How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a great way to get your product in front of thousands of potential buyers.  Just be sure to follow the tips in this article to get the most out of your sales.

Facebook Marketplace

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace – Complete Guide

Facebook Marketplace is an excellent way to sell products and services online, and it is a great platform that lets you reach large audiences of potential customers. This complete guide will show you how to create and sell on Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace can be used on both desktop and mobile.

On desktop

  • Open Facebook and log in to your account, if needed.
  • Click Marketplace, located in the left-hand sidebar.
  • You will need to create a listing of your product or service. Make sure you include accurate descriptions and high-quality photos so that potential buyers can see what you’re selling. You can also specify delivery and pickup options and a price.
  • Anyone can view your listing and contact you to inquire about buying when your listing goes live. The buyer can arrange payment and delivery details.

Selling on Facebook Marketplace can be a great way to reach large audiences of potential customers. 

How to Get Facebook Marketplace

You can access Facebook Marketplace from the Facebook website by clicking on the Marketplace icon located in the main menu on the left side. Tap the Menu icon (it looks at three horizontal lines), and then tap Marketplace.

7 tips to sell on Facebook Marketplace

1. You should set a reasonable price. Before you list your items:

Check out similar listings to determine what other people are charging.

Make sure your prices aren’t too high or too low compared to the current market price.

2. Compare prices with other sellers

Compare prices with other sellers and then determine a reasonable price for your items to sell quickly.

What is a fair price?

It all depends on the condition and value of your item. You can ask for a higher price if it is new or better than comparable products. It should be priced below similar listings if it is second-hand or missing a piece, and this will help it stand out on the platform.

Pro tip: Marketplace sellers will always try to make more money, so be aware of that. It’s a good rule of thumb to accept the lowest price and then add 20%-30% to it, and you’ll be able to negotiate more easily.

3. Choose the right category.

Facebook Marketplace has dozens of different categories, so make sure you choose the one that best matches your product.

4. Write a compelling description.

Your description should be clear, concise, and interesting enough to lure buyers in.

5. Take great photos

Marketplace listings are only as good as the photos they have. As they can see the product in person, high-quality images are more likely to encourage buyers to purchase. Make sure that your images are sharp, clean, and crisp. Natural light capture is an easy way to represent color accurately.

To give a complete view to potential buyers, you will want to take photos from multiple angles. You might consider taking close-ups of damaged areas or parts to keep it transparent. People will likely purchase your pictures if they are close to the actual item.

6. Use search tags

Every FB Marketplace listing form has a tag box, and it should contain words that buyers might use to search for your listing. For example, if you are selling an antique necklace, tag it with words like “antique,” jewelry, vintage, etc.

A listing can contain up to 20 search tags. You make it easier to help potential buyers find what they are looking for by including search tags.

7. Renew your listings

You can renew your listing if it has been on the market for less than seven days without selling. This will return your listing to the top of search results. This can be done by clicking on “Your Account”> “Your Listings” from the Marketplace dashboard.

Click the three dots icon at the listing thumbnail to locate the item. Next, select the renew option from the drop-down menu. To improve the visibility of your stock, repeat these steps for any other listings.

When is the best time to sell on Facebook Marketplace

It is best to sell on the Facebook marketplace when there is high traffic and buyers are actively searching for your items. This is usually on weekends or during the evening hours. You will have a greater chance of being noticed and selling your items during these hours.

How much does it cost for you to sell on the Facebook marketplace?

Individuals can sell on Facebook Marketplace for nothing. There is also no cost to join Facebook Marketplace or Facebook Marketplace, and there is a minimum transaction fee of $0.40 if you are a merchant on Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace selling etiquette

If you don’t understand the rules of selling on any platform, it can be not easy. These are the points to know about Facebook Marketplace, and here are some tips to help you sell faster.

1. Don’t talk down to people.

Even though you might not feel condescending, people can be sensitive to being spoken down to, especially when it comes to money.

Keep it friendly and casual, and people will be more likely to trust you and do business with them.

2. Listings Updated When They Sell

If you are selling more than one item, you should remove the listing and update it.

This will ensure that you don’t get too many comments on something you don’t own anymore and that buyers don’t feel they wasted their time calling you.

3. Do Not Resell Items You Purchase Immediately

It’s not good etiquette for someone to buy a product at a low price.

While it might seem like a great way of making money, people on Facebook Marketplace see resellers and label them as a ripoff.

4. The reseller market is currently worth List Your General Location, So People Are Prepared.

List your location so people can decide if they have to travel to obtain it.

This will save you both time and make you more available to potential buyers.

5. Space Out Listings

Space out your listings, and don’t spam them all at once.

Spamming is bad for you, and people will not be able to go through your entire list at once. It also hurts other sellers, and will feel frustrated because they have to bury their listings.

6. Accept Payment to Hold

To pay to hold an item, someone must first pay for it before getting it.

When you offer this item, you should remove the listing and say’sale pending’ until they have picked it up. This will prevent others from trying to contact you about buying it.

7. Prices Honestly

Do not price your products at ridiculously high prices.

This makes it difficult for people to buy from your company and causes them to have less faith in your other listings.

8. Don’t Get Aggressive About Negotiating.

Negotiating is an essential part of Facebook Marketplace. You’ll need to be highly skilled at it.

You must understand your price range and the tricks people use to lower their prices.

Be flexible, but don’t be too aggressive if someone costs far too much. Just say that you won’t take it and move on.

9. Get Up at the Right Time

Plan to arrive at least 5-10 minutes early if you want to meet with buyers.

This will reduce the chance of them faking and encourage people to buy from you again, and they’ll feel that you’re trustworthy.

You should also ensure that the product is delivered in the same condition as your buyer expects.

10. Do not price to the bottom compared to other sellers.

Newer sellers use a strategy to find similar items on the market and price their products ten to fifteen percent cheaper than other options.

This reduces the cost of everything on the Marketplace and makes buyers more selective about purchasing.

11. Don’t Accept Lower-In-Person Offers.

Some buyers will arrive with less than you have agreed upon or try to lower your bid after leaving, which is unacceptable.

Let them know that you will only accept what they offer before you meet and that you won’t pay them if they refuse to pay.

While this can be difficult, they will often believe that they can do it.

12. In Order of Who Messages First

Contact buyers in the order they messaged you unless someone offers to pay more.

This is fair and equal treatment.

13. Don’t Spam Interested Buyers.

Don’t bombard someone asking if they are still interested in your products or trying to get their attention to close the deal if you don’t hear back.

This could endanger the deal and cause them to not buy from you again.

14. Be aware of gougers on the Site.

When someone purchases something from you and relists it almost immediately with a significant mark-up, make sure it is clear that this was done in the community.

This behavior is unacceptable in most marketplace communities, so it’s essential to report it.

Following these steps to some extent will help you sell more and increase your chances of success.


Facebook Marketplace is a great way to sell your products. It’s easy to use and has a large audience. Make sure to follow the tips in this article to get the most out of your experience.

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