5 Best Ways To Send Money From Egypt To USA

This article will discuss the 5 best ways to send money from Egypt to USA. There are numerous ways by which one can send money from Egypt to USA with ease. However, an individual needs to research and get a good transfer service provider to conduct transfers.

Key Takeaways In This Article

• You will determine the 5 best ways to send money from Egypt to USA.
• You will know the cheapest way to send money from Egypt to USA.
• You will know how long it takes for transfers to be delivered.
• You will learn about the possibility of sending money from Egypt through Venmo, Zelle, and MoneyGram.

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5 Best Ways To Send Money From Egypt To USA

When sending money from one place to another, an individual would require a safe and trusted platform. There are many transfer service platforms available for one’s usage. Below are the 5 best ways to send money from Egypt to USA.

#1 Western Union (WU)

Western Union is one of the best ways by which money can be sent or transferred from Egypt to USA. This specific transfer service provider has numerous outlets; one can conveniently visit them to conduct transfers.


• Their delivery procedure is fast.
• Fast means of transferring money.
• Multiple outlets for conducting transfers.

#2 World Remit

World Remit is a popular transfer service platform that allows for the convenient transfer of money from one place to another. There are currently no limits on transfers, and one can send money to over 100+ countries.


• Convenient platform for transfer purposes.
• There are minimal transaction fees on transfers.
• Transfer is available to and from over 100+ countries.

#3 Wise

Wise is a reputable money transfer service provider whose services are recognized to be the best among its pairs. Numerous features are attached to this specific transfer service that an individual looking to transfer money can enjoy.


• Transfer between different countries.
• There are different transfer options for usage.
• Their exchange rate on transfers is relatively stable.

#4 PayPal

PayPal is a fast and user-friendly transfer service that ensures that an individual transfers money from Egypt to USA. One can conveniently make transfers and get refunds on default or unsuccessful transactions.


• Secured platform for transfers.
• Refunds on unsuccessful transactions.
• Instant fund transfer to different countries.

#5 Remitly

Remitly offers users an ideal manner of sending money to friends and family. Its platform is highly rated and remains one of the most secure transfer services for several transfer purposes.


• Affordable and low transaction charges.
• Availability of different transfer options.
• Money back guarantee on failed or unsuccessful transfers.

The Cheapest Way To Send Money From Egypt To USA

There are several ways in which an individual can send money from Egypt to USA. The cheapest way an individual can send money from Egypt to USA is through “Bank Transfer.” One would necessarily need to get a good transfer service provider and then can send money to friends and families in different locations.

How Long It Takes To Send Money From Egypt To USA

Sending money from Egypt to USA typically takes some time before it can reach the required or intended destination. A transfer from Egypt to USA can take one to two days before it can be delivered successfully.

Can Egypt Send Money Through MoneyGram?

MoneyGram is one available transfer payment service provider that allows one to quickly transfer money to several destinations. An individual can send money from Egypt through MoneyGram. One needs to visit their platform to conduct several transfers conveniently.

Is Zelle In Egypt?

No, Zelle is not available for usage in Egypt. Before utilizing this payment service provider, one would need a US bank account and phone number to register. Also, the intending receiver must have a US account number to receive money equally.

Can I Venmo Someone In Egypt?

No, Venmo cannot be utilized for transaction purposes in Egypt. One would need to consider various other alternatives to send money conveniently. Many transfer service providers are available for an individual to transfer funds conveniently.

Does PayPal Work With Egyptian Banks?

No, PayPal does not work with Egyptian banks. Usually, an individual can link PayPal payments to a bank account. But due to government regulations in Egypt, the payment service can’t work with Egyptian banks.


Sending money from one specific country to another could be stressful or tasking sometimes, but if you have a good transfer service provider, it would be convenient for you. An individual can consider either of the transfer mentioned above service providers to send money from Egypt to the USA.

We hope this article provides detailed information on the 5 best ways to send money from Egypt to the USA. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.

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