Destiny Credit Card Review: All You Need To Know Before Using

This article will discuss Destiny Credit Card and all you need to know before using it. Destiny Credit Card is an ideal credit card for individuals with bad to fair credit scores.

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• You will know how Destiny Credit Card works.
• You will learn about the features of Destiny Credit Card.
• You will understand the pros and cons of the Destiny Credit Card.
• Answers to frequently asked questions on Destiny Credit Card.

Destiny Credit Card

What Is Destiny Credit Card?

Destiny Credit Card is a card that provides individuals with access to the building and rebuilding of their credit. It is an unsecured credit card that benefits one with bad to fair credit.

How Destiny Credit Card Works

Destiny Credit Card is a type of credit card suitable for individuals with credit issues. Through the usage of this specific credit card, one can conveniently build their credit and be able to access credit facilities.

An individual would need to pre-qualify before being approved for this card. Destiny Credit Card offers individuals an ideal way of building and rebuilding their credit. Once this card is issued, transactions conducted with it are reported directly to the major credit bureaus.

The Features Of Destiny Credit Card

Destiny Credit Card is a card that offers a lot of benefits to individuals who intend to utilize it. Below are some of the features of Destiny Credit Card.

• Easy Pre-Qualification

One of the features of Destiny Credit Card is the ease of pre-qualifying for it. An individual can easily pre-qualify for the Destiny Credit Card in minutes. One can suitably know if they are qualified to apply for this card.

• Build Credit

Another feature of the Destiny Credit Card is that it helps a holder to build credit. Once an individual gets this card, every payment conducted through it will be reported to the top 3 credit bureaus.

• Low Credit Requirements

There are lesser credit requirements on Destiny Credit Card, which one can suitably provide. The credit card demands minimal income and credit requirements which allows for the building of credit.

• No Security Deposit

Unlike numerous other credit building cards, Destiny Credit Card does not require a security deposit. The card can provide one with a credit amount without needing a deposit.

The Pros Of Destiny Credit Card

Destiny Credit Card remains one of the best credit cards for individuals with bad to fair credit. Below are the pros of Destiny Credit Card.

• Access To Build Credit

One of the pros of considering and using a Destiny Credit Card is the access to building credit. An individual can conveniently use the card in conducting transactions while building credit.

• Pre-Qualification

Another benefit of the Destiny Credit Card is the speed in determining your qualification for it. Before applying, Destiny Credit Card will allow an individual to decide whether they qualify for the card.

• Unsecured Credit Card

Destiny Credit Card is an unsecured type of credit card that does not require a security deposit. Given the kind of card that it is, one does not need to make any security deposit to utilize the card.

The Cons Of Destiny Credit Card

Even though Destiny Credit Card has numerous user benefits, they are still some disadvantages. Below are the cons of Destiny Credit Card.

• High-Interest Rate

One of the cons of Destiny Credit Card is the interest rate on its usage, which is significantly high. Users of this credit card are liable to a 24.90% APR which is more than other credit cards.

• There’s An Annual Fee

Destiny Credit Card usually charges an annual fee for card usage from its list of card holders. There’s an annual fee of $59 to $99 for card usage.

• No Bonus Or Rewards

Numerous credit card offers bonuses on new sign-up and usage, and they provide access to joining diverse reward program. This is an exclusion for individuals looking to utilize the Destiny Credit Card.

What Kind Of Credit Card Is Destiny?

Destiny is an unsecured credit card. It is one of the best credit card options for individuals with bad to fair credit. Destiny Credit Card helps one to build their credit irrespective of how low or bad it is.

Destiny Card Annual Fee

Destiny card has an annual fee of $59 to $99, which its users must pay.

Destiny Mastercard Credit Limit

Destiny Mastercard has a credit limit of $300. As a result of it being an unsecured credit card, it does not necessitate one to make a security deposit before utilizing it.

Destiny Credit Card Application Process

An individual can conveniently apply for the Destiny Credit Card. But one must meet specific requirements, including reaching 18 years, having a social security number, a U.S IP address, and meeting other credit qualification criteria like a review of income and debt and identity verification requirements.

One can apply by visiting Destiny Credit Card’s official website and conducting a pre-qualification.

Destiny Credit Card Login Portal

An individual can access the Destiny Credit Card official login portal 

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Destiny Credit Card is one of the best cards to consider if you want to build credit. The card enables one to build your credit by sending your transactions to the three credit bureaus.

We hope this article provides enough information on Destiny Credit Card. Kindly visit our comment section for your view and opinions.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions and answers on Destiny Credit Card.

Can You Use Destiny Credit Card Anywhere?

Yes, you can use Destiny Credit Card anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Does Destiny Credit Card Give Increases?

No, Destiny Credit Card does not give any increase.

Can I Use My Destiny Card At An ATM?

Yes, you can use your Destiny Card at an ATM.

How Do I Pay My Destiny Credit Card?

You can pay your Destiny Credit Card through your account online, using MoneyGram, by calling (844) 222-5695 and mailing their official address.

Is Destiny Credit Card Secured?

No, Destiny’s Credit Card is unsecured.

How Often Will Credit One Increase Your Credit Limit?

Credit One increases your credit limit every six months.

You can learn more from the video below:

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