How to Add Liquidity to Your Token Using Uniswap and Pancakeswap

This article will discuss the steps on how to add liquidity to your token using Uniswap and Pancakeswap. Adding liquidity to your token involves providing the ease of converting your token to fiat currency or other crypto assets.

What Does Adding Liquidity Mean in Crypto?

Adding liquidity in crypto means providing the ability for a specific crypto asset to be converted or changed into other crypto assets or cash.

Liquidity is significant for every tradable asset, including crypto assets, and without liquidity, it would be difficult for tradable assets to get converted.

How to Add Liquidity to Your Token
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How to Set Up Uniswap Liquidity Pool

Setting up a Uniswap liquidity pool would enable one to easily swap or convert a specific crypto asset to other crypto assets.

To set up a Uniswap liquidity pool, you would need to head to Uniswap’s official website, then select the network of your choice and then click on “Pool,” and then select the “Create A Pool” option.

Then you need to paste your token’s contract address and set the base asset to what you want.

One would be required to save some worth of currencies to cover gas fees. After that, you would need to set the starting price, price range, and the amount of asset to deposit. To create a pool, approve the sending of your crypto asset and then “Add” the pool.

Uniswap Liquidity Returns

Uniswap rewards users who add liquidity to various trading pools by rewarding them with the fees generated from the trading activities of other users on these pools. Once you add liquidity to the Uniswap platform, you will surely benefit from fees generated when other traders utilize the platform.

How to Add Liquidity to Uniswap V3

Adding liquidity to Uniswap V3 is relatively easy, and one can comfortably conduct this if they follow the proper steps. Below are the steps on how to add liquidity to Uniswap V3.

#1. Select pair

The first step in adding liquidity to Uniswap V3 is to decide and select the pair of tokens you intend to provide as liquidity. Ensure to research and analyze various information before deciding on a particular pair.

#2. Review Fees Tier

Once you have decided on the specific pair of tokens, you need to know and select a fee tier. There are three tiers available for you to pick from; you need to consider the pairs and decide on the one best suited to use.

#3. Set Price Range

The next thing to do is carefully choose a price range in which you intend to provide liquidity. It would help to consider various things before deciding on the best price range.

#4. Deposit Amount

Once the pair of tokens, fees tier, and the price range are carefully decided upon, you need to decide on the worth of capital to provide to Uniswap. Then enter this amount in the “Deposit Amounts” boxes.

#5. Approve and Add

At this point, you are ready to submit the transaction. Firstly, you would need to approve the Uniswap V3 router if you are adding liquidity for the first time.

Once you have approved the transaction, you can preview the details and select the option “Add” to spur the transaction in your wallet.

How to Set Up Pancakeswap Liquidity Pool

For an individual to set up a Pancakeswap liquidity pool, they would need to have two crypto assets in their wallet and some amount to cover gas fees. Below are the steps to set up the Pancakeswap liquidity pool.

#1. Top Up Your Wallet

The first step to setting up a Pancakeswap liquidity pool is to top up your wallet with two crypto assets (your crypto token and a major crypto asset). Also, you must ensure to save some amount to cover gas fees.

#2. Open the Pancakeswap: Liquidity Section

Once you have gotten the crypto asset in the wallet of your choice, go to Pancakeswap official web and open the Pancakeswap’s liquidity section. Carefully connect your wallet to Pancakeswap liquidity.

#3. Create a Pool

The next thing to do is create a pool. On the liquidity section, click “Add Liquidity,” then enter the number of your crypto asset and a significant asset.

You can set the ratio you want, click on “Enable” for both crypto assets, and confirm through your wallet.

#4. Add liquidity

Once you are done with the above, you need to add liquidity by clicking on “Supply” then Pancakeswap will show you the rates and request confirmation.

To finalize the pair creation, click “Create Pool and Supply” and head to your wallet to confirm the pool-creating transaction.

How to Add Liquidity to Pancakeswap

Adding liquidity involves committing an amount of a specific token pair on a particular platform.

One can easily add liquidity to Pancakeswap on its official platform available online. Below are steps on how to add liquidity to Pancakeswap.

#1. Visit Pancakeswap

The first step to adding liquidity to Pancakeswap is to head to their official website. You would then need to visit the liquidity page on their platform to conduct the process of adding liquidity.

#2. Navigate Through Its Home Page

Once you have located the liquidity page on Pancakeswap, carefully navigate through the liquidity page and select the option to “Add Liquidity.”

#3. Input The Crypto Token’s Details

Now that you have clicked on “Add Liquidity,” you will be requested to input details of the crypto assets.

For the top input, you would need to click on “Select A Currency” and input details of one of the tokens to which you intend to add liquidity. Remember also to do the same for the bottom input.

#4. Add Amount

Once you have provided details of the tokens, you need to add the worth of the crypto asset.

Enter an amount on either of the tokens under the “Input” option, and the other would be automatically calculated.

#5. Finalise The Process

You must enable both crypto tokens by clicking on the “Enable” option. Afterward, you would select the “Supply” option and confirm the transaction from your wallet.


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How do you Fix Insufficient Liquidity for this Trade on Pancakeswap?

Insufficient liquidity for a particular trade on Pancakeswap could occur due to the migration from V1 to V2 or a lower slippage tolerance.

To fix insufficient liquidity for a specific trade on Pancakeswap, you would need to go to your wallet application, e.g., Trust Wallet App, and visit “Pancakeswap” on “Dapps” or visit Pancakeswap’s official website.

The next thing to do is to click on the “Settings” option and then set the “Slippage Tolerance” to between 12% – 20% and do not select anything aside from this.

Once you have set the slippage, you can conduct your trade without the issue of insufficient liquidity.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions and answers on how to add liquidity to your token.

How do you Buy Liquidity Pairs?

To buy liquidity pairs, one would need to research where to buy Proof of Liquidity with their specific crypto assets, decide on the platform to use, and then make the purchase.

How Much Does it Cost to Add Liquidity on Uniswap?

For a trader or an investor to add liquidity on Uniswap, they would incur a Uniswap charge of 0.3%.

Should I Add Liquidity to Uniswap?

Individuals are advised to add liquidity to Uniswap as they stand a chance to benefit from various rewards.

How Much Liquidity Should I Add to my Token Pancakeswap?

There’s no fixed amount of liquidity that you should add to your token, and you only need to add a liquidity amount whose ratio would be stable with the market cap to avoid fluctuations in price or fees.

Is Providing Liquidity on Uniswap Worth It?

Yes, providing liquidity on Uniswap earns one reward, which comes when transactions are conducted.

One can add liquidity to their token suitably with Uniswap or Pancakeswap, and it will help if you follow the necessary steps to get everything right.

We hope this article provides enough information on how to add liquidity to your token. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.

Watch the video below to know how to add liquidity to your token using UniSwap:

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