5 Best Places To Sell Disney VHS Tapes In 2023

We have a comprehensive guide of places where you can sell Disney VHS tapes for the most money. Kindly read through for more information.

On the secondary market, Disney VHS tapes are in high demand. Everyone seems to be looking for a piece of nostalgia, and Disney VHS tapes are the ideal way to revisit childhood favourites. If you have any lying around the house, it’s simple to flip for a profit and resell for quick cash.

You might wonder where to sell your Walt Disney VHS black diamond collection.

Key Takeaways 

  • You will learn about the best place to sell Disney VHS tapes in 2023
  • Understanding the most valuable VHS tapes to sell.
  • Answers to some frequently asked questions on the best places to sell Disney VHS tapes
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The most valuable VHS tape to sell

Here is the topmost valuable VHS tape to sell and they include the following:

1. Dr Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks Value

Dr. Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks is one of the priciest VHS cassettes in existence. It is an Italian horror movie from 1974. The movie lasts for 89 minutes. In this version of the movie, Dr. Frankenstein revives a Neanderthal man who villagers have killed. Not everything goes as planned, and the village suffers the consequences of its rage.

2. The Flesh Eaters Selling price: 

You could be sitting on an old tape worth nearly a grand if you find an old copy of the 1964 horror film “The Flesh Eaters.” A mint condition copy of “The Flesh Eaters” is estimated to be worth $950.

It was one of the first films permitted to be released with violent outbursts, graphic scenes, and gore. It was a horrifying depiction of people being heated by monstrous microbes in the 1960s.

It was one of the most gruesome films of its time, and when it was released, it received mixed reviews from a shocked audience. It eventually gained a cult following.

3. Tales from the QuadeaD Zone Selling price

The movie “Tales from the QuadeaD Zone” by Chester Novell Turner brought in a high bid at auction. There have been a few sales of copies on eBay, with one going for $1,675. A few other examples of the rare VHS cassette on the auction website have fetched prices between $700 and $800.

One of the most expensive VHS tapes ever purchased. The movie was only available on VHS, so it was a unique addition for some collectors.

4. star wars(Sealed) Value

At the auction, a copy of the original “Star Wars” film from 1977 sold for $3,500. It was the first film in the franchise’s legacy, and it was followed by dozens of prequels, sequels, and spinoffs.

After premiering in theaters in 1977, the film that became a cultural phenomenon was released on video in 1982 as rental copies. Fox Studios released it for families to rent and enjoy.

This was before the availability of streaming services. To see a movie, you had to either go to the theater or wait for it to be released as a rental.

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5. Africa Addio Selling price

Africa Addio, also known as Farewell Africa, is valued at $1,000. The old and scarce VHS cassette is a recording of a 1966 Italian mondo documentary film. Franco Prosperi and Gualtiero Jacopettu collaborated on the screenplay. It’s the story of Africa’s colonial era coming to an end.

6. Top Gun Value

A copy of Tom Cruise’s VHS tape “Top Gun” at an auction sold for $8,200.

7. Beauty and The Beast Black Diamond The Classics Disney Selling price

a copy of the classic Disney animated film “Beauty and the Beast” sold at auction for under $240,000. The VHS was listed in “acceptable” condition in its original case.

This was no ordinary copy of the film. The box art for the Black Diamond series featured a black diamond logo, making it an extremely rare collectible item.

These cassettes are among the most scarce. Although cheaper copies are available, a bidder was willing to pay a ridiculous amount for the cassette, making it one of the most valuable VHS tapes available today.

8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Value

A “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” VHS is worth nearly $30,000. You could be sitting on a small fortune if you have an original copy of the 1990 version. “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” was the independent film with the highest box office gross at its release.

It topped the charts for nine years. The most valuable copies are the first edition Alliance variant from 1990, as opposed to the less useful FHE edition. It’s one of the most valuable collectable VHS cassettes available today.

9. Star Wars: A New Hope Value

The second film in the early “Star Wars” franchise, “A New Hope,” was released in 1984. A copy still sealed in its original packaging and had not been opened was valued at $35,000. It was listed on eBay. According to FM, it is the second most expensive VHS of all time.

The $35K version was stored in an acid-free plastic case with little to no light exposure to prevent deterioration. It’s a brand new copy still sealed in the original plastic packaging from 1984. Furthermore, two promotional stickers are on the package with the white CBS/Fox watermark.

10. The Lion King Value

Disford Disney. The Lion King Black Diamond classic edition is one of the most valuable and expensive VHS cassettes available. It was sold at auction, with a collector placing the winning bid of $6,750. This much may be worth it if you have a copy of this VHS tape. The value is determined by its condition.

5 Best Places to Sell Disney VHS Tapes For Cash

You can sell your old VHS tapes in a variety of places. Collectors frequently visit online marketplaces such as eBay or Etsy.

When selling your Disney VHS tapes, always give potential buyers all the information they require. Details such as the condition of the tape, any damage, and the type of tape are required when selling items online (e.g., regular, widescreen, etc.). below is the list of 5 places to sell your Disney VHS movies for cash and they include:

1. eBay

eBay is a popular site for selling old Disney VHS tapes. Set a starting price for your tapes and list them for auction on eBay. To get an idea of how many old tapes are sold, search for “Completed Listings.”

Take into account the item’s condition, however. A Disney VHS tape, for example, is worth more than a poor copy in mint condition.

2. Craigslist

Craigslist is a primarily free classifieds website where people can find housing, job listings, for-sale items, and freebies such as dump dirt, plastic and metal 55-gallon drums, recycled wood pallets, appliance removal, and recycled cardboard.

You can reach millions of people by posting a classified ad on Craigslist. Simply include accurate descriptions of your VHS tapes and a reasonable price.

3. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a section where users can buy and sell items in their local area. For example, you can use Facebook Marketplace to sell your Disney VHS tapes and reach a large audience of potential buyers.

Make a post on Facebook Marketplace with a few photos of your old VHS tapes. Be sure to include accurate titles and reasonable prices in your post. Then you have to sit back and wait for the offers.

4. Mercari

Mercari is an excellent source for discounted Disney VHS tapes. In addition, classic Disney films such as The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin are available at discounted prices.

Mercari is also a great place to sell unwanted Disney VHS tapes. List your items for sale and set a price for any good condition VHS tapes.

5. Amazon

You can sell your old VHS tapes on Amazon for a set price. One benefit of reselling items on Amazon is the potential audience of millions of customers. Furthermore, most of its customers have credit cards loaded and ready to spend.

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There are numerous outlets apart from the ones mentioned in this article, both locally and nationally, where you can sell Disney VHS tapes.

Whether you go the auction route or set a fixed price, the sites and ideas listed above can help you make some money by selling all your old tapes.


Is there a market for used VHS tapes?

“The majority of VHS tapes are sold on eBay,” According to recent Disney movie sales, the price range was $20 to $316. Prices for cult classic VHS movies ranged from $35 to $200.” A sealed vintage copy of ‘Star Wars’ on VHS is being auctioned off for $60,000.

How do you date Disney VHS tapes?

Below is How you can Date your Disney VHS Tapes

  • Print Date/Time: The exact date/time that the tape was manufactured.
  • VHS Copyright Year: The year the VHS was released but not necessarily manufactured.
  • Content Copyright Year: this is the year the content was first released, possibly decades before the VHS release

What do you do with old videos?

Here are what you can do with old videos.

  • Thrift Stores: Most thrift stores accept donations of VHS tapes.
  • Green Disk: Green Disk will recycle all your old VHS tapes for you.
  • Freecycle: Offer your VHS tapes on Freecycle, hoping somebody else wants and needs them.
  • Make Scarecrows.
  • Knit With the Tape.

Watch the video below for more clarity:

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