What Excites You About Mantle Network?

The recent emergence of the Mantle Network onto the web3 scene has certainly garnered attention and excitement. This blockchain-based gaming ecosystem welcomes innovation to the intersection of digital asset ownership, skill-based competition, and sustainable economics through play-to-earn model integration.

Having already made waves with the launch of esports smash hit Arena Infinity, Mantle shows immense promise in leading the way for the mass adoption of web3 principles.

The team behind Mantle includes industry veterans from both crypto projects and mainstream gaming studios like SciPlay, Unity, and Animoca Brands. This fusion of gaming expertise and blockchain know-how is why Mantle has me thrilled for the possibilities.

What excites you about Mantle Network

What is Mantle Network?

Mantle is an emerging web3 gaming ecosystem focused on building applications and infrastructure for interactive blockchain-based gaming experiences. The Mantle Network aims to provide the rails for game developers and creators to implement play-to-earn rewards, digital asset ownership and other web3 features into skill-based games.

With a core focus on gaming, Mantle provides developers with SDKs and APIs to accelerate web3 game development and promote the adoption of new digital entertainment powered by blockchain technology.

What Excites you about Mantle Network?

Here are a couple of things that excite me about the Mantle Network:

  • Mantle enables developers to build web3 games easily with engaging gameplay and real rewards for players. By providing tools like SDKs, payment APIs, and player identity management, Mantle reduces the barriers for creating games that leverage the benefits of blockchain technology. This could accelerate innovation in the promising web3 gaming sector.
  • The team behind Mantle has experience building consumer gaming hits. Having proven success and expertise in gaming is invaluable for building out a blockchain-based gaming ecosystem. The knowledge of what engages players and keeps gameplay exciting will be key for onboarding mobile and casual gamers to web3 through Mantle’s platform.
  • Mantle’s focus on skill-based competitive gaming for awards provides a more sustainable and user-friendly path for mass adoption compared to play-to-earn systems relying on upfront investment. By rewarding skill, Mantle aligns incentives and reduces friction for drawing in more traditional gamers.

How do You Use a Mantle Network?

Here is a quick overview of how to use the Mantle Network:

  1. Install a compatible crypto wallet: Mantle supports wallets like MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, WalletConnect and more. This allows you to connect to Mantle apps and the network.
  2. Explore Mantle apps: The Mantle Network is home to various decentralized apps and games like Arena Infinity, Pixel Wars, and Questverse which users can play to earn rewards. Connect your wallet to start playing and earning.
  3. Compete & earn rewards: Mantle games facilitate competitive skill-based gameplay. By competing against other players, users can earn MANA tokens and other prizes depending on their rankings and accomplishments in the games.
  4. Withdraw earnings: Users can withdraw their earned MANA and other tokens to their connected crypto wallet and exchange them for other cryptocurrencies or fiat if they choose after earning from playing Mantle games.
  5. Stake MANA: Users can also stake their MANA tokens to participate in network governance and earn staking rewards on the Mantle Network.

What are the Use Cases For Mantle Tokens?

Mantle has a native token called MANA that powers its gaming-centric web3 ecosystem. MANA is used for various functions like facilitating earnings from skill-based games, enabling community governance via staking, driving utility within gaming apps, and allowing discounted AWS credits for developers building on Mantle.

What is one of the Advantages Offered by Mantle Network in terms of its Scaling Solution for Ethereum?

Mantle Network utilizes decentralized layer-2 sidechain solutions like Polygon to enable fast and low-cost transactions, allowing popular Ethereum-based games to scale effectively while leveraging Ethereum’s security model and expanding access to mainstream mobile gamers who expect seamless user experiences.


Mantle stands out to me amongst the crowded web3 and metaverse landscapes because of its pragmatic approach firmly rooted in gameplay first. With the muscle to handle millions of players via decentralized infrastructure, Mantle puts the emphasis on enjoyment over upfront investment for participants.

This gives it pole position to onboard gamers who traditionally hesitated to crypto complexity. If they succeed in this seamless fusion of excitement from games like Fortnite and Splatoon with portals to digital ownership and interoperable dapp ecosystems, Mantle could sit at the helm of a new paradigm for interactive entertainment in web3.

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What excites you about Mantle Network
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