10 Easiest Ways to Buy Bitcoin with Gift Card Instantly

This article will discuss the 10 easiest ways to buy Bitcoin with a gift card instantly. Buying Bitcoin with gift cards is an excellent and ideal way to purchase and hold the top-rated crypto asset.

Buy Bitcoin with Gift Card
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How to Buy Bitcoin with Gift Card Instantly

Buying Bitcoin with a gift card is very easy as numerous platforms are available for one to consider. Below are the steps to purchasing Bitcoin with gift cards instantly.

  • Create an Account with an Exchange Platform

The first step in buying Bitcoin with a gift card instantly is to create and verify your account with a trading platform. Many platforms are suitable for the purchase of Bitcoin with diverse payment methods.

  • Search for an Offer

Once your account is verified and active for usage, you can log in and search for an offer to buy the crypto asset.

Go to the platform’s main page and select the option to “Buy Bitcoin,” then select the payment method (Gift Card).

After that, enter the worth of Bitcoin you intend to buy in your preferred currency and click on the “Search For An Offer” option.

  • Select the Seller

Here you would be presented with a list of sellers who would accept your specific gift card for Bitcoin. You can check the offer and decide on the seller which you prefer. After this, click on the “Buy” option.

  • Accept the Offer

After selecting the seller with the option to buy, you would be required to confirm your acceptance of this offer. Once comfortable with everything, click on the “Accept Terms and Buy Bitcoin Now.”

  • Make Payment Via Gift Card

Once you have accepted the terms offered, you would be taken to an individual trade page where you would need to complete payments with your gift card. Follow the instructions and click on “Paid” to confirm the transaction.

How to Convert Gift Card to Bitcoins

Converting gift cards to Bitcoin is quite easy and would not require much process by an individual.

The availability of peer-to-peer trading platforms has eased the stress of converting one’s gift card to Bitcoin.

To convert a gift card to Bitcoin, you must first open an account with a peer-to-peer platform. One can consider many platforms, including Paxful, Redeem, Pursue, and Crypto Voucher.

Once you register and create an account with either of the available platforms, you can purchase Bitcoin with a gift card.

Ensure you follow the instructions on the specific trading platform to convert the amount in your gift card to Bitcoin successfully.

List of Gift Cards that Can be Converted to Bitcoin

There are numerous gift cards that an individual can easily convert to Bitcoin. These gift cards are limited to the type of retailers that issue them. Below is the list of gift cards that can be converted to Bitcoin.

  • Amazon Gift Card
  • iTunes Gift Card
  • Google Play Gift Card
  • eBay Gift Card
  • Walmart Gift Card
  • Sephora Gift Card
  • Apple Store Gift Card
  • Nike Gift Card
  • Netflix Gift Card
  • Steam Gift Card

List of 5 Legit Apps to Redeem Gift Card to Bitcoin

A gift card can be redeemed to Bitcoin, and it can be done on various online-based platforms.

These online platforms would make it easy for one to use the worth of the gift card to purchase Bitcoin. Below is a list of 5 legit apps to redeem a gift card to Bitcoin.

#1. Paxful

Paxful is a popular peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace that allows one to conduct gift cards to crypto trades comfortably. Their online platform is the best for redeeming gift cards to Bitcoin.

#2. Purse

Purse is a great exchange that mainly allows for swapping or exchanging Amazon and iTunes cards to Bitcoin. One can pay for an order on Amazon and earn crypto-assets “BTC and BCH” as rewards.

#3. Redeem

Redeem is another good peer-to-peer platform that provides one with access to purchasing or selling gift cards from various retail brands worldwide.

#4. Coincola

Coincola is a Hong Kong-based crypto exchange platform that aids the trading of gift cards for crypto assets. The platform makes it easy for one to buy Bitcoin with various gift cards.

#5. Presmit

Presmit is one of the best and most trusted platforms where one can redeem their gift cards to Bitcoin. The platform offers good gift card rates, making it suitable and ideal for usage.


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10 Best Sites to Trade Gift Cards for Bitcoin

There are many sites that individuals can consider using for trading their gift cards for Bitcoin. The 10 best sites to trade gift cards for Bitcoin include;

#1. BitreFill

BitreFill is an excellent platform where one can sell gift cards for various crypto-assets, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash. It offers access to multiple users from over 200 countries of the world.

#2. GYFT

Gyft is one of the best platforms that allow a specific user to purchase crypto assets with gift cards. The platform has a wide option of over 200 retailers whose gift cards you can trade to get Bitcoin.

#3. Bidali

Bidali is another suitable option to consider for trading gift cards for Bitcoin. The platform is ideal as it supports many gift cards and allows for easy trade for various crypto assets.

#4. Crypto Voucher

Crypto Voucher is a well-recognized exchange platform that enables various individuals to purchase diverse crypto-asset using gift cards comfortably.

#5. eGifter

eGifter is a renowned platform that allows users to exchange their gift cards for any crypto asset of their choice. The platform makes sending gift cards easy and conducting crypto transactions fast.

#6. CardXCoin

CardXCoin is a platform that enables one to trade their available gift card for the top most rated crypto-asset “Bitcoin.” One can exchange Walmart, iTunes, and many other brands of cards on the platform.

#7. Coingate

Coingate is an exchange platform that provides access to connecting various crypto-related transactions, including trading gift cards for Bitcoin. The platform is another big name in the crypto trading world.

#8. CryptoRefill

CryptoRefill is a trading platform that allows diverse individuals to purchase Bitcoin using gift cards. The platform also makes it easy for one to buy airtime using crypto assets as a means of payment.

#9. BitPay

BitPay is an excellent platform where one can purchase various crypto assets with a gift card. One needs to open and verify their account with the platform before they can utilize their service.

#10. WeGift

WeGift is a top-rated platform that supports many gift cards and provides access to purchasing Bitcoin using these sets of gift cards.


Below are some frequently asked questions about buying Bitcoin with gift cards.

Can you Buy Bitcoin with Gift Cards?

Yes, you can buy Bitcoin using gift cards on diverse online-based exchange platforms.

Can I Buy Bitcoin with Gift Card on Paxful?

Yes, you can buy Bitcoin with a gift card on Paxful. Paxful is one of the best platforms currently available and suitable for trading.

Does Coinbase Accept Gift Cards?

No, Coinbase does not accept gift cards as a means of payment or in purchasing crypto assets.

How do I Convert Gift Cards to Cash?

You would need to go to a gift card exchange kiosk, enter your card details and accept their provided offer.

Can I Use Walmart Gift Card to Buy Bitcoin?

You can use a Walmart gift card to buy Bitcoin on multiple online platforms.

Can you Buy Crypto with a Visa Gift Card on Coinbase?

No, it is currently not possible for one to buy crypto with a visa gift card on Coinbase.

How do I add a Gift Card to Coinbase?

Go to the Coinbase app and click on the “Settings” option. Afterward, you would click on the “Add a Payment Method” and select the gift card. Enter the card details and then confirm the setup.

Can I Buy Crypto with a Vanilla Gift Card?

You can comfortably purchase crypto assets with a Vanilla gift card online.

Can you Use Gift Cards on Binance?

Yes, you can use gift cards on Binance.

Can I Buy Bitcoin with Google Pay Card?

Yes, you can buy Bitcoin with Google Pay Card, but you need to open an account with a peer-to-peer marketplace like Paxful.

Buying Bitcoin with gift cards is very easy nowadays with the numerous online marketplace.

One can consider the above-discussed sites and applications to trade their gift cards for Bitcoin and other assets.

We hope this article will assist you in buying Bitcoin with gift cards. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.

Watch the video below to know how to buy Bitcoin with gift card instantly:

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