The Complete Guide To Flipping Furniture

Have you ever wondered how to make money by flipping furniture? It’s not as difficult as you might think! With a little hard work and the right tips, you can easily start making a profit by flipping furniture.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to get started flipping furniture. We’ll cover everything from finding great deals on furniture to refurbishing and selling your pieces. By the end, you’ll be ready to start flipping furniture and making money!

Key Takeaway In This Article

  • You’ll learn Detailed information on flipping furniture.
  • The best items to flip for profits.
  • Guidelines for starting a personal upcycling business.
  • The best platform where you can flip your furniture.
  • Answers to some frequently asked questions on the complete guide to flipping furniture.

What Is Furniture Flip?

Furniture flip is the recreation of old furniture using various materials such as fabric and paints. Using these materials, an individual can suitably add value to undesired furniture while putting it up for sale.

Can Furniture Flipping Be A Full Time Job?

Yes, furniture flipping can be a full-time job. It mainly depends on the specific individual who engages in the renovation of an old or unwanted piece of furniture into valuable works which can be sold for a higher fee. Since you can add value to an undesired piece of furniture and get to make a profit from it, you can consider adopting it as a full-time job.

The Most Profitable Furniture To Flip For Profit

An individual would need to consider some things before deciding to venture into the business of flipping furniture. One thing to consider is the types of furniture you can flip for a considerable price. Below is the most profitable furniture to flip for profit.

• Office Furniture

Office furniture is one of the types of furniture which an individual can flip for massive profit. It remains one of the in-demand furniture, which includes desks and computer chairs.

• Dining Tables

Another type of furniture that can hugely profit a specific individual is dining tables. You can consider searching for old dining tables and utilizing the best materials to bring out their value before selling them.

• Buffet

Buffets are popular and highly valued furniture which can be sold for a considerable price. There are numerous online platforms where you can sell Buffets and make a good amount of money.

• Book Case

Book Case is another type of furniture which an individual can flip for profit. Once you have renovated an old bookcase, it can earn you profitable returns if advertised on diverse platforms and sold for a reasonable price.


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How To Start A Couch Flip

There are numerous types of furniture that an individual can comfortably flip and sell for massive prices. Couch flipping is another ideal way of making money from furniture flipping. Below are the steps on how to start a couch flip.

• Find a Couch To Flip

The first step in couch flipping is to look for an old couch. One would need to search for a particular couch that is relatively in good condition. There are numerous places where one can get a couch to flip, which includes Facebook Marketplace and garage sales.

• Clean Up The Couch

Once you have gotten a specific couch to flip, the next thing would be to conduct a proper clean-up. You need to clean up the couch with the best materials, which could be a cleaning shampoo or just water and soap. You could also consider renovating some parts of the couch.

• Resell The Couch

After completing the clean-up of the couch and being satisfied with its new appearance, you can sell it for a price. There are diverse online platforms where one can comfortably resell a couch. You need to visit this platform, upload your couch, attach a price and then wait for an order.

How To Start Your Upcycling Business

An upcycling business involves renovating, refurbishing, and restyling an old product. Individuals can considerably start this specific business once suitable materials are available. Below are the steps on how to start your upcycling business.

• Create An Upcycling Business Plan

The first step in starting your upcycling business is to get a business plan. The business plan would help to provide detailed information on everything about the business and the steps that are to be taken.

• Decide On Your Brand And Target Market

The next thing is to determine the brand to utilize for your business; this includes the name and brand logo. Also, you need to know the specific market you intend to sell your product.

• Register The Business

Once you have conducted the above, you can officially register your upcycling business with the proper authorities. You need to decide on the legal entity under which you would register your business.

• Get Your Taxes In Place

The next thing you need to do is settle on the taxes which you would be paying as regards your business activity. Depending on the scale of your upcycling business, you could be required to pay state and federal taxes.

• Determine Your Business Expenses

Here, you would need to carefully determine the cost involved in running your recycling business. Ensure to put into consideration the cost of making purchases as well as shipping various materials.

• Get Permits And Licenses

After that, you must obtain a license and permit for your upcycling business. Also, due to the various items you intend to resell, you would need to obtain a resale permit.

• Get The Necessary Equipment

At this point, you need to purchase the products to upcycle. There are numerous platforms, including Online Auction Sites, Thrift Stores, and Facebook Marketplace, where one can get numerous items.

• Determine Your Staff And Publicize Your Business

Also, you would need to determine the workforce needed for the success of your upcycling business. Lastly, it would help if you considered various channels through which you can publicize your business to get customers.

The Best Platform To Flip Your Furniture

There are numerous online platforms where individuals can flip their furniture and make a considerable amount of money. Below is the best platform to flip your furniture.

• eBay

eBay is one of the famous and most used platforms where purchases and sales of different items can be made. Individuals can post a piece of furniture, including the price offered, and wait for orders.

• Shopify

Another suitable and reliable platform where one can comfortably flip their furniture is Shopify. It’s an online marketplace that connects millions of buyers and sellers for exchange purposes.

• Etsy

Etsy is an excellent platform where one can post different creative works and get customers to purchase them. If you are looking to flip your furniture, you can consider Etsy.


Flipping furniture is an ideal and excellent way of making money from old or abandoned furniture. Individuals can consider the above-discussed items to flip and the best platforms to sell their furniture.

We hope this article provides enough information on the complete guide to flipping furniture. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.


Below are the frequently asked questions and answers on flipping furniture.

Is Flipping Furniture Profitable?

Yes, flipping furniture is very profitable.

How Much Can You Make Flipping Furniture?

You can make between $50 to $500 on flipping furniture.

Is Upcycling Furniture Profitable?

Yes, upcycling furniture is profitable.

What Upcycled Items Sell Best?

Some of the upcycled items that sell best include pieces of jewelry, home decor, furniture, and clothes.

What Are The Best Items To Upcycle?

The best items to upcycle include furniture, dresser drawers, and pieces of jewelry.

Can You Make Good Money Upcycling Furniture?

Yes, you can make good money from upcycling furniture.

Is Refinishing Furniture Profitable?

Yes, refinishing furniture is profitable.

Is Upcycling Furniture Profitable?

Yes, upcycling furniture is very profitable.

How Much Can You Make As A Wood Worker?

You can make between $15,000 to $100,000 as a woodworker.

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