Is MoonPay Safe and Legit?

Is MoonPay safe and legit? This has been a question so many people have been asking. Read through this article to understand better.

This article will discuss Moonpay and if it’s safe and legit for usage. Moonpay is a cryptocurrency technology company that allows traders and investors to buy and sell their crypto assets.

Is Moonpay Safe?

Moonpay is a safe and secured platform users can use to conduct their trading activities. According to the official website of Moonpay, security and privacy are the major focus, and they have taken countless measures to ensure it.

All the data received from and sent to the moonpay infrastructure is encrypted and protected to secure users’ details and ensure the safety of their accounts.

Is Moonpay Safe
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Is Moonpay Legit?

Moonpay is a legit platform with over 43,000 reviews and a 75% user rating. Customers have praised the ease of usage and the customer support that the platform provides.

Moonpay is available in more than 150 countries, and many businesses that accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment have added it to their payment method.

Trust wallet, among other renowned platforms, also supports Moonpay, indicating its high level of legitimacy.

Is Moonpay a Scam

Moonpay is not a scam; the company founded in London has never recorded any controversy to date.

The platform is trusted in many countries and has been integrated by major businesses as a means of payment.

The platform mandates all users to complete a KYC to ensure there are not fake. Unless the KYC is completed, their features may be limited.

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Moonpay Fraud

There has not been any reported case of fraud involving Moonpayto date. The platform has kept all user information transparent and available only on the website.

Moonpay does not ask for your personal information, such as passwords, and all communication from the platform is done through a legitimate email address.

Can I trust MoonPay?

Yes, investors and traders can trust Moonpay. The platform is legal in over 150 countries and is yet to record any case of fraud, scam, or hack. They have the best security measures for data collection, processing, and storage.

Is Moonpay Safe to Buy Bitcoin?

Moonpay is a safe place where investors and traders can buy all their crypto assets. Buying bitcoin through the platform is very easy; you need to select the amount of bitcoin you want to buy in exchange for fiat currency.

Then input the wallet address where the bitcoin will be transferred. Following this step, choose the means of payment to complete the payment.

Wait patiently for a minute and check your destination wallet to confirm the purchase.

Can I Get Money back from Moonpay?

It is not possible to get your money back. All crypto-related transactions are irreversible, and once the payment is made, you can not get your money back.

However, if your payment is stuck and you are yet to get the crypto asset after the money has been deducted, you can contact their customer support to get the issue sorted out.

How long does it take Moonpay to Reverse Money?

Money reversal on Moonpay happens if there’s a case of failed transactions. If you paid through your card, the money reversal might take ten working days.

Suppose it takes longer than that, you should contact your bank. If you made the payment via bank transfer and it failed, Moonpay will refund you the money within a few working days.

If you are still yet to get a refund, you can ask for the refund status by sending an inquiry here

Moonpay is a safe, secure, and legit platform for investors and traders. The platform has one of the best security features to protect its user’s information and personal details.

The customer support is strong and very responsive. However, you should conduct your research before using any platform to buy or sell your crypto assets.

We trust that this article will provide you with the needed information on Moonpay. For all your views and questions, drop us a message in our comment section.

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