Axie Infinity Vs Decentraland: Which is the Best?

This article will discuss the comparison between Axie Infinity Vs Decentraland. Axie Infinity and Decentraland are platforms where various collectibles can be traded and exchanged.

One act as a platform where different collectibles can be bought and sold, while the other act as a platform where players mint, collect and exchange NFTs.

Axie Infinity Vs Decentraland
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All You Need to Know About Axie Infinity

Some of the things investors and traders need to know about the Axie Infinity platform include:

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a gaming platform where players use Pokemon-like characters known as Axie in battling with each other. The platform also enables these players to create their own NFTs called “Axies.” 

How Does Axie Infinity Make Money?

Axie Infinity, much like other blockchains, generates its wealth from the increasing number of people who utilize the platform.

One can also earn profits from competing in these various gaming battles, creating and selling these Axies, collecting these Axies, and using the in-game token to purchase digital items.

How to Play Axie Infinity

Investors and traders can utilize the platform for various gaming activities and create their own NFTs. To get started, you would need to follow these steps.

• If you are a beginner, ensure to create an Ethereum wallet or use any pre-existing one to purchase a considerable amount of ETH.

• Go to Axie Infinity marketplace and create an account.

• If you created your Ethereum wallet through MetaMask, you could utilize it to log in directly to Axie Infinity.

• Ensure to download the “Robin Wallet” browser extension.

• Click “Attach Ronin to Account” under the active Ronin wallet on your dashboard.

• Then deposit your ETH from your wallet to Ronin via the Ronin Bridge.

• Purchase Axies from the Axie marketplace.

Once you have conducted the above, you are ready to play the game. Download the app by requesting an invitation using on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.

Now that you can start playing the game, you can get more information on the game’s rules using the “Axie Infinity Handbook.”

All You Need to Know About Mana

Some of the things investors and traders should know about Mana include:

What is Decentraland (MANA)?

Decentraland is a blockchain-based platform where users can explore the virtual world and interact with various players. The platform gives users the ability to buy and sell different digital items.

MANA is the native crypto asset of the Decentraland platform. To conduct transactions using Decentraland, you must purchase and hold a reasonable amount of this Erc-20 token.

How Does Decentraland (MANA) Work?

The Decentraland operates on the Ethereum blockchain. From this blockchain, it derives its security and ability from providing gamers with a unique experience. Users are allowed to create, play and interact with various games and activities on the platform, and you are entitled to customize your items.

Where to Buy Decentraland (MANA)

Investors and traders can buy MANA from these platforms.

  • Binance
  • Kucoin
  • WazirX

How to Play Decentraland

Below are the steps to engage in diverse gaming activities on Decentraland.

  • Create a MetaMask Wallet

You need to create an account on MetaMask and download its wallet to your device.

  • Buy Ethereum and Transfer to MetaMask

Also, to play on Decentraland, you would need ETH. So you should purchase a reasonable amount and transfer it into your MetaMask wallet.

  • Create a Decentraland Account and Link to your MetaMask Wallet

The last step is to create an account with Decentraland and ensure you connect this account to your MetaMask wallet.

Now you can use the MetaMask wallet to make payments and utilize the platform for your gaming activities.

How to Make Money Playing Decentraland

Investors and traders can play games on the Decentraland platform and earn money. They need to engage in either of the listed activities.

• Invest in LAND

Like in real life, real estate is an excellent investment, and the same is similar to LAND, a digital real estate item that one can buy and use for various digital-based activities on Decentraland.

• Play Different Kinds of Games

Another way of using Decentraland to make money is by engaging yourself in various games on the platform.

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Axie Infinity Vs Decentraland: Which is the Best?

Although Axie Infinity and Decentraland are metaverse projects, they represent different products on different platforms.

Decentraland is a platform where people meet and conduct trades such as buying and selling various virtual items.

At the same time, Axie Infinity is a gaming platform where gamers are allowed to battle themselves. Also, creators mint and sell diverse NFTs.

There’s no confirming advice on which one is suitable or the best. Still, individuals who believe in blockchain gaming becoming the next big thing can consider Axie Infinity, the most prominent crypto game.

But those who think that the world of metaverse being a social platform will continue to thrive can consider Decentraland as the best for their investment.

Why Does Axie Infinity Have a Higher Market Cap than Mana?

A significant reason why Axie Infinity, a digital gaming platform where players battle each other, mint, create and exchange Axies has a higher market cap than Mana, is that it was created on the Ethereum blockchain which is popularly known and used among all fields of blockchains.

Axie Infinity has become more popularly used by gamers and NFT lovers looking to earn much from collectibles.

Is Axie Infinity Coin a Good Investment?

According to technical analysts and expert forecasts, the Axie Infinity coin is a crypto asset with massive potential in the crypto market.

The asset is expected to generate profit for investors and traders who consider investing in it. Despite this forecast, it is still important to invest what you can afford to lose.

Axie Infinity and Decentraland are marketplaces that investors can consider as a form of investment in collectibles and NFTs.

They both offer trading possibilities on these assets, and one can buy, sell, mint, or exchange them.

We hope this article will help you decide which one to use for your investment. Kindly visit our comment section for all your questions and concerns.

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