An Easy Guide to Sell on Etsy Without Shipping

This article will discuss how to sell on Etsy without shipping. Etsy is a popular marketplace where diverse people worldwide connect to make, sell and purchase various items. Selling on Etsy entails using the marketplace to connect with buyers who are in equal need of what you have to sell.

How to Sell on Etsy Without Shipping?

Etsy is a suitable platform where sellers can sell their items without shipping. They are two ways by which one can sell on Etsy without the need for shipping which are.

  • Selling Digital Items on Etsy

For a particular seller who is conversant with technology items selling digital items on Etsy might be a great way to make money without shipping. You can create, design, and produce various items and sell them numerous times on the platform.

  • Selling Drop Shipped Items

Another way to sell on Etsy without shipping is to sell your already created designs on drop-shipped items. You would need to design and upload your design to a specific printing company which will, in turn, print your design on their items and then ships it. You need to create a design and upload it to any of their items.

Sell on Etsy

Tips on How to Offer Free Shipping on Etsy Without Losing Money

Offering free shipping on Etsy is a great strategy to increase customer patronage and boost sales of your goods. Still, it is essential to put some things into consideration as to how to offer free shipping without losing money. The available tips include:

  • Check The Competitive Level of The Product

It would be best if you considered checking how competitive your product is in the market. Suppose your offered item is generously available with various shops providing it for free shipping; you must consider finding an alternative product that will allow for sales with a shipping fee attached to it.

  • Determine The Weight of Your Product

Items that weigh lower and are much lighter cost less amount. If you determine and see that your product has less weight, you need to easily adjust your item’s price to cover the shipping fees.

  • Consider The Price of Your Item

Apart from the weight, it is still essential to consider the price of the item you intend to sell on Etsy. If your item costs much and the shipping fee is less, you can still add this fee to your item’s price. But if your item has a lesser value, it would not be advisable to double the price simply because of the shipping fee.

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How Do I Avoid Paying Shipping on Etsy?

There are specific ways one can easily avoid paying shipping on Etsy, and one can consider either of the below-discussed options.

  • Reduce Shipping Countries

One of the best available options to avoid or reduce shipping on Etsy is to reduce the number of shipping countries you deliver items. Several countries have increased the percentage of shipped items, thereby increasing the cost of shipping. So it’s best to reduce these countries from your list of destinations or focus on closer distances for delivery.

  • Increase Your Products Price

Another suitable option to avoid paying for shipping on Etsy is to increase the price of the product you intend to sell. It’s best to include this shipping cost with the regular price of the item you have to sell, and it will help cover the shipping fees you ordinarily would need to pay.

How to Set Up Free Shipping Over $35 on Etsy

Shipping costs most of the time scare away buyers, thereby reducing one’s sales. To meet buyers’ expectations, you can set up a free shipping guarantee to let buyers know they won’t need to pay shipping fees if they purchase over $35 worth of items. Below are the steps to set up a free shipping guarantee for your shop.

  • Go to Etsy’s official website and click on the shop manager icon.
  • Then click on the “Settings” option.
  • Click on “Shipping Settings” below the settings options.
  • Click on “Get Started” in the “Free Shipping Guarantee” tab.
  • Click “Next” and click on “Set Free Shipping.”

Once you set up the free shipping option, you can reprice items to recover shipping costs. Use the “Optional Smart Pricing Tool” to adjust the prices of your items.

How to Remove Shipping on Etsy

You can go to your shop on Etsy, click on listings, and then ship settings. Here you will see all the shipping profiles you previously set up. Click on the “x” option on any previously saved option you no longer want to use. Alternatively, consider the below steps to remove the shipping option on Etsy.

  • Login into your account.
  • Go to the shop dashboard and then select listings.
  • Scroll through and search for your listings, open the listing menu and select the “Edit” option.
  • Scroll down to the delivery section.
  • Click on “Edit” on the shipping profile and then select “Duplicate” If you intend to update your current listings.
  • Update the “What you will charge” drop-down to “Fix Price.”
  • Input the price of the “One Item” and “Additional Items” fields.
  • Click “Save Profile” and then “Publish.”

Etsy Local Pick up Option

Currently, Etsy doesn’t have any tool on its platform that helps offer local pickup or a delivery option to a seller’s customers. Although these sellers are still allowed to provide these services in their shops, Etsy recommends that your listings and policies state that your items are mainly for local pickup/delivery. If a buyer outside of your local area purchases your product, you can only ship the order or refund the payments made and cancel the order. If you fail to do so, Etsy may suspend your selling privileges.

Etsy Delivery Options

Etsy Delivery options are limited to USPS, FedEx, and Canada Post, which allows for shipping orders right from one’s Etsy shop. Once a particular user purchases a label for an order, it’s marked as dispatched immediately. You need to print the label out, and your item is ready to be delivered.

Etsy Free Shipping Code

Etsy free shipping codes are coupon codes offered by sellers on the marketplace. These free shipping codes serve as a discount or promotion to buyers who intend to purchase various products or items on the platform.


Etsy is a great marketplace where buyers and sellers can communicate and exchange various items. It is an excellent platform for individuals to establish their online marketing business. Ensure to research more on the platform before fully deciding to use it for your trades. We hope this article will enable you to sell and buy easily on the platform. Kindly share your thought in the comment section.

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