How To Transfer Money From PayPal To Bank Account Or Debit Card

This article will discuss transferring money from PayPal to a bank account or debit card. PayPal is a payment platform that makes it easy for one to transfer funds to anyone at any time. One can suitably transfer money from their PayPal account directly to their bank account or debit card.

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What Is PayPal Money Transfer?

PayPal money transfer involves the transfer of funds through a PayPal account; one can conveniently utilize it to transfer funds to friends and family. You can sell various things online through a PayPal account, receive funds, and suitably transfer or make payments to anyone.

How PayPal Money Transfer Works

PayPal is one of the best online platforms for sales, purchases, and transactions. PayPal money transfer works the same way as utilizing a regular bank account.

With PayPal money transfer, you can move funds from your PayPal account to your friends and family. Also, you can comfortably receive cash and instant notification through your email and the PayPal app.

How To Transfer Money From PayPal To Bank Account

Individuals can suitably transfer money from a PayPal account to their bank account without issues. Below are the steps to transferring money from PayPal to a bank account.

• Login To Your PayPal Account

One must have an account with PayPal before enjoying their services. To transfer money from PayPal to a bank account, carefully log in to your PayPal account with your username and password.

• Go To Your PayPal Balance

Once you have successfully logged into your account with PayPal, please search for your balance and click on it. Once you select your PayPal balance, you can start the transfer process.

• Select The Option To Transfer

The next thing to do is select the “Transfer” option and click on the option “Transfer Money.” Select the bank account you intend to transfer money to and click “Next.”

• Enter The Amount To Transfer

Once you have selected the bank account to make the transfer to, you need to enter the amount to transfer. A box will be revealed where you would enter your desired transfer amount.

• Confirm The Transfer

Now that you have everything submitted, the last thing left to be done is to confirm the transfer. Click “Transfer Now” to confirm your decision to transfer after carefully reviewing your order.

How To Transfer Money From PayPal To Debit Card

Transferring money from PayPal to a debit card is very easy, and an individual can conduct this using the PayPal app. Below are the steps to transferring money from PayPal to a debit card.

• Login To Your PayPal

To transfer money from PayPal to a debit card, you would need to make some setup on your account. So, to start the transfer process on your PayPal account, you would need to log in.

• Link Your Debit Card To PayPal

For individuals to comfortably transfer money from PayPal to their debit card, they would need to link their card to PayPal. Also, one would be required to set direct debit order with their bank to allow for a free flow of funds.

• Decide On Transfer Method

Once you have successfully linked your debit card to PayPal, select the option to “Transfer Money.” You must choose the card type and your transfer method on PayPal. The best option for making transfers to debit cards is through ” Instant Transfers. ”

• Enter Amount To Transfer

After selecting the account you intend to send your funds to, you must enter the worth of the amount you intend to transfer. PayPal suitably accepts a lot of currencies which makes it ideal for usage.

• Check And Confirm The Transfer

After conducting the above, you still need to check the information provided for transfer on PayPal carefully. Once you have correctly checked and are comfortable, click on ” Transfer Now” to execute your order.

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How Long It Takes To Transfer Money From PayPal To Bank Account

Transfer of money from PayPal to a bank account normally takes some time before success. The duration for this transfer usually varies from country to country, and PayPal to bank account transfer has different waiting times based on one’s transfer option.

A standard transfer takes between 1-3 business days, while an instant transfer takes up to 30 minutes.

PayPal To Bank Transfer Fees

PayPal suitably allows for the transfer of funds directly to one’s bank account with ease of transaction. PayPal charges a fee of 1% on your withdrawal amount for every PayPal to bank transfer.

The Advantages Of PayPal

There are huge benefits attributed to utilizing PayPal in conducting diverse transactions. Below are the advantages of PayPal.

• Ease Of Usage

PayPal is very easy to use in making sales and purchases online and transfers to friends and family. The application-based platform is relatively suitable for usage and has the best features.

• Security

Activities conducted on PayPal are described as being very safe and secured, and users are assured of the safety of their funds. PayPal is one of the trusted and most utilized platforms for payments.

• Lesser Fees

One benefit of using PayPal is that you get to profit from minimal fees on the platform. One can comfortably transfer funds from PayPal to their friends and loved ones without incurring too many charges.

The Disadvantages Of PayPal

Despite having numerous features which are of benefit to users, there are still some negatives attached to its usage. Below are the disadvantages of PayPal.

• Customer Service Issues

One of the negatives of PayPal is its customer service which is regarded as slow and hard to contact. Sometimes it’s very difficult to reach their customer service representatives to make a complaint.

• Longer Verification Process

Another issue about using PayPal is their verification process which is very long and stressful. It’s frustrating to get their account verified when linking PayPal to a bank account.

• Fees On Non-PayPal Payments

Some fees are attached to conducting non-PayPal payments on the PayPal application. This is hugely considered to be one of the disadvantages of using the payment platform.


Below are the frequently asked questions and answers on PayPal to bank transfers.

How Much Is The PayPal Fee For $100?

A $100 transaction on PayPal would cost between $2 and $3.99.

Can You Get Scammed On PayPal?

Yes, some online scammers utilize various means to defraud PayPal users. But one would need to be careful in terms of conducting transactions.

How Much Does It Cost To Send $1000 On PayPal?

There’s a debit or credit transfer fee of 2.9% and a fixed $0.30 transaction fee.

Does PayPal Protect You If You Get Scammed?

Yes, PayPal has a team of security experts who can protect you if you get scammed.

Where Is The Transfer Money Button On PayPal?

The transfer money button is beneath the PayPal balance.

How Do I Transfer My PayPal Money To My Bank Account On MY iPhone?

You need to login into your account with PayPal, click on transfer under your balance, enter the amount to transfer, decide on the bank, choose the “Transfer Now” option and make your transfer.


Transferring money from PayPal to a bank account is easy as one can utilize the PayPal application to conduct the transfer. Ensure you provide the correct details before transferring on the payment application.

We hope this article provides enough information on transferring money from PayPal to a bank account. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.

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