Top 10 Cheapest Car Insurance In Pennsylvania For 2023

Many Pennsylvania car insurance companies offer affordable rates. To help you find the cheapest car insurance in Pennsylvania, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 companies based on rates for 2023. We’ve also included a brief overview of each company. So, whether you’re looking for the cheapest car insurance in Pennsylvania or the best coverage, we’ve got you covered!


  • You will learn about what full insurance coverage is.
  • You will find out how to get the cheapest car insurance in Pennsylvania.
  • The cheapest car insurance in Pennsylvania for you
  • You will find out about the average cost of car insurance and minimum car insurance in PA
  • Answers to frequently asked questions on how to get the cheapest and best car insurance in PA.
cheapest car insurance in Pennsylvania

What is full coverage insurance?

 Full coverage is a collection of coverages that include liability insurance and additional forms of coverage, such as comprehensive insurance, collision insurance, MedPay, and personal injury protection.

How to get the cheapest car insurance in PA

  Here are 5 things to do to ensure you get good insurance coverage at the cheapest possible rate in PA.

  • Work on your credit score
  • Don’t ignore regional and local insurers
  • Ask about the discount rates
  • Skip collision and comprehensive coverage for an older car
  • Check the insurance costs when purchasing a car

The average cost of car insurance per month in Pennsylvania

Auto insurance/ car insurance in Pennsylvania costs about $51 per month for minimum coverage, on average, and about $193 per month for a full-coverage policy. 

The average cost of minimum coverage per year is around $441. Like most states, PA (Pennsylvania) car owners or drivers must carry a minimum amount of liability coverage to drive legally:

  • $15,000 bodily injury liability for one person
  • $30,000 bodily injury liability for an accident
  • $5,000 property damage liability for an accident
  • $5,000 personal injury protection 

Pennsylvania (PA) is a no-fault state, so personal injury protection, also known as PIP, is required, although it is mostly referred to as “First-Party Benefits” or “FPB” in the state. Underinsured and uninsured motorist coverages must be offered, and they can be declined in writing.

The minimum car insurance in Pennsylvania 

Determining the limits on an individual’s auto insurance can be tricky, so people should speak with a licensed insurance representative. The minimum limits for PA auto or car insurance are:

  • Property damage liability coverage: $5,000
  • Bodily injury liability coverage: $15,000 for one person, $30,000 for an accident
  • Underinsured motorist coverage: $15,000 for one person, $30,000 for an accident*
  • Uninsured motorist coverage: $15,000 for one person, $30,000 for an accident*
  • First party benefits: $5,000


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Top 10 cheapest car insurance in Pennsylvania

It is challenging to figure out which Pennsylvania auto insurance company is the most suitable option for you because the insurance industry is so large.

To help people make an easier decision on which Pennsylvania insurer would best suit them, we have put together the cheapest car insurance in Pennsylvania for you.

1. NJM Insurance

The NJM Insurance company offers auto, renters, and home insurance at excellent prices. This insurance company is a great option for drivers shopping for a full-coverage policy, and people can get extra perks like rental car reimbursement for no additional fee.

2. Erie Insurance

The Erie Insurance company is a great option for individuals living in states where the insurance is offered. Erie insurance rates are among the best available, and its excellent customer service. The only drawback of Erie renters, auto, and home insurance is the insurance company’s relative lack of online tools.

3. State Farm

State Farm is a popular insurer offering generous discounts for good driving habits and coverage. The insurance company’s customer satisfaction rating for buying auto insurance is better than average, according to the statement given by J.D. Power.

The insurance company offers various other insurance and financial products, and it is well known for its generous selection of products and low prices.

4. Travelers

Travelers insurance company is a good car insurance option for most drivers. The insurance company offers a wide range of coverage options and discounts, which translates to affordable coverage. 


The Geico insurance company is known for its extensive coverage, low fees, and high customer support/service satisfaction. This insurance is one of the most recommended auto insurance companies with cheap rates in Pennsylvania.

6. Progressive

Progressive insurance’s strengths are its motorcycle and auto insurance policies. While the insurance company isn’t the cheapest provider, its decent customer service, discounts, and features make it a good insurance company to consider. 

7. Liberty Mutual

The Liberty Mutual insurance company is the nation’s 6th-largest auto insurer based on direct premiums written. In addition to auto insurance, Liberty Mutual offers a wide array of commercial and personal insurance policies.

Liberty Mutual is the best insurance company for many consumers, and its wide coverage allows people to customize their policies to fit their needs.

8. Allstate

The Allstate insurance company has grown to become the 4th-largest auto insurance company in the nation. The insurance provider wrote over $27 billion in direct premiums in the year 2021 and held 10% of the market share, according to data provided by NAIC (the National Association of Insurance Commissioners).

Unlike other national car insurance companies, the Allstate insurance company works through a network of local agents to provide coverage. The insurance company offers some unique programs and discounts.

Although the Allstate auto insurance company requires individuals to start their policy with a local agent, they can file insurance claims through Allstate’s website or over the phone.

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9. Hartford

The Hartford is an auto insurance company with over 210 years of insurance experience under its belt, and the insurance company is currently ranked 142nd on the Fortune 500 list.

The Hartford auto insurance coverage is available only to AARP members. Many of Hartford’s car insurance policies are aimed toward drivers 50 and older, but there are also options for younger drivers.

10. USAA

The USAA insurance offers some of the cheapest car insurance rates for veterans and their families and average military members. According to J.D. Power, the USAA insurance company has a strong financial rating and has recently topped customer surveys.


Getting the cheapest car insurance in your state is a possible way to save money, but to do this, you have to know which car insurance to choose; that’s why we took our time to list them for you. I hope you find this article helpful and do well to refer this page to your friends and loved ones for more updates.


Is car insurance expensive in PA?

Car or auto insurance is moderately expensive in PA. The typical car insurance rate in PA is about $1,433 per year — just 0.4 percent more than the national average. But auto insurance premiums are affected by factors other than location.

Is it more expensive to insure a new or old car?

Due to the risk of theft, value cost to repair, and other factors, it will cost more to insure a new car than an old car. If a new vehicle is financed, the lender will likely require the vehicle owner to carry more insurance than the legal minimum, which results in higher premiums.

Is Lower insurance Group better?

The lower an auto or car insurance group number, the cheaper the insurance fees to pay. Cars in insurance group 1 are the cheapest cars to insure, while those in group 50 are the most expensive.

What is a Group 1 car?

A group one car is the cheapest category of cars to insure, and the insurance is decided by engine size, security, value, and potential repair costs. Cars in group 1 are an excellent choice for younger drivers as they are the cheapest to insure and are among the cheapest to repair and buy.

The Group one car tends to have less powerful engines and score highly in having good safety and security features.

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