10 Best Assets to Buy in Your 20s and How to Get Them

Are you searching for how to build your assets, the best assets to buy in your 20s? This article will guide you on how to acquire the best assets at a young age. Let us take a look at what an asset is. An asset is an item of property owned by a company or person, regarded as having value and available to meet commitments, debts, or legacies.

6 Best Ways to Build Assets in Your 20s

Below are ways how to build your assets in your 20s

  1. Focus More of Your Energy and Time on Investing Your Income Instead of Obsessing About Returns.

Instead of obsessing over investment returns, try and focus most of your time and energy on developing skills in areas that could have leveraged to boost your income.

When you are just starting, the height of your net worth growth will come clearly from the gap you create between your spending and your income, and one of the best ways to create this gap is by picking up knowledge and skills that can increase your revenue.

  1. Choose Opportunity Over Passion

Most youth in their 20s sometimes want to identify their passion as quickly as possible and use it to make their mark globally. To make such a meaningful impact requires skills, money, and knowledge, all of which take time to accumulate.

It can be hard for youth in their 20s to know their best opportunities and skills because they don’t have many experiences. For this reason, it’s a good idea to accumulate a skillset and pursue constant growth that creates demand for your work, and it will naturally lead to opportunities for more income.

best assets to buy in your 20s
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  1. Acquire Knowledge in Niche Subjects to Help Boost Your Income

There is a massive market for college tutors in some subjects such as calculus, physics, statistics, organic chemistry, and engineering. These subjects are complex, and parents/students will pay serious money for help in these areas. Try to acquire knowledge in one of these areas and use that knowledge to boost your income through consulting to tutoring.

  1. Direct your obsession towards accumulating more wealth

An asset is anything that increases in value over time or pays you money for owning it. Examples are real stocks, websites, bonds, estate, and businesses. When you spend a dollar on liability, that money is gone forever, but when you spend a dollar acquiring an asset, that asset becomes a source that works relentlessly to earn money for you. The more assets owned, the more straightforward path to grow your wealth in your 20s.

  1. Resist the Urge to Blow Your Money on A Lifestyle Upgrade

Many youths in their 20s make over $100k per year, and most of them upgrade their apartment or buy a brand new car as soon as they land a big-time job. They have canceled out their high income with equally high expenses. If you are keen on building assets in your 20s, I recommend doing the opposite.

Keep your cost of living relatively low for the first few years, even after you start making higher money, and minimize the expenses of transportation, housing, and food.

  1. Make More Moves Than Anyone Else

As a youth in your 20s, one of the fastest ways to grow professionally and personally is to make more moves than anyone else. By simply taking more steps, you put yourself in a position to have a higher chance of more success, even if it does come with more failures.

10 Best Assets to Buy in Your 20s

Below are the 10 best assets to buy in your 20s

  1. Dividends stocks
  2. Index funds
  3. Crowdfunded Real Estate
  4. Rental Properties
  5. Real Estate Investment Trusts
  6. Websites
  7. Social Media Accounts
  8. Education.
  9. Cash Flow
  10. Primary Residence.

How to Acquire Assets at A Young Age 

Below are ways to acquire assets at a young age

  •  Use Compounding When Investing: 

Different investment opportunities allow you to invest and earn compound interest. So, as a young person, it is advisable to utilize this opportunity to earn while compounding your investment.

  • Use a Fixed Deposit Account or A Savings Account:

The act of saving money can allow you to become rich. Sometimes, when you have the cash already available, you could get an opportunity to acquire a cheap asset and sell it at a reasonable rate within a short period.

  • Invest in Shares and Bonds:

Investing in shares and bonds is a great way to invest your money. As a young person, you can always search for some company’s shares and bonds with potential and invest in them, and this will give you a long-lasting opportunity to keep earning passive income.

  • Buy a lot of Stocks:

The stock market is worth billions of dollars; investing in any good company stock is not a bad idea. In most cases, most people who invest in good company stocks do not regret it.

  • Try Investing in a Mutual Fund:

A mutual fund is still beneficial, and it’s never too late to be part of it. There are a lot of opportunities in investing in Mutual funds, so do take advantage of them.

  • Consider a Business Startup:

Having a business startup is a great idea for a young person who can raise money. A business startup may not give an instant result, but you’ll surely get a good yield if done properly. Patience is the key for every business startup.

  • Try Turning Your Hobby into a Business:

If you know what you’re good at, you can improve yourself more for commercial purposes. Turning your skill or hobby into a business is lucrative because you may not need much capital to finance it.

  • Cut Down on Your Spending Habits:

Avoid spending unnecessarily on things or materials that you don’t need. As a young person who wants to survive or make money, you must control your spending habits.


An asset is an item of property owned by a company or person regarded as valuable. As a youth in your 20s, your investment horizon tends to belong, and this means if you make mistakes, you have a lot of time to recover. However, the most significant risk you face in your 20s is not investing.

The main point is that you should start investing early in your life. Portfolio volatility doesn’t matter when spread out over decades. But the length of time for which you invest does.



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