Where and How to Buy Tesla Stock Directly – Step by Step Guide

This article will discuss how to buy tesla stock. Tesla stocks are products of Tesla incorporated, and investors can buy their stock off the stock exchange market.

The Cheapest Way to Buy Tesla Stock

Tesla stocks usually cost a lot, and investors may find it very hard to purchase its product given the high price. But it’s now possible for investors to buy these stocks for a cheaper amount.

The most affordable way investors and traders can buy Tesla stock is by investing in fractional shares.

Fractional shares enable one to invest in expensive stock for as little as $1; you get to keep a fractional amount of a percentage instead of the whole.

This strategy allows you to choose the amount you would like to spend, and it also helps you build a healthy portfolio.

Apart from allowing you to purchase a small number of shares, this strategy can serve as a testing method for those just starting their trading journey.

how to buy tesla stock
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List of Places Where You Can Buy Tesla Stocks

Investors and traders can purchase Tesla stocks from the listed platforms where the stock is currently available and can be traded.

Some of the brokerage platforms where investors can buy the stock include :

  • Moomoo
  • Webull
  • TradeStation
  • Sofi Invest
  • Robin Hood
  • TD Ameritrade

How to Buy Tesla Stock Directly

Investors cannot buy Tesla stock directly as the company does not have a direct stock purchase program.

The only way investors and traders can buy the stock is through NASDAQ by using the ticker name “TSLA,” and they would need to register under a broker, which will make the transaction easy and fast.

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Investors and traders who are interested in purchasing Tesla stocks can do this by following these listed steps:

  • Research for an Online Broker

It would help if you researched an excellent online broker which will allow you access to buy the shares of Tesla.

This broker should access NASDAQ, the stock exchange where investors can purchase the claims. Before choosing a broker, be sure their activities fit your requirements.

  • Open Your Brokerage Account

After confirming the particular brokerage, you would like to use; the next step is to open an account. Some brokers take some time to verify your account, so you must be patient until your account is approved.

  • Deposit Money into Your Account

You would require cash to purchase the stocks. The money needs to be deposited to your broker of which you will use to buy the Tesla stock. The payment can be made by either bank transfer or using your credit/debit card.

  • Buy the Tesla Shares

At this stage, you have the online account, the cash, and your target amount to purchase. The final step is to buy the stock. Search for the Tesla share ticker name put the number of claims you intend to buy, and click “Buy” to initiate your order.

How to Buy Tesla Stock in the UK

Traders and investors in the UK can purchase the Tesla stock by choosing a brokerage platform of their choice.

There are many platforms out there from which you can choose. After getting your account opened and confirmed, you need to verify your payment details and deposit some amount into your account.

You can fund your account either through a transfer from your bank or through your debit card.

Once your account is credited, you can search for the stock’s ticker name and then make your purchase. Input the amount you would like to buy and confirm your order.

How to Buy Tesla Stock in India

Investors and traders in India can buy Tesla stock directly and indirectly. They would need to open an account with an international broker and then buy its shares using the direct method.

Using the indirect method, they can choose between a Mutual Fund or an Exchange-traded fund specializing in investing in global equities.

Mutual Funds involve a process whereby funds are collected from investors and then further invested in a group of shares and securities.

Exchange-Traded Funds track any commodity or asset that investors can trade in the stock exchange market.

Tesla Stocks are making huge noise in the market, and the company is experiencing massive growth and development.

Its company remains one of the best and most valuable electrical car businesses globally. Traders and investors can easily buy the stock by following the above-discussed steps.

We hope this article will help make your stock purchase easy and faster. Drop us a message in our comment section for all your opinions and views.

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