The Top 10 Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes In Maryland For 2022

If you’re looking for the best car insurance companies in Maryland, you’ll need to shop around and compare quotes. To help you find the best deal on car insurance, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best car insurance companies in Maryland.

We’ve also included a brief overview of each company and their discounts. Keep reading to find the best car insurance quote in Maryland for you!

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best car insurance companies in Maryland

The Top 10 Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes In Maryland

Finding affordable vehicle insurance in Maryland can be challenging, although it’s a crucial investment. It is essential to compare prices from several insurers because of this.

1. Maryland’s Cheapest Car Insurance For Teen Drivers

If you’re a teen driver in Maryland, expect to pay a high premium for insurance. This is because vehicle insurance firms know that you have less driving experience and are more prone to engage in dangerous driving habits.

Fortunately, one vehicle insurance provider offers lower rates to Maryland minors. Liability coverage from Liberty Mutual costs an average of $352 per month.

While this is the most reasonable pricing we discovered, you should always do your research. You can acquire the most accurate estimate by comparing the vehicle insurance prices of businesses that insure young drivers in Maryland.

2. Maryland’s Cheapest Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Auto insurance rates will be greater than usual until you reach the age of 25. So, young drivers aged 18 to 24 pay less than teen drivers but more than they would in the future. Here are four auto insurance firms in Maryland that provide the cheapest vehicle insurance for young drivers.

Monthly Premiums and Insurance Companies:

  • $189 for a clear cover
  • $215 for SafeAuto
  • $257 for Esurance
  • $277 for Liberty Mutual

In Maryland, Clearcover costs an average of $189 a month to insure a minor driver. The fee then rises to $215 per month with SafeAuto and $257 per month with Esurance. At $277 per month, Liberty Mutual has the highest rate on our list.

3. Maryland’s Cheapest Car Insurance For Married Drivers

One advantage of getting married is paying less for vehicle insurance than when you were single. This is often due to auto insurance companies assuming you’re less likely to participate in dangerous driving behaviour and more likely to have many vehicles covered under one policy to benefit from a multi-policy discount.

Monthly Premiums and Insurance Companies: 

  • Clearcover: $122
  • Liberty Mutual: $154 
  • Esurance:  $176

Clearcover provides the cheapest liability insurance in Maryland at $122/mo. Premiums then rise to $154/month with Liberty Mutual and $176/month with Esurance.

However, merging insurance plans with your spouse may not always be advantageous. Because car insurance companies sometimes utilize your credit score to determine your price, your car insurance premiums may rise if your spouse has a terrible driving record or a low credit score.

Before you begin looking for mutual auto insurance with your spouse, make sure to compare your driving record and credit score.

4. Maryland’s Cheapest Car Insurance For Single Drivers

While single vehicle insurance prices may be higher, that doesn’t mean you can’t locate the coverage that meets your budget.

Here are the top six insurance companies in Maryland that provide the lowest auto insurance for single drivers.

Monthly Premiums and Insurance Companies

  • Clearcover: $150
  • Travelers: $160
  • Safeco: $177
  • Elephant: $219
  • Safe Auto: $154
  • Esurance: $219

Clearcover has the lowest prices for single drivers, starting at $150 per month. Safe Auto follows with a comparable pricing insurance of $154/mo, followed by Travelers at $160/mo. The rates then rise to $177 with Safeco and $219 with Elephant and Esurance.

Finally, whether you’re single or married, it’s critical to discover the most economical auto insurance that meets your budget and coverage needs. The simplest method is to compare vehicle insurance prices from firms in your region that provide coverage.

In addition, have a look at the available savings. Depending on the discounts you qualify for, you can easily save an additional 5-40% on your premiums.

5. Cheapest Car Insurance In Maryland For Spotty Drivers

While a history of fines or accidents would almost certainly raise your insurance rate, the amount will depend on your record and the auto insurance provider you choose.

Some companies are more liberal than others and will not raise your premium if you are involved in an accident or receive a ticket, whilst others may increase your rate significantly.

The insurance firms listed below are well-known for providing low-cost vehicle insurance even if your driving record is questionable.

Drivers with a Ticket Can Get Cheap Car Insurance

Monthly Premiums and Insurance Companies

  • Clearcover: $149
  • Liberty Mutual: $215

6.   Maryland State Minimum Coverage At The Lowest Price

Looking for state minimum auto insurance to satisfy Maryland’s requirements for driving lawfully in the state? This is the list for you. Because you are only obtaining the bare minimum of coverage, state minimum auto insurance is usually the cheapest insurance you can get.

Here are six insurance firms in Maryland that offer the cheapest state-required auto insurance.

Monthly Premiums and Insurance Companies

  • Clearcover:  $125
  • Safeco: $135
  • Safe Auto: $139 
  • Liberty Mutual: $151 
  • Elephant:  $163
  • Esurance:  $193

Clearcover has the lowest monthly fee of $125, followed by Safeco at $135 and Safe Auto at $139. Liberty Mutual ($151/month) and Elephant ($163/month) are other excellent choices, with Esurance closing the list at over $200/month.

7. Cheapest Car Insurance In Maryland For Seniors

Seniors’ car insurance premiums are often higher than those of young adults and middle-aged drivers. A senior driver in the state spends around $1,971 per year for vehicle insurance coverage, compared to $2,217 per year for the average 40-year-old motorist.

The following companies provide the most affordable full coverage auto insurance in Maryland for senior drivers:

  • $1,361 per year in Erie
  • $1,653 per year with Allstate

USAA, which is solely accessible to military personnel and their families, is the most affordable choice in the state, costing an average of $1,066 per year. At $3,875 per year, Esurance is Maryland’s most expensive vehicle insurance provider for senior drivers.

Every eight years, drivers in Maryland are obliged by law to renew their licenses. If you are over 40, you must verify that your vision is adequate each time you continue. You must also supply a report from your primary health care practitioner if you are over 70.

The average cost for seniors is vastly different from the most minor and costly insurers. MoneyGeek discovered that shopping around and comparing prices may save up to $2,514 per year.

8.  Cheapest Car Insurance In Maryland For Drivers With Tickets

A speeding or inattentive driving ticket will raise the cost of your Maryland auto insurance. Even minor traffic violations might raise your vehicle insurance rates. Drivers with a speeding citation in Maryland pay $2,150 per year on average for vehicle insurance, compared to $2,217 for those with a clean record.

The following businesses provide the cheapest full coverage auto insurance to drivers who have received a speeding or distracted driving tickets:

  • $1,381 per year in Erie
  • $1,655 per year with Allstate

At an average cost of $1,145 annually, USAA provides an inexpensive choice for service members and their families. Esurance has the most expensive vehicle insurance for drivers with violations in Maryland, with an annual rate of $4,053.

A speeding or distracted driving ticket in Maryland will not help you discover the lowest auto insurance in Maryland. Distracted driving incidents frequently result in increased vehicle insurance costs.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 474 distracted driving accidents in Maryland in 2018. Car insurers use the figure as a predictor of accident risk in the state.

9. Cheapest Car Insurance In Maryland For DUI Drivers

It pays to drive cautiously. Car insurance for high-risk drivers, such as those with serious driving infractions like DUI, can be significantly more expensive.

The average vehicle insurance cost in Maryland for a motorist with a DUI is $2,726 per year, compared to $2,127 for a driver with a clean record.

The following businesses provide the cheapest full coverage auto insurance to Maryland drivers with a DUI:

$1,381 per year in Erie

$1,479 per year for Allstate

Although USAA is the most affordable insurer for Maryland drivers with a clean driving record, Allstate and Erie are less expensive for those with a DUI. Understand the exact costs of a DUI to save money – and maybe lives.

A DUI conviction in Maryland not only results in up to a year in jail and substantial fines but may also drastically raise your insurance premiums. Erie’s cheapest insurer costs an average of $1,381 yearly for a policy.

On the other hand, Esurance is the most costly insurance company for people with DUIs, with an annual cost of $3,829 on average. If you shop around, you might save up to $2,448 annually.

10. Cheapest Car Insurance In Maryland For Bad Credit Drivers

A strong credit score makes it easier to get loans and lowers your vehicle insurance prices. In Maryland, drivers with bad credit pay an average of $3,282 per year for vehicle insurance, compared to $2,127 for drivers with good credit.

The following are Maryland’s most economical full coverage auto automobile insurance carriers for drivers with bad credit:

  • $1,903 per year with Allstate
  • $2,013 per year nationwide

At an average cost of $1,995 annually, USAA provides an inexpensive choice for service members and their families. In contrast, Esurance is the most costly alternative in Maryland for negative credit drivers, costing an average of $4,703 per year.


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Maryland’s current price trend favours significantly lower vehicle insurance premiums. The most significant drop happened from 2015 to 2016, while the tremendous increase occurred from 2017 to 2018.

Simultaneously, auto insurance premiums in the United States have been broadly stable in recent years, rising from $1,521 in 2018 to $1,529 in 2021.

Understanding how to get and keep inexpensive auto insurance in Maryland is an excellent method to keep rates low. Several techniques and recommendations can help you get and maintain the most competitive and affordable vehicle insurance rates in Maryland.

Gather quotes from companies like those listed above to find affordable vehicle insurance in Maryland. You may evaluate coverage choices, discounts, customer satisfaction scores, financial strength ratings, and other aspects essential to you in addition to the cost.

Then you may choose which carrier best suits your budget and particular vehicle insurance requirements. You’ll have a solid idea of what works best for you. Check out all of the available deals from each carrier.


Where Can I Get Really Cheap Auto Insurance?

Who has the most affordable auto insurance? USAA offers the lowest rates among national insurers, at $36 per month, with State Farm coming in second at $44 per month. Farm Bureau is the most affordable local provider, at $39 per month.

What Is The Cheapest Month To Get Car Insurance?

The only disadvantage is that getting auto insurance coverage is usually the most costly period.” According to our statistics, the cheapest months to acquire auto insurance are often February and August.

Is Progressive Insurance Really Cheaper?

Progressive total coverage prices are typically 19% and 7% lower than the national average for skilled drivers. The firm also provides flexible products that appeal to a broad spectrum of drivers, such as usage-based and ridesharing insurance.

How Do I Find A Good Car Insurance Policy?

Comparing vehicle insurers online is the most convenient approach to shopping for the best insurance price. Work with an insurance agent if you discuss your insurance possibilities with any third parties. Your insurance prices are based on your driving history.

Which Type Of Car Insurance Is Best?

The most comprehensive policy type covers third-party liabilities, own damage expenses, loss due to theft, natural catastrophes, and so on. You will receive the IDV or the total market value if your car is stolen or damaged beyond repair.

Is State Farm A Good Insurance Company?

State Farm is a national insurer that provides coverage in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. It ranks fourth among Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in 2022 and first among Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Companies in 2022.

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