How to Apply For Milestone Credit Card

In this article, we will discuss what a milestone credit card is, how milestone credit cards work, the requirement to get milestone credit cards, and lots more.

The Milestone credit card is among a few credit cards that allow those with no credit or bad credit to get credit without putting down money. The credit card minimum credit limit is $300, and its annual fee can be as high as $99. The Milestone credit card is one of our top-rated credit cards.


  • You will learn what a milestone credit card is
  • How milestone credit cards work
  • The requirement to apply for milestone credit cards
  • How to register for milestone credit cards
  • Answers to some frequently asked questions on milestone credit cards
milestone credit card

What is a Milestone Credit Card?

Building credit takes a lot of consistency and hard work. Whether people have no credit history or are rebuilding after their credit score dived, they may have few options, as many lenders hesitate to offer them a personal loan or credit card.

The Milestone credit card is built for people with bad credit. The milestone credit card is unsecured, so it won’t require a security deposit, making it helpful for individuals who would not have an easy time coming up with a minimum deposit.

Another perk is that Milestone reports the card usage to all 3 major credit bureaus, so the credit score may climb if people practice good credit habits.

Unfortunately, like many other cards for bad credit, the Milestone card has its disadvantages; the credit card is laden with confusing terms, varying annual fees, and high-interest rates.

How Milestone Credit Card Work

The Milestone credit card is designed for individuals with poor credit (which Experian, one of the 3 credit bureaus, defines as having a credit score of between 300 – 579) who want to restore or build their credit history (the card’s transactions are shared with the agencies stated above).

The credit card is also for people who cannot come up with or prefer not to come up with the security deposit required for a secured credit card, the leading alternative for those with damaged credit or no credit who want to improve their creditworthiness.

Compared to the issuers of other competing cards, Milestone credit cards make less clear the size of credit limit people will receive initially and how it might grow in the long run, other than promising an initial line of at least $300.

That detail disparity makes the Milestone credit card more for individuals eager to build their credit than those who want a credit card with which they can use a growing credit limit.

The Milestone credit card has no travel benefits and charges a fee on transactions made in foreign currency. That makes the card a poor choice to take along on a trip, even compared to other competitive cards aimed at those with credit issues.

Also, like other cards aimed at credit-challenged consumers, the Milestone credit card has a fixed and fairly high APR of 24 percent. Because of that rate, the credit card is less than ideal for those who wish to carry a balance on the credit card since interest charges will add up incredibly quickly.

Requirements to Apply for Milestone Credit Card

The basic Milestone Credit Card requirements are that an individual must be at least 18 years old and above with a valid Social Security number (SSN). The individual must also have a physical United States address, have enough income to make monthly minimum payments, and have bad credit.

How to Register for Milestone Credit Card

To register for an online account, people must provide their card number, birth date, Social Security number (SSN), e.t.c. By phone: To activate their Milestone Credit Card, they should call (800) 305-0330. Then, enter their Social Security Number and follow the prompts to get connected to a representative

For newcomers, registration takes them to Milestone Card’s home page.

Scroll down a little, and they will see a ‘Register’ button on the left side of the page.

  • When they click it, a new registration page appears.
  • To begin the account setup, they must enter their account number, date of birth, and social security number.
  • After that, they can create an online account by entering the essential information.

How to Get a Pin for a Milestone Credit Card

The best way to Get a Milestone Credit Card PIN is to Call Genesis Financial Solutions customer service at 1-866-453-2636 or call the number on the back of your Milestone Credit Card. Inform the representative that they want a credit card PIN. Receive the PIN in the mail.

How to know your milestone credit card application status

People can check their Milestone Credit Card application status by calling (866) 502-6439 and using the automated system 24/7. Or, they can request to speak to a customer service representative from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Time, 7 days a week.

Milestone Credit Card App for Android Download

if you want the milestone credit card application for your Android, kindly click on this link

Milestone Credit Card App For iOS Download

if you want the milestone credit card application for your iOS, kindly click on this link

milestone credit card payment and login portal

To access the milestone payment and login portals, click on this link

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The Milestone credit card allows access to a credit card even if people have fair and Bad credit. However, that alone may not be enough reason to justify applying for this credit card over other options that fill the same need.

The card comes with an annual fee that is close to $99 a year, which is charged to the credit card and cuts into the card’s credit limit, at least until individuals pay it back.

The Milestone credit limit can be as low as $300, and it’s vague precisely how much the limit might be for an individual and whether it might rise in the future if they use the card responsibly.


Is Milestone a real credit card?

The Milestone Credit Card is a legit credit card issued by The Bank of Missouri. This FDIC member is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, has an “A+” BBB rating, and is serviced by Genesis Financial Solutions.

What is the credit limit on a milestone card?

The Milestone credit card has a $300 credit limit, and the card does not require people to place a refundable security deposit and charges lower fees than other credit cards for building or rebuilding credit.

What bank owns milestone cards?

The Milestone Credit Card is owned by The Bank of Missouri in partnership with Genesis FS Card Services.

What is the limit on a milestone gold Mastercard?

Milestone Gold Mastercard issues a standard $300 credit limit upon approval of the card. Individuals assigned annual fee is automatically deducted from that limit when they open their account, so their initial credit limit will be lower.

How long does it take to get a milestone card?

In most cases, new cards arrive within 14 business days of approval.

Can I use my milestone credit card anywhere?

Milestone credit cards are a tool people use to achieve what they want; if they wish to access credit now or plan for the future, they will have access to credit when needed. They can use their card in the U.S. wherever Mastercard is accepted.

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