it is important to embrace cryptocurrency as an investment.

“Cryptocurrencies are the new gold rush,” says Forensic & Crypto Expert Abhinav Soomaney, who adds that crypto coins and tokens are providing massive returns, attracting masses to invest in them and creating significant demand to sell Bitcoin in Dubai.

Since the first crypto token, Bitcoin, was launched in 2009, cryptocurrency has gone a long way and achieved immense popularity. Other than being a get-rich-quick scheme, cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology offers a wide variety of value and application.

Today’s youngsters are an internet generation that understands the value of investing and is drawn to the lucrative crypto market. But, according to Soomaney, one must first comprehend the application and use case of this new technology before investing their (fiat currency) money. “Cryptocurrencies are entirely digital in nature.” They have no physical presence and only exist as code within a blockchain.

 “They are digitized assets that can be traded amongst themselves without the need for a third-party intermediary, like a bank,” Soomaney explains. 

why consumers should invest in digital currency
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What Is a Cryptocurrency and Why Should You Use It?

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets which are protected by cryptography, an encryption method. Cryptocurrencies are typically used to purchase and trade goods and services, while some newer cryptocurrencies also serve as a set of rules or duties for its holders, which we shall examine later.

They have no inherent worth since they cannot be redeemed for other commodity, such as gold. They’re not legal tender and, unlike traditional currency, are not issued by a central authority.

At this moment, the majority of cryptocurrency users are “early adopters.” In terms of size, there are around 10 million Bitcoin holders globally, with over half of them owning Bitcoin solely for investment purposes and sell Bitcoin in Dubai when they feel like profitable. Cryptocurrencies are not essential since government-backed currencies work just fine.

The benefits of cryptocurrencies are theoretical for the vast majority of early users. As a result, widespread acceptance will occur only when there is a major real benefit to utilizing a cryptocurrency. So, what are the benefits of utilizing them?


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Despite major advances, cryptocurrencies remain highly contentious; while some hail Bitcoin as “the new internet,” others regard it as “evil.” At their most basic, they are the latest fintech craze; at their most complicated, they represent a revolutionary technology undermining society’s political and social underpinnings.

This will explain the attractiveness of cryptocurrencies, their sophisticated underlying technology, and their worth. It will also look at the accounting, regulatory, and privacy challenges that surround the industry.

Cryptocurrencies vs. Stock Exchanges

Cryptocurrency returns outperform stock market returns. Cryptocurrency was the best performing asset class in 2020-21, with an 800 percent return, while traditional stock markets returned as little as 10% every year.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital tokens that are unique in the blockchain network. NFT markets are now flourishing, and all big celebrities and brand corporations are interested in them whether they buy Bitcoin or sell Bitcoin in Dubai, so here are some pointers for a simple NFT investment experience:

NFTs may be acquired from a variety of websites, including,, Axie Marketplace, and others. Because Ethereum is the most widely recognized cryptocurrency by NFT providers, ETH purchase is required. ETH is accessible on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinsfera, where users may buy cryptocurrencies in exchange for fiat cash.

The worth of an NFT is determined by what someone is willing to pay for it. As a result, demand drives pricing. As a result, it’s recommended that one conduct their own study before investing in such products.

Initial Coin Offering or Token Sale (ICOs)

An ICO (Initial Coin Offering or Token Sale) is a method of fundraising in which investors get tokens in return for money (Bitcoin, Ethereum, or fiat cash) (coins). Projects that launch an ICO assure investors that their tokens will have value and may be utilized after the ICO.

People may follow incoming ICOs using ICO Drops, an independent database/site built that categorizes ICOs into three handy categories for anybody interested in ICOs who wishes to keep current on the topic: active ICOs, impending ICOs, and ended ICOs. P2P trading, yield farming, staking and lending, and mining are all characteristics of cryptocurrency investing. Before investing in tokens, coins, or NFTs, one should conduct their own study.

The future contains many surprises, but cryptocurrencies and blockchains, as well as Metaverse and NFTs, provide a glimpse. Many governments are thinking about making cryptocurrencies legal tender or launching a central bank digital currency (CBDCs) to make it easier to sell Bitcoin in Dubai.

Crypto debit cards and ATMs are also on the horizon and are already in widespread usage in many areas of the world. “The next great revolution in the world will be headed by blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, and NFTs and Metaverse will play a significant part,” Soomaney says.

Size of the Cryptocurrency Market and Technology

The cryptocurrency market worth is expected to exceed $1-2 trillion in 2018. Bitcoin has a market capitalization of more than $70 billion, with peak trading volumes of over $3 billion per day. CB Insights, a technology consulting firm, has identified 27 ways in which blockchain might radically transform systems as diverse as banking, cybersecurity, voting, and academia. 

According to the World Economic Forum, by 2027, blockchain technology will have stored 10% of global GDP. The majority of mining pools are in China, accounting for more than 70% of total Bitcoin mining. The majority of bitcoin mining equipment is manufactured in China, which takes advantage of the country’s low electricity rates.

Outstanding Problems

While the United States has cracked down on unregulated operations, cryptocurrencies are classified as “private money” in nations such as Germany and the United Kingdom and are not subject to taxation outside of commercial usage nor even to sell Bitcoin in Dubai. New York State established the BitLicense system, which requires enterprises to get a BitLicense before doing business with New York people.

As of mid-2017, just three BitLicenses had been issued, with many more withdrawn or refused. The Chinese and South Korean governments have adopted firm views on cryptocurrency regulation in Asia, where cryptocurrency demand has been growing. The FTC observed a more than 100 percent spike in identity fraud complaints between 2013 and 2016, while the largest US-based exchange saw account hacking double only between November and December 2016.

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why consumers should invest in digital currency
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