College Ave Student Loans Review 2022: Requirements, Credit Score, Pros And Cons

This article will discuss the College Ave student loan requirements, credit score, and pros and cons. College Ave student loans are a study-based loan option to assist those students seeking financial aid.

College Ave Student Loan Overview

College Ave student loans are loans for students who require financial support to enroll and complete their studies. The loan option, which College Ave offers, mainly focuses on helping student loan seekers.

For one to qualify to apply for their loans, they must have a stable means of income and a healthy credit score. However, if you do not meet their requirements, you can get a co-signer as it approves the addition of one to apply for loans.

How College Ave Student Loan Works

College Ave student loans are strictly for student loan borrowers and those individuals looking for refinancing of their student debt. College Ave student loan is offered under two interest rate, which is fixed and variable, which one can utilize.

For one to apply for a College Ave student loan, a credit score of Mid-600s is required with various other vital information, including social security number, means of income, and details of co-signer (if you intend to add one).

Their loan option extends to graduate and undergraduate students; one must maintain excellent academic performance to be eligible. One can easily apply for a College Ave student loan on their online platform.

College Ave Student Loans Requirements

College Ave student loan requirements are vital information individuals seeking student loans must fulfill. Below are some of the College Ave student loans requirement.

• U.S Students: for a U.S. citizen to apply for College Ave student loans, they must be a student of a recognized college or university.

• For International Students: for international students to apply, they must have a social security number and a co-signer to be eligible for loans.

One must provide personal information on their school and course of study; International students need a co-signer with a good credit score.

College Ave Student Loan Credit Score

An individual would need to have a good credit score before they can be eligible to apply for College Ave student loans. A student loan borrower’s minimum credit score is Mid-600s to qualify for a student loan.

College Ave Student Loans Interest Rate

Below are the interest rates on College Ave student loans

• Undergraduate Student Loans:

Fixed rates (APR) 3.24% – 13.95%

Variable rates (APR) 0.94% – 12.99%

• Graduate Student Loans:

Fixed rates (APR) 3.99% – 11.98%

Variable rates (APR) 1.99% – 10.97%

• Parent Student Loans:

Fixed rates (APR) 3.24% – 13.98%

Variable rates (APR) 0.94% – 12.99%

The Pros And Cons Of College Ave Student Loans

There are numerous benefits associated with considering College Ave student loans, but also, there are some disadvantages. Below are the pros and cons of College Ave student loans.


• Pre-qualification Available

One of the advantages of College Ave student loans is that it offers loan seekers and co-signers a tool that they can use to check their eligibility and rates for a student loan before officially applying.

• $150 Reward For Degree Completion

Another massive benefit of considering Collect Ave student loans is that one can get a $150 reward once one completes their degree program. You would need to upload your transcript and then get a $150 statement credit to your loan.

• Ease Access To Loans

College Ave does not necessarily demand loan seekers enroll in a full-time program before accessing their loans. One needs to be enrolled in a degree program irrespective of the type and can then apply and get loans.


• Must Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress

One of the disadvantages of College Ave student loans is that one must meet the satisfactory academic progress requirements before being eligible to apply for loans. One’s school usually determines this standard.

• Late Payment Fees

Another negative of College Ave student loans is that there are charges for late payments made on loans. If you pay later than agreed, you will be charged extra fees.

• Lack Of Forbearance Policy

The lack of forbearance policy is another disadvantage of considering College Ave student loans. There isn’t a clear and understandable forbearance policy on College Ave.

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How To Apply For College Ave Student Loans

An individual must pass through a particular process to apply and get College Ave student loans. Below are the steps on how to apply for College Ave student loans.

• Pre-qualify For A Loan

The first step in applying for College Ave student loans is to check your estimated interest rate and eligibility. You must provide personal details, including your name, birthday, and contact.

• View Your Rates

Once you have conducted the pre-qualification process, College Ave will determine your qualifications and provide you with the rates and terms. You will see the options and determine if you are comfortable with them.

• Submit A Complete Application

If you are comfortable with the terms and rates offered, you can submit a complete application—you must provide information, including your social security number, means of income, and others.

• Complete The Process

Once you are done with the above, you would get a decision, and College Ave would require you to review the final terms of your loan, ensure the details are correct, and then confirm your acceptance.


Below are some frequently asked questions and answers on College Ave student loans.

Is College Ave A Private Loan?

College Ave is an online-based lender that offers private student loans and student loan refinancing.

How Much Can You Borrow From College Ave?

You can borrow between $5,500 to $12,500 from College Ave.

Does College Ave Do A Hard Credit Check?

No, College Ave allows one to find loan terms without needing a hard credit check.

Is College Ave Or Sallie Mae Better?

College Ave is better compared to Sallie Mae as it offers student loans at a lower rate.

Is College Ave The Same As Sallie Mae?

College Ave and Sallie Mae are both lenders, but College Ave offers students loan and refinancing while Sallie Mae offers only student loans.

Why Was My College Ave Loan Denied?

Your College Ave loam may have been denied due to your inability to provide income requirements, meet the credit score or enroll in an eligible school.

Does College Ave Require A Co-signer?

Yes, College Ave usually requires a loan seeker to apply with a co-signer.

Can You Get Turned Down For A Student Loan?

Yes, it is possible you can get turned down for a student loan due to some reasons.

What Disqualifies You From Getting A Student Loan?

Some things that may disqualify you from getting a student loan include default in payment of an existing loan and inability to meet satisfactory academic progress.

Why Do Student Loans Get Declined?

Student loans get declined due to credit history, current credit score, and insufficient application information.

Who Can Not Get A Student Loan?

Anyone without an employment history, credit score, or enrollment status at an institution can not get a student loan.


College Ave student loans are student loans offered to individuals interested in getting them, and one must have the required documents before applying for these student-based loans.

We hope this article provides vital information on College Ave student loans. Kindly visit our comment section for your view opinion.

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