List of Top 10 Play to Earn Crypto Games on IOS and Androids

In this article, we will know the top 10 play to earn crypto games on IOS and Androids. Over the years, there has been an enormous amount of money spent in the gaming industry, with tremendous attention given to it by gamers.

Through the play-to-get strategy, blockchain technology has captured the attention of gamers who now see the benefit of playing games and get rewarded.

This increase in awareness has further helped to increase the price and demand of some tokens and coins.

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Play to Earn Crypto Games
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What is a Play to Earn Crypto Games?

A play to earn crypto game is a blockchain gaming activity where gamers can earn rewards and money for the game they play.

This gaming activity has created a buzz in the crypto world, with gamers having the larger share of the benefits.

How do NFT Games Work?

NFT Games allow its users to earn money as they continue to play different games on its platform. This involves combining video games with finance or GameFi, which generally uses NFTs, and through this, gamers can sell or buy from other players.

Also, gamers can earn rewards in NFTs while playing. Through this, they can actively invest in NFTs, a promising cryptocurrency expected to appreciate in the nearest future.

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Tips to Get Started with Crypto Gaming 

Getting started with crypto gaming may be very confusing when you are a beginner, and you may get carried away due to multiple stories of bitcoin and blockchain.

This story does not mean anything, and you need a starting point. For an intending gamer to get started with crypto gaming, they can follow the below steps. These steps include:

  • Having Some Money in Form of Cryptocurrency

The first step to get started is to have some cash in the form of cryptocurrency. Most crypto games are based on the Ethereum blockchain, so you need to buy Ether to play them.

Also, you need to use a cryptocurrency exchange platform to convert your money to Ether, and there’s a lot to choose from.

Select the most suitable one according to your country’s currency or payment method you may want to use.

  • Creating a Digital Wallet

Once you have purchased your desired amount of Ether, you will need a wallet to store your crypto asset. You can choose from many wallets that will be safe and can meet your specific needs.

  • Choose a Game to Play

The last step is to select a game to play. The crypto gaming industry is in its early stages, so many games are prime or primary.

Expect to see many games and be ready for different experiences, but do your research to determine the best you can play and earn.

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Crypto games give gamers access to earn crypto rewards for playing games. Some of the top ten play to earn crypto games include:

  • Battle of Guardians

One of the latest play-to-earn games on NFT; is a PVP real-time multiplayer game developed and based on the Solana network. It is a fighting game where players participate in multi realm battles in the virtual world.

  • Idle Cyber

This game is a blend of post-apocalyptic worlds where the player controls the squad to defend humanity. This game uses the play-to-earn model, and you can make real-life money from playing the game.

  • Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the early Pokemon-style games that was developed in the Ethereum blockchain. It has surged seriously in the crypto world due to many improvements and its growing player base.

  • Meta Wars

Meta war is considered a futuristic game with multiple players allowed to engage in the game. This game is all about space, and gamers are free to participate in realistic space explorations.

  • Splinter Lands

Splinter Lands is one of the most popular tradable play-to-earn games, which is top among NFT games, so you can make money as you play.

  • Sandbox 3D

Sandbox 3D is a well-known gaming platform for creating and also trading on different digital assets. The gamers are allowed to customize their objects.

  • Sorare

This is a fantasy game that will interest all soccer fans across the world. This game allows players to buy, sell, manage and trade a virtual team with a Digital Player Card.

  • Lightnite

This play-to-earn game developed by Satoshi game’s rewards players who have exceptional skills with bitcoin.

  • Guild of Guardians

This game enables the players to build their team of guardians. These guardians compete in different activities, and you can earn various rewards while playing the game.

Watch the video below to know the Top ten Play to Earn Crypto Games:

  • Kingdom Karnage

This game offers the players the opportunity to conquer different factions, explore dungeons for rewards, and claim other character cards as they continue to win.

Play-to-earn crypto games allow gamers to benefit from playing games on the crypto blockchain.

It’s a great way of making money daily by playing different games. We hope this article has helped to explain play-to-earn games better. For all your views and recommendations, kindly drop us a message.


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