How to Identify Fake Tokens and Tools Required

This article will discuss how to identify fake tokens and the tools required. Identifying fake tokens is vital for every trader and crypto investor to avoid exploitation and scam while investing in a particular crypto asset.

What are Fake Tokens?

Fake tokens are those crypto assets created mainly to exploit and steal various investors’ funds.

These tokens are launched to defraud traders and investors by promises of making huge profits from investment.

How to Identify Fake Tokens
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5 Best Tools to Identify a Fake Crypto Token

There are numerous fake crypto projects in the crypto world today, with one required to research on a specific asset before investing. Below are 5 of the best tools to identify a fake crypto token.

#1. Dextools

Dextools is a helpful tool in identifying a fake crypto token. This tool enables a specific user to get detailed information on transactions conducted on a crypto asset.

#2. A Block Explorer

A Block Explorer is one of the best tools for identifying vital information on a particular crypto token. Using this tool, one can get numerous details on a crypto token, including token contract code, liquidity pool, and token creator’s address.

#3. BSC Check

BSC Check is a BNB chain tool that is suitable and easy to use. One needs to enter a token’s contract address in the search bar, and the tool will display information including token holders, developer’s wallet information, and contract owner’s status, amongst others.

#4. Unicrypt

Unicrypt is a great tool that an individual can utilize in determining the legit status of a specific crypto asset. This tool helps one in detecting if there’s liquidity in the researched crypto asset.

#5. Token Sniffer

Token Sniffer is another top-rated crypto identifying tool that provides access to an asset’s information. One can use this tool to gather information on exploits, contract audits, and lots more.


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How to Identify Fake Tokens

Identifying fake tokens involves rigorously researching and checking for vital details on a crypto token.

An intending investor must carefully check these details before investing in a particular asset. Below are some of the ways how to check to identify fake tokens.

#1 Study the Token

One of the steps in identifying a fake crypto token or crypto project is to study the specific crypto asset carefully. One would need to closely monitor the activities on this crypto asset to determine its legit status.

#2. Check the Project’s Team

There’s a vast need to check the team behind a specific crypto token; it’s one of the vital things to consider in identifying if it’s fake or legit for investing. An intending investor must ensure to determine the team behind the project.

#3. Determine the Token’s Purpose

Every crypto asset is created and launched to solve a specific problem in the crypto world. One must ascertain the unique purpose of the crypto token before entirely investing in it.

#4. Check for the Whitepaper

The whitepaper of a crypto token or project is very important in knowing more about the crypto asset. You must carefully check for the token’s whitepaper as it would help you determine if it’s fake or real.

#5. Look Out for the Community Members

Another thing to consider in identifying a fake token is to check for the number of individuals present in the token’s official community. You must determine if the project has a reliable number of members.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions and answers on how to identify fake tokens.

How Can you tell a Fake ICO Token?

You can tell a fake ICO token from its whitepaper, the team behind its launching, the purpose for the asset’s creation, and its feasibility.

How do I Check my Coin Token?

One can check for their crypto asset on diverse exchange platforms, data aggregators, websites, and social media platforms.

How Can you tell if Airdrops are Fake?

You can tell if airdrops are fake when the specific airdrop does not appear on the project’s official website.

What is a Token Sniffer?

A token sniffer is a tool that checks various details on diverse crypto assets.

Can you Get Rich from Airdrops?

There’s a 50% chance of making massive gains from airdrops; it’s not entirely all airdrop that pays those participating.

How do you Identify a New Cryptocurrency?

To identify a new cryptocurrency, you would need to get detailed information from some platform. You could consider setting up reminders on these projects.

Is Token Sniffer Legit?

Yes, a token sniffer is a legit and safe tool to spot fake and scam crypto projects.

Identifying fake tokens is crucial if you intend to invest and profit from diverse crypto assets.

Before investing, one must carefully research and get enough information on newer crypto projects.

We hope this article helps to provide you with enough information on how to identify fake tokens. Kindly visit our comment section for your questions and clarifications.

Watch the video below to know how to identify fake tokens:

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