7 Highest-Paying Healthcare Jobs in 2023

The healthcare industry grows more expansive with each passing year. There is a diverse range of jobs for healthcare practitioners to specialize in from administration all the way to front-line providers. With limitless possibilities, it can be challenging to choose a healthcare career path. One way to start the selection process is by analyzing the salaries for various fields. Here is a list of the top seven healthcare jobs of 2023 to help jumpstart the decision-making process.

#1 Anesthesiologist

Highest-Paying Healthcare Jobs
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In the healthcare field, anesthesiologists are some of the highest-paid and most sought-after professionals. Their salaries range from $350k to $525k per year on average. An anesthesiologist assistant makes a considerable sum as well, averaging around $174k per year as of September 2023.

#2 Neurosurgery

The average salary of a neurosurgeon is just under $800k per year. Healthcare professionals who hold a USMLE license, medical doctor decree, and a surgical specialization possess the potential to pursue this particular career path.

#3 Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant

For those seeking to work in a more high-impact setting with fewer qualifications, an emergency medicine physician assistant is a promising prospect. These healthcare professionals earn between $165k and $450k per year depending on the location of their employment.

#4 Dermatologist

Taking of a person’s skin can be extremely lucrative. While the availability of quality skincare products is high, nothing beats the personalized care of a professional. Dermatologists are skin care specialists that treat both skin diseases and cosmetic skincare concerns. Their salaries range from $360k per year to as high as $480k per year depending on their sub-specialties.

#5 Orthopedic Surgeon

Surgery is always a lucrative field to pursue within the healthcare industry. There are some specialties that pay more than others, however. Orthopedic surgeons, for example, are among the best-paid surgeons in the healthcare field. They earn on average just over $600k per year, and that figure may increase depending on various factors like location and demand for services.

#6 Interventional Pain Physician

Highest-Paying Healthcare Jobs
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There is still not a lot known about pain and how the human body processes it. In fact, there are innovations in pain management just about every year. For women looking to get ahead in the medical field, becoming an interventional pain physician is worth considering. There are Amber Grants for women that can help fund academic pursuits in the field and the salary range falls between $290k and $410k per year.

#7 Thoracic Surgeons

Heart specialists have remained among the top-paid medical professionals for several decades. The need for specialized cardiac care has increased with each generation. Thoracic surgeons care for the heart, chest, and thorax region as well as connected areas. These specialists are able to earn between $700k and $900k per year, though often more.

Boost Your Earnings With Comprehensive Salary Research

The actual pay a physician takes home will depend on their contract and the pay model they use. The most common is the fee-for-service model though value-based care is also used for pay structuring. Naturally, length of practice, location, and subspecialties will also play a role in a physician’s final salary numbers. With the list above, those entering the healthcare field or those looking to switch specialties have the information they need to jumpstart their career path decisions.

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Highest-Paying Healthcare Jobs
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