7 Best Unsecured Credit Cards To Build Credit In 2023

This article provides the best unsecured credit cards to build credit and explains how to build your credit score fast with a credit card and the best unsecured cards to build credit score.

If people do not have a strong credit score, they have probably learned how difficult it can be to qualify for a credit card, making it even harder to improve their credit.

Best Unsecured Credit Cards To Build Credit


  • You will learn the fastest ways to build your credit with a credit card 
  • The easiest unsecured card you can get at any point in time
  • The 7 best-unsecured credit cards you can use to build your credit 
  • Answers to some frequently asked questions on how to build unsecured credit cards 

The Fastest way to Build Credit with a Credit Card

Secured credit cards are great for building credit, but they are not the right solution for everyone. People might be able to make regular payments toward their monthly credit card purchases, but they might not have the cash upfront to secure a minimum deposit. 

While secured credit cards offer less favorable terms than other cards, some unsecured cards are available for individuals with bad credit. These cards can be the best tools if they are ready to commit to healthy credit habits that will help them maintain and secure a great credit score over time.

Below are ways people can build their credit score fast with a credit card

  • Pay credit-card balances strategically

The portion of people’s credit limits they use at any time is called their credit utilization.” A person should use less than 30 percent of their limit on any card, and lower is better. The highest scorers use less than 7 percent. 

People want to ensure their balance is low when the card issuer reports it to the credit bureaus because that is used in calculating their score. An easy way to do that is to pay several times throughout the month or pay down the balance before the billing cycle ends to keep their balance low.

  • Always pay your bills on time.

No strategy to improve credit will be effective if people tend to pay late. To make it worse, late payments can stay on people’s credit reports for nearly 8 years.

Call the creditor immediately if an individual misses a payment by thirty (30) days or more. People should pay up as soon as possible and ask if the creditor will consider not reporting the missed payment to the credit bureaus.

Even if the creditor doesn’t report it, it’s worth getting current on the account ASAP. Every month an account marked delinquent hurts people’s credit scores.

  • Become an authorized user

If a friend or a relative has a credit card account with a high credit limit and an excellent/good history of on-time payments, ask to be added as an authorized user.

That single act adds the account to your credit reports, and the credit limit can help your utilization. It is also called “credit piggybacking,” authorized user status allows people to benefit from the primary user’s positive payment history.

The account holder doesn’t have to let people use the card or even give them the account number for their credit to improve.

People should ensure that the account reports to all 3 major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) to get the best effect some credit cards do.

  • Ask for higher credit limits.

When people’s credit limit goes up and their balance stays the same, it instantly lowers their overall credit utilization, improving their credit. If their income has gone up or they have added more years of positive credit experience, they have a decent shot at getting a higher limit.

The Easiest Unsecured Credit Cards to Build Credit 

An unsecured credit card is probably the first to come to mind when people think of a typical credit card. Unlike the secured credit card, which requires an upfront deposit that acts as a credit line, the unsecured credit card does not require any collateral to secure the line of credit people can borrow against.

When an individual is approved for an unsecured credit card, their credit limit is based on their income, credit history, and other debts, like personal loans. 

Here is a list of the easiest credit cards to build a credit score

  • Indigo® Mastercard® – for fair credit score, and it doesn’t require an upfront fee
  • Milestone® Mastercard® – Bad and Fair Credit.
  • Total Visa® Card – It has high approval odds.
  • Credit One Bank® Platinum Visa® – Best for rebuilding credit score, and no deposit is required.
  • OppFi® Card – No required monthly fee.

7 Best Unsecured Credit Cards to Build Credit In 2023

No matter how bad a person’s credit score, there are always unsecured credit cards that will approve them as a card member, letting them conveniently shop without a checkbook, cash, or debit card.here are the best unsecured credit cards to build credit.

1. Revvi Card 

The Revvi Card offers cash back rewards and comes with $0 fraud liability. The Revvi card has a user-friendly mobile application and monthly reporting to the credit bureaus to help people build credit.

The purchase of its APR is high, and the card charges a program fee, an annual fee, and fees for cash advances, late payments, foreign transactions, and returned payments. 

2. Surge Mastercard® 

The Surge Mastercard® offers a $0 fraud liability and basic benefits with Mastercards. While the Surge Mastercard® card’s initial credit limit is low, people may receive a higher limit by paying their bills on time for 6 months.

Individuals can manage the card online and via a mobile application to make timely payments and view balances, among other things.

3. FIT Mastercard® 

People can use the FIT Mastercard® to improve their credit because it reports their transactions to all 3 credit bureaus. The card charges annual, one-time processing fees for cash advances, late or returned payments, foreign transactions, and additional cards.

People don’t pay the monthly maintenance fee during the first twelve months after opening the account.

4. Reflex Mastercard® 

The Reflex Mastercard® allows people to prequalify in less than a minute without affecting their low credit score. The Reflex Mastercard® card offers a credit limit range that’s broader than those offered by most competitors. The card comes with an annual fee but provides $0 fraud liability.

5. Total Visa® Card 

The Total Visa® Card offers people a quick application process and immediate decision. The Total Visa® card’s APR is higher than most of the cards in this review. The card charges an annual fee, a one-time program fee, and a monthly servicing fee that’s waived for the first 12 months, as is the cash advance fee.

6. First Access Visa® Card 

The First Access Visa® Card is a card that routinely approves applications from people with imperfect credit, although people must have a checking account to qualify.

Decision-making is quick; people should receive a decision in less than 3 minutes. People can choose from 6 different card designs when applying for the First Access Visa® card.

7. Progress Credit 

Progress Credit partners with 2 issuers to provide people with a secured Mastercard and an unsecured Visa credit card despite their imperfect credit history. The unsecured card is the easiest to obtain, and the unsecured Visa card boasts security protections and nationwide acceptance.


We believe the reason for anyone with bad credit to use an unsecured credit card is as a tool to boost their credit score and build a better credit habit. We have taken our time to research the best-unsecured credit card for you. We have provided the easiest and best-unsecured credit cards to help you build your credit score.

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Below are the frequently asked questions and answers on Best Unsecured Credit Cards To Build Credit

Can unsecured credit cards build credit?

Unsecured credit cards can strengthen credit scores by helping people use credit wisely, and it’s an excellent card to start with when people are first learning to use credit. 

What does your credit score need to get an unsecured credit card?

The majority of unsecured credit cards require a credit score in the good – excellent range (670-850). This range is where people will become eligible for different rewards cards, and people can find some cards that will accept a credit score in the fair – good range (580-669).

Is Capital one good for rebuilding credit?

The Capital One Platinum Secured Credit Card is a better choice if you aim to build your credit. The card’s low fees, flexible security, deposit requirements, and upgrade potential make it a solid card for rebuilding credit.

How can I raise my credit score to 200 points in 30 days?

 Below are ways a person can raise their credit score

  • Always pay down high credit balances
  • Always make your payments on time.
  • Dispute the incorrect item on your credit report.
  • Keep the accountant that you have.
  • Open more credit accounts.

What’s the max credit limit for Capital one?

A large scale of cardholders has credit limits between $1,000 – $10,000, with over a 3rd at $3,000 or lesser. The Capital One Credit Card is aimed at people (consumers) with fair credit or bad credit. The capital One top credit limit range from $2,000 – $5,000.

Which bank gives credit cards easily?

HDFC Bank gives instant approval of credit cards. The Bank credit cards are not only 100 percent secure, but they provide instant activation and ownership.

You can learn more from the video below:

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