10 Entry Level Blockchain Developer Remote Jobs in the USA Hiring Now

We will be discussing what blockchain developers do, listing some of the blockchain developer remote jobs in the US and the salary of a blockchain developer.

In the past few years, on numerous occasions, people have been asking, “who exactly is a blockchain developer, and what kind of development is he concerned with?” Well, I guess it’s easy to get confused with so many types of developers in the industry.

So, let’s remove this confusion by defining a blockchain developer and also how to find blockchain developer remote jobs in the US hiring now.

Blockchain Developer Remote Jobs
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Who is a Blockchain Developer?

A blockchain developer is generally responsible for developing and optimizing blockchain protocols, crafting the architecture of blockchain systems, and developing smart contracts and also web apps using blockchain technology.

Blockchain developers can be classified into two distinct types. Let’s take a look at them.

Types of Blockchain Developers

As I just specified, there are two types of blockchain developers, namely:

  • Core Blockchain Developers
  • Blockchain Software Developers

Core Blockchain Developers

They are responsible for developing the architecture of a blockchain system, how the protocols should be designed, the designing of a consensus protocol, and other high-level decisions and Development related to blockchain technology.

On the other hand, Blockchain software developers use the architecture and protocols that Core Blockchain developers design to build decentralized applications that run on blockchain technology.

Roles of a Blockchain Developer

Let’s discuss first the roles of a core blockchain developer.

As discussed earlier, a core blockchain developer is generally responsible for the design, architecture, and security of a blockchain system. their roles include the following:

  • The design of blockchain protocols
  • The design of consensus protocols and security patterns for the network
  • The design of the network architecture
  • The Supervision of the entire network

Blockchain Software Developer

The Blockchain Software Developers have a separate set of roles from the core blockchain developer. Their roles have nothing to do with the consensus design or architecture of the system.

Their role is more like an average web developer, using the protocols and design structure that a core web architect sets to build web apps.

These blockchain software developers build decentralized applications or Dapps using blockchain technology. Their roles include the following:

  • The Development of Smart Contracts.
  • The Development of interactive front-end designs for Dapps.
  • Backend development on Blockchain
  • The Supervision of the entire stack running their Dapps.

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Blockchain Developer Job Description

Blockchain developers: enable secure digital transactions by creating systems that record and store blockchain data in a way that prevents hacks or change. Blockchain developers design secure blockchain technologies, they develop application features and interfaces, and maintain client and server-side applications.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Blockchain Developer

  • They Research, Design, develop, and also test blockchain technologies
  • They Brainstorm and help evaluate applications for new tools and technologies as they evolve continually.
  • They Maintain and extend current client and server-side applications responsible for integration and business logic.
  • Document new solutions and also maintain the existing ones.

 Skills Required for a Blockchain Developer

  • Must have a strong software development background
  • Have Experience working with large codebases
  • Have Experience working with open-source projects
  • Must be Proficiency in one of the following languages: C++, Java, JavaScript {Depending on kind of project}
  • Must have strong knowledge of common algorithms and data structures
  • Must be familiar with basic cryptography
  • Must be familiar with P2P networks
  • Have Strong knowledge of bitcoin-like blockchains
  • Have Strong knowledge of concurrency and writing efficient and safe multithreaded code.
  • Have Strong knowledge of STL, C++11
  • Must be Proficient in the Qt Widgets module {Applies to projects where a GUI wallet application is needed}

Finding a Blockchain Developer Remote Jobs

Blockchain developers are in high demand and earn a good salary. The next question is, how can one get one of these jobs and earn the best blockchain developer salary out there?

The internet is your biggest ally in finding the best blockchain developer remote jobs opportunity. Although there are numerous job-finding websites out there, the best sites for blockchain developer remote jobs are:

  • AngelList,
  • Blockchainjobz,
  • Blocktribe,
  • Crypto Jobs List,
  • Indeed.com,
  • Joblift,
  • Linkedin,
  • and Upwork.

10 Companies Hiring Entry-Level Blockchain Developers in the USA

Below is a list of companies in us hiring entry-level blockchain developers:

  • nWay Inc.

San Francisco, CA, USA

  • Toptal

Orlando, FL, USA


United States

  • Verys, a West Monroe company

United State

  • Cight

Raleigh, NC, USA

  • Graviton

New York, NY, USA

  • XDuce

Edison, NJ, United States

  • Trilogy International

United States

  • nWay Inc.

San Francisco, CA, USA

  • Talener

United States

Entry-Level Blockchain Developer Remote Jobs Salary

The average salary of a blockchain developer in the USA is $146,250 per year or $75 per hour. The Entry-level positions start at $121,875 yearly, while most experienced workers make up to $180,000 annually.

Let’s have your view in the comment section on the blockchain developer remote jobs discussed in this article.

Watch the video below to know the more about the blockchain developer remote jobs:

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