Trading Cryptocurrencies for Short-term Profit

Financial trading is a dream profession of many people from all over the world. Each of us wants to enter the market and achieve financial independence.

Crypto allows everyone to trade. Or invest in Ethereum or other tokens. You do not need to register with a broker, pay expensive commissions, get trader qualifications, etc. There’s nothing like that within the field of crypto exchange. Such exchanging is more available and energizing than exchanging stocks, gold futures, or soybeans. 

This direction will assist you in exploring the energizing but hazardous world of cryptocurrency exchange. Our objective is to grant you an understanding of cryptocurrency exchange that most dealers as it got after months or years of attempting. 

Gainy mentioned, to begin with, and most imperatively: there are more reliable ways to create cash than exchanging. In truth, the run the show of thumb is that most traders end up losing cash despite what different exchanging stages attempt to tell you. 

You exchange exclusively at your possess chance. This direction is given for instructive purposes, as it were. It makes a difference if you oversee hazards and make way better choices if you end up exchanging cryptocurrencies. 

Trading Cryptocurrencies

Three keys to exchanging cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency trading is actually the buying and selling digital assets (tokens, coins, NFTs) such as those found on our cryptocurrency prices page.

For the purposes of this article, a trader is not an investor. Investors set goals and create portfolios with long-term planned returns. A trader, on the other hand, is focused on short-term profits. The goal is to open and close a shop as quickly as possible and make money. This is exactly what day trading in cryptocurrencies is all about.

There are three key things in exchanging: 

  1. The principal examination is based on the essentials of the company or venture, counting the item vision, existing client base, group quality, organizations, current income, etc. 
  2. Technical examination centers on the cost chart, employing an assortment of markers that assist in making forecasts based on historical patterns. Usually the center of most exchanges.
  3. The psychological game aims to develop patience, discipline, and trading techniques to reduce risk. It is the most important element of business strategy.

The boom/bust cycle

One of the most popular ideas in the field of cryptocurrencies is the market cycle called “boom and bust”, which can be briefly described as follows:

The idea behind this term is that market trends repeat themselves to a certain extent:

  • Upward trend: prices continue to rise and rise. Hope turns into optimism, which turns into faith, which then turns into excitement and euphoria as prices reach astronomical heights.
  • Bearish trend: prices start to fall, and investors refuse to sell because they assume that growth will continue again. But after another fall, anxiety sets in, leading to denial, panic, anger, and depression.

The whole market cycle of boom and bust can last for months or even years.

The boom and bust of bitcoin trading

Bitcoin is known for its volatility, meaning its price rises and falls quickly. The recent bitcoin boom occurred in January 2018, when its price reached 15,000 euros.

The crux of the crash occurred in December 2018, when bitcoins could be bought for around 2,400 euros.

Then the whole cycle started again.

Your cryptocurrency trading platform should have enough data to enable you to recognize market cycles, especially when trading bitcoin.

  • This pattern is a fractal, meaning it repeats itself in different periods. Small up/down cycles within a medium up/down cycle within a large up/down cycle. They do not always have an exact pattern, but the basic shape of the cycle becomes apparent when you zoom out of the chart.
  • These fractal dynamics allow an astute trader to recognize cycles in different time frames (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly) and exploit them by opening and closing positions at the right moment.

You have the best chance of trading cryptocurrency if you prepare yourself well. Beginners often get carried away with day, hour, and minute trading. Then volatile markets can play their role, and such traders will misjudge the situation.

Cryptocurrency trading basics: avoid trading on emotions

Learning technical and fundamental analysis is something you will learn over time. But it’s not the hardest thing about trading. The hardest job for traders is to control their emotions and be disciplined enough to stick to their strategy, which emotions should not influence.

Every trader struggles with emotions. The temptation to trade is often irresistible. The profit potential is right in front of your eyes. Coins will jump 5% here and 8% there, only to fall again. If only we could take advantage of these fluctuations! Can you trade cryptocurrency to take advantage of market volatility?

Yes, you can do it – if you have enough discipline. Analyzing trades requires extreme discipline. Most people see a stock or crypto coin rise in popularity, see a sharp price increase, and don’t want to fall behind, so they buy in bulk. FOMO – fear of missing out – plays a role. Then the market cycle reverses, and the price starts to fall. The trader is riddled with anxiety until his position is reversed, and he makes a profit again or sells at a loss.

Pump and dump schemes

Shockingly, corrupt people or bunches within the market attempt to take advantage of the energy and eagerness of exchanging by empowering buyers to contribute to a specific cryptocurrency that incorporates an insignificant exchanging volume.

This leads to a rapid increase in the token price, after which these scammers start selling their tokens, earning a significant amount of money, while other investors are left with overpriced coins. Then the price will return to the natural market level.

This is called “pump and dump”.

You can avoid these scams by looking at the trading volume of the coin or token while trading. Also, try to resist the fear of losing something. FOMO can make you make bad decisions. If you trade cryptocurrencies for profit, it is important to be balanced and honestly evaluate each opportunity.

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