10 Smartest Ways to Get out of Credit Card Debt Without Ruining Your Credit

This article will discuss the 10 smartest ways to get out of credit card debt without ruining your credit.

Getting out of credit card debt without running your credit is essential in avoiding issues when you intend to utilize your card in the future.

Get out of Credit Card Debt Without Ruining Your Credit
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10 Ways to Get out of Credit Card Debt Without Ruining Your Credit

Getting out of credit card debt is very important if you intend to keep your credit on the safer side. Below are the 10 ways to get out of credit card debt without ruining your credit.

#1. Debt Consolidation

One way of getting out of credit card debt is to consider debt consolidation. Through debt consolidation, you can get other loans and refinance them into a specific loan with a newer lender.

#2. Create a Budget

Another way to sort out your credit card debt issues is to create a new personal budget for usage. You need to create a budget that would enable you to focus on settling your card debt.

#3. Contact Your Creditors

You can consider reaching out to your creditor and explaining your situation and what’s holding the debt repayment. Your credit card issuer could be willing to discuss payment terms and conditions with you, such as a reduction in interest rate.

#4. Verify Your Credit Report

There are times when mistakes occur, and one’s debt could be shifted to your credit card. You need to verify the credit report from your card provider, so you don’t end up one for another person’s debt.

#5. Consider Debt Relief

Considering the total amount you have to pay and what you currently have available, you can consider some debt relief options such as a debt management plan if you can’t meet up.

#6. Settle the Most Expensive

Settling your most expensive debt is crucial in getting out of credit card debt. You need to draw up a list and settle your debt from the more expensive to the least amount.

#7. Set Aside Emergency Savings

Another good way of settling a credit card debt has emergency savings already set aside. This would enable one to manage the situation of credit card debt whenever it occurs.

#8. Seek for Help

When the debt is much for you to handle, you can seek support and assistance from friends and family. It’s better to seek assistance than to allow the debt to increase further.

#9. Don’t Pill Up Debt

For an individual to get out of a credit card debt, one must be careful not to pill up credit card debts. Note that once you start increasing your credit card debts, it becomes hard for you to settle them.

#10. Don’t Close Your Account

Do not close your bank account after settling the credit card debt to maintain your credit. Instead of rushing to close the specific account, you can suitably start building your credit.


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Below are some frequently asked questions about getting out of credit card debt.

What’s the Average Credit Card Debt?

According to various estimates, the average credit card debt is $6,194.

How Much is a Lot of Credit Card Debt?

A lot of credit card debt is when your total balance exceeds 30% of the total credit limit. The best percentage of credit is between 1% to 10% of your credit limit.

Is There Such Thing as Credit Card Forgiveness?

Yes, there is something referred to as credit card forgiveness. However, it is done occasionally by a credit card company and applies to only part and not the entire worth of the debt.

Do Credit Card Companies Like When you Pay in Full?

Credit card companies consider payment in full as a responsible way of maintaining your credit.

How Long Will it Take to Pay Off $30,000 in debt?

Considering the amount, one can take up to 3 years (36 months) before fully paying a $30,000 debt. One can make periodic payments of $1,087 monthly to cover this debt, but this payment could defer depending on the APR.

Can you Wipe out Credit Card Debt?

Yes, you can wipe out credit card debt, but it’s advisable to consider negotiating with the card company to make payments.

Getting out of credit debt is ideal and essential if you want to maintain excellent and safe credit. One can consider the above-discussed ways to get out of this type of debt.

We hope this article provides helpful information on how to get out of credit card debt. Kindly visit our comment section for your questions and further clarifications.

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