5 Best Investment Portfolio Management Software for Individuals

A good investment portfolio management software can help individuals make informed and profitable choices for their investments.

The software can provide information on a variety of portfolios, help make investment decisions, and keep track of all transactions. Some of the best investment portfolio management software for individuals include Personal Capital, mint, and Morningstar Portfolio Manager.

investment portfolio management software for individuals

How to manage your investment portfolio yourself

You may find it difficult to dedicate the time necessary to actively manage your investments as a busy professional. You can manage your investments with a little planning, effort, and discipline. These are some tips to help you manage your investments.

Know your investment goals. What are your investment goals? Do you want to increase your wealth, create income, or keep capital? Understanding your goals will help guide you in choosing the best investments and developing a strategy.

Keep informed. Stay informed about current events and changes in the financial market. This will allow you to make informed investments and identify opportunities when they occur.

Develop a diversified portfolio. Diversify your portfolio across asset classes and geographic regions. This will lower your risk and increase your potential for growth.

Review your portfolio regularly. You can monitor your investments’ performance and make any adjustments necessary to ensure you stay on track. Regular reviews will help you capitalize on market opportunities.

How a portfolio of good investments looks

A portfolio of good investments looks like a well-diversified mix of stocks, bonds, and other asset types that are appropriate for your risk tolerance and investment goals. It’s important to review your portfolio on a regular basis to ensure that it still meets your needs. If it doesn’t, you may need to make some changes.

5 Best investment portfolio management software for individuals

There are a number of different investment portfolio management software programs available for individuals. Some of the more popular ones include:

1.  Personal Capital

This program offers features such as investment checkups and fee analyzers. Personal Capital is great free portfolio management and investment software. It offers both mobile and computer access, as well as a lot of other features. After synchronizing your accounts, it takes only a few minutes for your personal dashboard to be created. Personal Capital’s finance dashboard combines all your bank, credit card, and investment accounts. It gives a 360-degree view of how your investments perform and other useful money information.

You can use the Personal Capital portfolio tracking software and tools to help you:

  • Analyze your cash flow, including income and expenses
  • Calculate your net worth, including the updated home value
  • Analyze and check on your investments
  • Retirement planning
  • Analyze your account charges
  • Do an investment check-up
  • Reexamine your asset allocation

An investment checkup is a valuable tool – it’s almost like your best portfolio analyst. The investment check-up asks the fundamental question Can your portfolio yield greater returns at a lower risk? This is answered by the program comparing your asset allocation with the recommended target and suggesting improvements.

2.  Mint

Mint.com’s popular, free web-based money management and investment software has many advantages. Quick linking to your accounts is similar to Personal Capital and gives you a quick overview of your financial picture. Mint tracks your financial accounts, including investment, retirement, and banking. Mint also shows you the fees so that it is easy to see how much of your money has been invested for your future.

These financial tools are available from Mint:

  • Tracking income and expense categories
  • Budgeting
  • Tracking investments
  • No cost credit score
  • Alerts
  • Pay your bill

Mint claims it can help you “Get the right tools to your investment style”. The portal provides tips and advice for active and passive investors.

For beginners, Mint’s portfolio management and investment tools are suitable. Advanced portfolio tracking and management apps such as Quicken or Personal Capital might be more appealing to intermediate or advanced investors.

 3. Quicken Premier 2022

Quicken has been my financial management software of choice for many decades. I still use Quicken and Personal Capital to analyze and view our investment portfolios. Quicken introduced an annual subscription model. You must renew each year or your software updates will be lost. You can also access the online application to manage your money on the go.

Similar to Personal Capital, once you sync your checking, savings, debt, and investment accounts, it will give you a complete financial management portal. Quicken Premier is a combination of basic money management, budgeting, and cash management software, as well as an investment portfolio management program. The stock portfolio management software works with stock quotes and the Morningstar, X-Ray analysis tool.

The premier investment management features of Quicken include:

  • Hundreds of investment management reports, including detailed customization options.
  • Tracking and downloading investment accounts, including income, dividends, and fees
  • Reports include capital gains, rate-of-return, performance versus market, investment transactions, and cost basis. Tax reports are also available.
  • Analyze risk/return
  • Retirement planner tool
  • Morningstar(r), a Portfolio X-Ray tool that provides a deep dive into your portfolio diversification and characteristics
  • Tracking option trades

There are strong income, expense, and budgeting capabilities as well as money management capabilities. Although this sounds fantastic, I have had trouble downloading data from my bank account. It’s not clear if the Quicken program or increased bank security is to blame.

Quicken can only be purchased as a subscription. The previous offers to purchase Quicken have been discontinued. Although I don’t like the extra cost, it is comparable to other software offers.

  • Quicken Starter
  • Quicken Deluxe
  • Quicken Business and Home

4. Manager of Investment Account

Investment Account Manager is sophisticated software for managing investment portfolios. This product was developed by money managers who have been used worldwide by investors since 1985. It is designed to help you manage and understand your investment portfolios. Individuals can use the software, whether they are newbies or seasoned investors. This software was actually used in an earlier version many years ago. Quicken’s ability both to manage investment and budgeting was the reason I reverted back to it.

An investment Account Manager is not designed to budget or perform other financial management tasks.

An unlimited number of portfolios can be tracked. Each portfolio is managed individually, and transactions are separated by account. This allows investors to build portfolios that are objectively oriented and track according to specific parameters.

You can customize reports or create reports that combine portfolios. Investment Account Manager, for example, allows you to review all your portfolios and compare them. It also lets you view the stock sectors and sizes of each portfolio.

This data will help you assess if your investments are meeting your goals. This pdf outlines the 20 reports that are available through the Investment Account Manager. These reports include detailed cost data, customizable income reports, and many other features.

This software is intended for investment tracking only. You’ll find data for many types including cash, money markets funds, US Government agencies, and tax-exempt bonds.

The asset library contains detailed security information, including:

  • Types of security
  • Description and Security Symbol
  • Price
  • Alert for high prices
  • Alert for low prices
  • Dividends
  • Earnings
  • Earnings and projected dividends
  • Book Value
  • Cash flow
  • Beta
  • Data specific to bonds
  • Find out more

The data can be downloaded from your broker, or you can input it manually.

It’s easy to check if your portfolio has fallen out of balance, and which securities you need to buy or sell to get back to your preferred allocation. You can even choose to allocate your sector weights.

The Investment Account Manager has so much meat that both the serious and casual investors will enjoy it. The investment management software can be used with Windows. Users can also run it on a Mac using windows emulating software.

90-day free trial is also included. This is quite generous! The reduced fee for the QuoteMedia data feed is $99/year or $69 without the trial. You can also continue using the software indefinitely if you don’t want to renew each year. This includes access to program updates and tech support.

5. Morningstar Portfolio Manager

This portfolio analyzer is free and allows investors to import their holdings or manually enter them. It also provides valuable insight. Morningstar’s portfolio x-ray, which is free, shows investors’ stock style diversification, breakdowns by sector, geographic distribution, and a summary listing of fees and expenses. You can also access this feature by joining Quicken. The securities are already imported.

Morningstar Portfolio Manager is available for free and has limited tools that are suitable for beginners. 

  • All stocks, bonds, and cash can be tracked as an investment. You have the option to manually input or import securities.
  • Click the “Tracking tab” to track your portfolio. This tab displays price, and percentage change, and share information. It also provides market value, asset allocation%, Morningstar fund rating, and market value. You must subscribe to the premium service in order to receive the portfolio analysis report.
  • The tab “my performance” graphically displays how your portfolio performed and allows you to compare it with an index.
  • Morningstar X-Ray shows you how your investments are positioned in aggregate. This includes asset allocation, stock sector, and stock type. The Premium subscription offers a more detailed analysis.

Premium investing portfolio management features include fund and stock screenings, fundamental analysis ratios, and portfolio x-ray interpretation with style. Financial ratio analysis is also included.

Premium subscriptions are worth the investment for more experienced investors. Morningstar is a great tool for investment and portfolio analysis. 

Take a look at Morningstar.


There are a number of great investment portfolio management software programs for individuals. All of the programs listed above offer a variety of features and benefits, so it is important to compare them closely before making a decision. . Thanks for reading!


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investment portfolio management software for individuals
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