How to Use Bitpay Wallet – Step by Step Guide

We’ll go over how to utilize BitPay wallet in this article.

There are three steps to paying a BitPay invoice: Choose the wallet and cryptocurrency you want to use to make a payment.

Decide which wallet and cryptocurrency you’d like to use to make a payment. a) Decide which wallet or exchange provider you’d like to use to make your payment.

In your wallet, fill in the payment information.

Use your wallet to confirm the transaction.

BitPay wallet
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What is Bitpay Wallet?

BitPay Wallet is an HD multi-signature wallet designed to keep BitPay’s assets safe. 

BitPay offers a variety of personal and shared wallets, as well as a testnet and the entire Payment Protocol. 

By default, this wallet uses a centralized service. 

This implies that a third party must be trusted not to conceal or spoof payments.

Bitpay Wallet Review

BitPay is a quick and secure payment system with no downtime or maintenance difficulties. 

Compared to other Bitcoin services available today, it is worth a try. 

However, I am no longer a BitPay user due to some concerns. gathered and hosted the review.

How Bitpay Wallet Works

During the checkout procedure, Bitpay allows users to pay with Bitcoin. 

They then pay Bitpay at a pre-determined exchange rate for the invoice. 

Following that, Bitpay uses cutting-edge technology to convert Bitcoin to fiat currency while protecting customers from the risks of volatility.

Is Bitpay Wallet Safe?

Although the BitPay technology is safe and secure, issues such as customer service are standard. gathered and hosted the review.

How to Activate Your Bitpay Wallet

  • Open the BitPay app on your phone.
  • At the end of the page, click the Wallet symbol (second from the left).
  • To begin, click the Get Started button.
  • Allow the currencies (BTC, etc.) to be used…
  • Click CREATE at the bottom of the page.
  • After reading the questions, select I understand.
  • Choose the desired option when requested to protect the wallet with a password.

 How to Accept Money on Bitpay Wallet

Select Receive from the drop-down menu next to the wallet into which you want to receive funds. 2. 

To receive cryptocurrency transactions, use the address indicated there. 

You can copy the QR Code or displayed address to your device’s clipboard for copying by clicking on it.

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To withdraw funds to a bank account, go to the wallet (on the exchange) where the funds are stored and select the Withdraw option, which will allow you to withdraw the funds as fiat money. 

Because the exchange may provide a variety of withdrawal alternatives, make sure you select the most convenient one for you.

How to Transfer Coins From Bitpay Wallet

Navigate to the Wallet tab in the BitPay app.

  • Go to the wallet where you want to send money and click Send.
  • Copy or scan the address where you wish to send money.
  • On the Send tab, you’ll see a screen where you may enter the amount you’d like to send.

List of Bitpay Supported Countries

BitPay enables settlement in 12 different currencies and direct bank deposits in 37 other countries. Over 200 nations accept cryptocurrency settlements.

  • Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Gemini Dollars (GUSD), Paxos (PAX), and USD Coin by CENTRE are all examples of cryptocurrency (USDC)
  •  Australian Dollars (AUD)
  • Euros are referred to as EUR.
  •  MXN – Mexican Pesos GBP – Pound Sterling
  • USD – US Dollars
  • USD – US Dollars CAD – Canadian Dollars NZD – New Zealand Dollar NZD – New Zealand Dollar NZD – New Zealand Dollar NZD – New Zealand Dollar NZD
  • ZAR stands for South African Rand.


  • Sterling pounds (GBP)

You must have a minimum balance of 1000 GBP to get paid. After two business days, the settlement will appear in your account.

  • Pesos de México (MXN)

You must have a minimum balance of 1500 MXN to receive payment. After two business days, the settlement will appear in your account.

  • NZD (NZD)

To get a settlement, you must have at least 2500 NZD in your account. After two business days, the payment will appear in your account.

  • Dollars of the United States (USD)

Banks in the United States can settle in USD using ACH. To be eligible for settlement, you must have a minimum amount of $20. Funds will appear in your bank account two business days after a settlement payment has been issued.

Watch the video below to learn how to use Bitpay wallet:

  • The Rand of South Africa (ZAR)

You must have a minimum balance of 10,000 ZAR to get paid. After two business days, the settlement will appear in your account.

Conclusion In today’s global financial system, cryptocurrencies are a hot topic.

Cryptocurrency exchange rates are quite volatile. As a result, trading these cryptocurrencies carries a significant level of risk.

Many speculators have taken notice of their rapid expansion.

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