20 Entry-Level Cryptocurrency Jobs in the USA Hiring now 

Are you searching for a crypto job that can earn you a substantial annual income as a crypto worker? Look no further; This article will provide you with crypto jobs, the qualification to get the job, the requirement needed, and entry-level cryptocurrency jobs in the USA.

Entry-level cryptocurrency jobs in the USA
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How to Get a Crypto Job in the USA

looking to start your career in cryptocurrency and blockchain or looking to transition, below are five tips to help you succeed in your journey, regardless of your experience:

1. Blockchain and Crypto Experience

The first thing that employers watch out for is whether you have prior experience in the digital asset space, crypto, or blockchain. If yes, the chances of being screened with a recruiter significantly increase.

Direct experience with a blockchain company, a digital asset, tech company (Meta), exchange (Coinbase, Gemini), bank (BNY Mellon, BlackRock), or fintech (Revolut) is the most important but not the only source of relevant experience.

2. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Education

When interviewing people for cryptocurrency and blockchain roles, many claim they are deep into cryptocurrency. It’s nice to see people passionate about cryptocurrency and blockchain, but you need evidence to support your claims. There are a lot of great courses for people to take from prestigious universities such as UCLA, Oxford, Wharton, Bocconi, and Trinity College Dublin.

There are also great free online courses, such as Michael Saylor’s saylor.org Academy ‘Bitcoin for Everybody and Gary Gensler’s MIT lectures through YouTube.

If you want a hands-on experience, many niche education players and start-ups are popping up in this space like Calyptus, The DeFi Coach, the Blockchain Academy, CrystlyCrypto, and 101blockchains.

3. Make Content

Writing Content makes it easier to share your thoughts. Making Content is like communication between you and other people interested in crypto and blockchain.

4. Community

Always identify the parts of the crypto and blockchain ecosystem you are interested in and join communities in those areas. It can be any community of your choice, DeFi, NFT, or layer two technologies. The main point here is that you demonstrate your passion for “X” by spending time learning about what is going on in that area.

5. Point of View

When seeking a job in crypto, you need to have a point of view on the overall market, a good view of the areas you have outlined, and prominent crypto and blockchain leaders to support your points. These few tips will demonstrate that you have done your homework on c cryptocurrency.

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  • Skills
  • Blockchain is a technical field, and you need to possess relevant hard skills to access some of the best crypto job opportunities.
  • Many people who have secured high positions have done so because they grew interested early and honed their skills by building and experimenting with software.

2. Understanding how blockchain works

There are various elements to the blockchain and different types of blockchain networks. It is more professional to describe them as blockchain technologies since distributed ledgers bring together multiple components.

You will need to have a profound grasp of the architecture of different systems, the principles of blockchain, and how they are used. If you don’t have such experience, then you should start learning.

3. Coding

Many technical cryptocurrency jobs require coding skills, either working as a blockchain data analyst or as a blockchain developer, maintaining security processes, etc.

You will find lots of languages more valuable than others. Java, C++, and Scala are commonly used for blockchain protocols. It will profit you to know other languages and frameworks like Node.js, Python, or Rust.

4. Smart contracts

Smart contract development is a particular case for coding. A smart contract is complex, and Ether developer jobs and other roles requiring smart contract knowledge are well paid.

You need to be familiar with the languages used to build the Apps. You also need to be proficient in debugging and highly security-aware; these are financial applications, and mistakes can be terrible.

5. Cryptography & security

Knowledge about public-key cryptography, cryptographic protocols, cryptographic hashing, elliptic curve signatures, and Merkle proofs is beneficial and required for many senior and some entry-level blockchain jobs.

As a security architect, you will be responsible for maintaining and establishing the systems that will keep your product and company secure and also helps prevent unwanted exploitation.

6. Analyzing data

Thanks to the transparent architecture of blockchain, it provides access to a large amount of data. Learning how to extract this, parse it, make good sense of it, and use it to equip organizations and businesses is crucial.

7. Web development

Web developers also demand to create anything from company websites to interfaces for blockchain services and trading portals.


The qualifications for crypto jobs vary by employer, but most companies prefer applicants with a postsecondary degree in a technical field and experience working with cryptos.

This is a new technology area, and a wide variety of work guidelines or formal classes do not yet exist. To fulfill the responsibilities of a crypto job, you need strong analytical, communication, and programming skills and being familiar with cryptography and the knowledge to explain complex terms to a non-technical audience. Job-like crypto journalism requires a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field and many years of experience.

20 Entry-Level Cryptocurrency Jobs in the USA 

Below are some entry-level cryptocurrency jobs in the USA

1. Crypto Rotational Program

2. Content Manager Intern

3. Junior Accountant

4. Social Media Manager – Network Goods

5. Marketing Content Developer for SPs, Filecoin

6. Software Engineer I (Digital Assets)

7. Trust Operations Support Specialist

8. Sales Analyst

9. Manager, Product Strategy & Innovation


11. Banking Transformation – Digital Assets Experienced Associate

12. Administrative Assistant

13. Software Engineer II (Digital Assets)

14. Tax Senior Manager, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

15. Banking Transformation – Digital Assets Experienced Associate

16. Manager, Product Strategy & Innovation

17. Head of PR

18. Algorithmic Trading

19. Protocol Advocate Intern

20. Intern Corporate Development

The cryptocurrency job market is hot at the moment. According to the data provided by LinkedIn, job postings with titles containing terms like “blockchain,” “ethereum,” “bitcoin,” and “cryptocurrency” grew 396% in the U.S. from 2020 to 2021, outpacing many tech industries — which saw a 97% increase in listings during the same period.

 Watch the video below to know the entry-level cryptocurrency jobs in the USA:

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