How to Fund Coinbase Account – Step by Step Guide

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This article will discuss how to fund Coinbase account. Coinbase is a well-secured and safe online trading platform that enables traders and investors to buy, sell, exchange and store their various crypto assets.

What is the Easiest Way to Fund Coinbase Account?

The easiest way to fund a Coinbase account is by using your debit card. Using your debit card will require linking your card to your Coinbase account.

Traders and investors can use their Visa and MasterCard debit cards to make deposits into their Coinbase account, and Coinbase will confirm their payments fast.

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How to Fund Coinbase Account with Debit Card

Traders and investors looking to fund their Coinbase account can do this through their debit cards. They need to add their card as a payment method, and doing this would require following these steps:

  • Go to the payment methods under the Coinbase platform and select add a payment method. Once the options are shown, you can select the debit card option and add it to your means of payment.
  • To set up the payment method (Debit card), you must provide your debit card details.
  • Two temporal debits will be made by Coinbase, and you will need to check for these debits.
  • Go to your online banking statement and find the two amounts that Coinbase debited off your account.
  • Enter those amounts into your Coinbase account to complete the process and verify your debit card. Once this step is taken and your card verified, you can now purchase by choosing your card on the payment method menu on the Buy page.

How to Link Bank Account to Coinbase

Users of the Coinbase trading platform who are looking to link their bank account to the platform can do this by adhering to these steps:

  • Go to Settings on the Coinbase Account

To link your bank account to Coinbase, you need to check for the platform’s home menu options and click on settings.

  • Check for Link and Add Bank Account

Under the settings option, you would see a linked account for any account you may have linked and another option to add another account. Click on add to continue.

  • Submit your Credentials

You would need to submit your credentials on the next page, and you will be required to submit your username and password login details.

  • Verify your Identity

After submitting your credentials and clicking the submit option, you will need to verify your identity. This verification depends on what your bank requires.

The choice of a call or text will be presented to you, and you can pick either of the two and then click submit.

  • Submit the Verification Code

The next screen will request the code sent to you through the text method or the phone call. Input the code and click on submit.

You will get a message showing success and that your account has been linked. You can go back to settings to check if your account is listed among the linked ones.

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For an investor or trader to withdraw from their Coinbase account, they need to link their account and verify it. Once the account is verified, you can withdraw from your Coinbase account to your bank account.

To withdraw, tap on your account on the Coinbase platform and then cash out, tap the amount you would like to withdraw, select your bank account and then continue.

The fees you would be charged for the transaction will pop up on the side of the page. Then you can confirm your transaction and wait for it to reflect in your bank account.

Coinbase is a highly recommended platform that helps traders and investors to make their trades faster, better, and more efficient.

Traders and investors can consider the above-disclosed steps to make funding their accounts easy.

We hope this article will help make your activity on the Coinbase trading platform better. For all your questions and clarifications, kindly drop a message in our comment section.

Watch the video below to learn how to fund Coinbase account:


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