10 High-Paying Crypto Research Analyst Remote Jobs Hiring Now

This article will discuss the top 10 crypto research analyst remote jobs hiring now. Crypto research analyst jobs involve conducting thorough research and findings on various crypto assets and deriving essential and meaningful information about these crypto-related assets.

Who is a Crypto Research Analyst?

A crypto research analyst is an individual who is responsible for analyzing major trends and prices of different crypto assets, using this information to advise investors and traders to make successful trades.

Crypto Research Analyst Job Description

The job description for a crypto research analyst is to supersede the research efforts made on different crypto assets using various tools and equipment with available records to determine the future price movement of these assets. A crypto research analyst must confirm the accuracy level of certain information relating to the price movement of various crypto assets in the market.

Crypto Research Analyst Remote Jobs
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10 Best Crypto Research Analyst Remote Jobs Hiring Now

Below are 10 of the available remote crypto research analyst jobs hiring now.

• Web3 Analyst

As a Web3 analyst, one is expected to research customer-related and enterprise problems associated with Web3 and provide reasonable solutions to these problems.

• Content and SEO Writer

One of the most popular remote crypto jobs is working as a content and SEO writer. As a crypto writer, one is expected to conduct research and findings on various crypto-related assets and topics to present an article.

• Research Analyst

Research analyst is a known remote crypto job that involves keeping a steady focus on happenings in the crypto market, thereby presenting quality information as to which asset to invest in or which one to consider.

• Customer Support Analyst

A customer support analyst is tasked with handling customer-related issues through different communication tools and providing quality and timely solutions to these problems while maintaining a reasonable manner of communication.

• Crypto Investigation Analyst

One actively hiring job is the position of a crypto investigating analyst. As an analyst focusing on crypto investigation, you will be tasked with closely monitoring fraud, money laundry, and other suspicious acts relating to the crypto platform.

• Compensation and Benefits Analyst

This position is offered mainly by crypto exchange corporations. Filling this position will leave you responsible for calculating, compiling, and reporting details on benefits to investors and traders on the particular exchange platform.

• KYC Compliance Analyst

As a KYC compliance analyst, one would be tasked with conducting various data analyses relating to customer means of identification and personal details on these customers regarding their crypto account creation.

• Compliance Investigation Analyst

A compliance investigation analyst is expected to work in the compliance section of a crypto-based establishment to analyze clients’ various crypto-related transactions and activities.

• Business Analyst For Blockchain Company

A business analyst is responsible for initiating new client projects; they are expected to identify these clients’ business goals, document them, and finally assist in creating product specialization documents.


VOC stands for Voice of Clients. Becoming a Voice of Clients (V.O.C) analyst entails getting increasing feedback from various customers to enable the specific company to provide solutions and improve their services effectively.

Crypto Research Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

A crypto research analyst is a qualified professional responsible for conducting research and findings for crypto corporations. Below are the duties and responsibilities attributed to being a crypto research analyst.

• Research Global Cryptocurrency Trends

A crypto research analyst is expected to constantly research diverse crypto assets to determine which one is worth investing in for a profitable return on investments.

• Process Crypto Transactional Data

A significant responsibility of a crypto research analyst is to process different crypto-related transactions such as purchases, sales, and exchanges. The analyst is issued with data on these transactions, and they are expected to process and provide meaningful reports.

• Provide Real-Time Analysis of Major Crypto Asset

A crypto research analyst has to provide quality and accurate analysis of the real-time price movement of significant crypto assets. This is to help investors and traders make fast decisions on their investments.

• Report Information on Analysis Made on Crypto Assets

A crypto research analyst is expected to make known all available information from the requested crypto assets analysis. This is considered vital as it will help with investment decision-making.

Crypto Analyst Skills Requirements

Being qualified for some crypto analyst jobs would require one to have some vital skills. Below are some of the skills needed by one looking to get a crypto analyst job.

• Understanding Blockchain

Since your role is related to a crypto asset, you must be able to showcase some form of understanding of blockchain technology.

• Data Analysis

Becoming eligible for some crypto jobs would demand you to have background knowledge of data science as you would often be tasked with an increasing amount of information.

• Security and Cryptography

It is essential to know about security and cryptography as these skills are crucial when looking to fill in the role of a blockchain technician.

• Coding and Smart Contracts

They are various crypto-related jobs that need individuals who have blockchain experience, and one is expected to be conversant with coding and smart contracts.

Crypto Research Analyst Salary

There is no specific amount related to crypto research analyst salary, but they are approximately paid up to $53.61 per hour and earn over $111,514 yearly from these jobs.

Crypto research analyst remote jobs are exciting and profitable once you have the needed skills, knowledge, and experience. Ensure to research and be qualified before deciding which position you want to occupy. We hope this article will help to reveal vital information relating to crypto research analyst remote jobs. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.

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