4 Things You Should Know About Getting Cheaper Car Insurance in California 

Approximately 40 million people call California home making it the most populous state in America. With such a high population, the possibility of an accident is often high, which significantly impacts the cost of insurance premiums in the state. 

On average, you will spend $1,940 to get full coverage for a car, almost $500 higher than the national average of $1,442. This figure puts California on the list of states with the most expensive auto insurance rates. 

But you do not have to contend with high prices. With the right approach, getting some good deals with insurance providers that offer cheaper rates is possible.

Cheaper Car Insurance in California

Below are several things you need to know about getting cheap insurance in California. 

Cheap Is Not Always Expensive

Consumers tend to look at cheap as low quality. While cheap could be expensive to some extent, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everything that comes at a low price is lower quality than the expensive one. 

Sometimes cheap products and services can be a marketing strategy for startups or smaller companies seeking to have the edge over some well-known or larger companies.

Big companies may create an impression of quality by running ads that appeal to the consumer, but the service may not match the expectations. Also, they ride on their big name to charge exorbitant prices. If you are willing to conduct some research, it is possible to find a far, much better deal at a much lower price. 

Discounts Can Make a Significant Difference in the Cost of Premiums

The main idea behind insurance is to provide coverage for risks associated with being on the road. It follows then that the pricing of premiums will depend on the risks involved. Any efforts to minimize those risks can work to a driver’s advantage in terms of discounts which can translate into significant savings

Some common discounts offered by insurers include: 

Safe driver discounts

Safe driver discounts are offered to drivers with a longstanding accident-free record. 

Good student discount

Teen drivers are deemed the riskiest and, thus, the most expensive to insure. If your child scores good grades, they may qualify for the good student discount.

Car bundling discounts

These are discounts for bundling all the cars in your homestead under one policy.

Other discounts

Other applicable discounts include safe car discounts, low mileage discounts, defensive driving skills discounts, and safe neighborhood discounts. If you are unsure about the discounts offered by your insurer, you can ask your agent.

SR-22 Insurance Can Be Expensive

The California DMV will require you to carry SR-22 insurance if you have been convicted of DUI and seek to reinstate your license. SR-22 insurance can be several times more expensive than your ordinary car insurance. 

But even then, you could shop for insurers that offer the best rates given the circumstances. The best way to get an SR-22 in California is using an auto insurance comparison tool, such as Cheap Insurance, that does most of the elimination on your behalf, leaving you with a list of the best SR-22 insurance providers. 

Other Factors Impacting the Cost of Car Insurance

Different insurance companies focus on specific clientele, and so offer rates that are most attractive to their clientele. For example, if an insurer focuses on the entire household, they will likely have the best rates for policy bundling and teen drivers. 

Another will be more inclined to attract safer drivers. In that case, the company may offer the highest discounts for safe drivers to appeal better to them. Irrespective of your circumstances, you can always find an insurer with rates that will fit you best.

Final Words

While the average rates for car insurance in California are relatively high, it is possible to get better rates if you are willing to put in some effort. You can get a cheap provider in minutes if you leverage the right tools to find affordable insurance.

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Cheaper Car Insurance in California
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