How to Enable Dapp Browser on Trust Wallet: An Easy Step by Step Guide

This article will discuss how to enable Dapp browser on Trust Wallet. Enabling the Dapp browser on Trust Wallet involves making the Dapp active to use the available decentralized applications like Pancakeswap.

What are Dapps on Trust Wallet?

Dapps on trust wallet stand for decentralized applications; the Dapp browser is a web3 browser that enables users to use the decentralized applications.

If you are using an iPhone or IOS device, you will need to enable it manually. The Dapp browser provides a secured and user-friendly connection between users and a decentralized application. Its interface is mobile, which is easy to use.

Enable Dapp Browser on Trust Wallet
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Is the Dapp Browser Removed from IOS on Trust Wallet?

Unfortunately Yes, As of June 2021, the Dapp browser has been completely removed from IOS devices on Trust Wallet.

However, if you have enabled the Dapp browser on your IOS before June 2021, you will still be able to access it through the history section.

The removal of the Dapp browser is compulsory for future updates of the Trust Wallet. If you are using an Android device, you won’t be affected.

However, if you use an IOS device, there are a couple of alternatives to access Dapps:

  • You can use an Android device to access Trust Wallet.
  • Visit Pancakeswap on a mobile browser tap on Connect > Wallet Connect > Trust > Open > Connect. Go back to Pancakeswap on your browser. You can also use wallet connect to Trust Wallet on Pancake.

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How to Enable Dapp Browser on Trust Wallet

Investors and traders who intend on enabling the Dapp browser on Trust Wallet can use either of the below-listed methods.

Method One:

  • Open a Browser

The first step is to open a browser; since you are using an iPhone/IOS device, it’s advisable to use Safari or Chrome. But Chrome will not prompt you to open the page on Trust Wallet, and Firstly open the safari browser on your device.

  • Paste This on the URL Field

After you have clicked on “Safari,” search the phrase “Trust://browser_enable,” which will enable the Dapp browser on Trust Wallet. After searching the words, a pop-up message will open, prompting you to open the page on Trust Wallet.

  • Navigate to The Dapp That You Want to Use

After you tap on “Open,” Trust Wallet will be opened, and the Dapp browser will be enabled on the app. Now that you have enabled the Dapp browser, you will see it on the bottom navigation bar of Trust Wallet.

To open the Dapp Browser, tap on the “Browser ” icon on the bottom navigation bar. It will take you to the Dapp browser containing multiple decentralized applications. Scroll down until you find the decentralized application that you want to use.

Method Two:

  • Visit Pancakeswap on a browser and connect to wallet connect.

Since the ban of the Dapp browser on Trust Wallet, you won’t be able to access it. But you can bypass the restriction if you use a decentralized exchange like Pancakeswap.

Firstly visit the Pancakeswap website on a browser like Chrome, then tap on “Connect” on the top navigation bar.

After tapping on “Connect,” a pop-up will come up, and you will see a list of crypto wallets to connect. Instead of choosing “Trust Wallet,” tap on ” Wallet Connect.”

  • Connect to Trust Wallet

After you tap on ” Wallet Connect,” another pop-up will come up, and you can select from a list of crypto wallets.

Tap on ” Trust ” to connect to Trust Wallet. There would be another pop-up that will prompt you to open in Trust Wallet and tap on ” Open ” to open the page on Trust Wallet.

  • Tap on ” Connect ” to Connect to PancakeSwap

After you have tapped on ” Open, “Trust Wallet will open. On Trust Wallet, you will see a ” Connect ” button. Tap on ” Connect ” to connect Trust Wallet to PancakeSwap.

If you do not see the button, try closing and opening the app and repeat the process. Once you tap on ” Connect,” Trust Wallet will automatically be connected to PancakeSwap.

To confirm this, check on the top right of the site where your trust wallet address will come up.

Enabling your Dapps Browser on Trust Wallet is quite easy if you follow the above-discussed steps.

We hope this article will help make your usage of the Dapp browser on Trust Wallet easy. Drop a message in our comment section for your views and further information.

Watch the video below to learn how to enable Dapp browser on Trust Wallet:

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