7 Best $50 Loan Instant Apps (No Credit Check Requirements)

Instant lending applications bridge the financial gap between paydays. Cash advance applications might help if you have an emergency and don’t have the means to handle it. Most cash advances are just for a limited period, but with a $50 Loan Instant Apps, this isn’t an issue for most people.

Some of the most significant rapid money applications offer not just a loan to tide you over until your next payday but also early access to your earned income. In other words, they collaborate with your company to track your profits and distribute them to you before payday.

Most rapid money applications demand you to return the loan when you earn your next salary, making it highly short-term. Consider these payday loans without the high costs.

Key Takeaways

  • 7 best $50 loan instant apps
  • Other ways to get $50 quickly
  • How to choose the best instant $50 loan app
  • Answers to some of the frequently asked questions
$50 Loan Instant Apps

7 Best $50 Loan Instant Apps

Many people have unexpected financial difficulties and must determine the best strategies to address this temporary gap; if you’re used to living paycheck to paycheck, obtaining a good 50 loan fast app to tide you until your following income is beneficial.

So, which banking or lending applications allow you to borrow money instantly? Let’s go through some of the more popular ones.

1.  Albert

Albert, a FinTech app with the loan, banking, and investment functions, is another option for borrowing $50 instantaneously.

Using the Albert app, you can obtain your paycheck up to two days early, which might be handy if you’re in a pinch. You may also access up to $250 in fee-free cash advances without a credit check!

Albert is fantastic since there are no interest charges, no credit checks, and no late payment costs. Furthermore, you may begin investing with as little as $1 using its investment option to put your money to work.

Albert appeals to me since it has several valuable savings options to help you to establish an emergency fund. You may earn up to 0.25% annual yield on your investments.

Remember that you must subscribe to Albert Genius to invest money and use its savings capabilities. This plan ranges in price from $6 to $16 a month, and you decide how much to pay.

Pro Tip: Right now, you can get $150 for free by signing up, receiving a direct qualifying transfer, and using your Albert debit card.


  • Maximum amount: $250
  • Fee: $0
  • 0% interest rate
  • Waiting time: 2 to 3 days
  • No debit card for a credit check.

2. Brigit

Brigit is another popular choice for a $50 rapid loan app, and the program is endorsed by celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Durant.

But Brigit is more than simply a celebrity-backed app. First, it allows you to borrow up to $250 as a cash advance without a credit check or paying interest.

Brigit is unique in that it can help you boost your credit score while saving money with its Credit Builder program.

Brigit also includes several handy tools for budgeting and analyzing your spending patterns. The app also has a side hustle area that may help you locate other gig jobs to supplement your monthly income.

Overall, Brigit is one of the more complete applications that lend you $50 or more, and I appreciate that it also offers side hustles.

Budgeting tools and financial notifications are included in the free Brigit plan. Brigit Plus costs $9.99 monthly and allows you to borrow money while building your credit.


  • Maximum amount: $250
  • Fee: $0
  • 0% interest rate
  • Waiting time: 1 to 3 days
  • No credit check


Earnin is a famous $50 fast loan program that allows you to borrow up to $500 every paycheck to tide you over.

There is a daily cap of $100, but this readily covers your $50 borrowing. You may also utilize Earnin Express to obtain your complete salary two days ahead of schedule.

Earnin also offers a Balance Shield function, which alerts you when your balance is low, allowing you to avoid overdraft costs.

Earnin relies on user tips to produce money, but you don’t have to tip to borrow.


  • Amount: between $100 and $500
  • Fee: $0
  • 0% interest rate
  • Waiting time: 1 to 3 days
  • No credit check

4.  DAVE

Dave offers the most significant cash advance limit of all the $50 rapid lending applications. This app allows you to borrow up to $500 instantaneously, which can help you cover more outstanding bills, such as a car breakdown or a broken water heater.

As you repay the borrowed money, you gradually improve your credit score. And Dave charges a monthly membership fee of $1 for its services.

Your Dave history determines the amount you may borrow, the amount you owe, and how quickly you pay your debts. Your paycheck must be transferred into your Dave account, and any money borrowed is deducted from your deposit the next payday.

Dave allows you to get your salary up to two days early, and if you need cash advances quickly, you can pay $4.99 and get them in as short as eight hours.


  • Maximum amount: $250
  • Monthly fee: $1
  • 0% interest rate
  • Waiting time: 1 to 3 days
  • No credit check

5.   MoneyLion

You can get instant cash if you have a MoneyLion bank account. You must have a MoneyLion bank account at least two months old. The account must be active and have a decent banking history.

You may obtain cash quickly ranging from $25 to $250, with no fees or interest. The amount of your loan is determined by your banking history. A credit check is not required to obtain a loan from MoneyLion.

MoneyLion also allows you to invest in several portfolios based on your goals and risk tolerance. It’s comparable to applications like Acorns, and it’s beautiful that the app has options for accumulating money.


  • monetary value: $25 – $250
  • Fee: $0
  • 0% interest rate
  • Waiting time: 12 to 48 hours
  • No credit check


Chime is a financial technology software that provides a ‘Spend account’ or checking account. There is no minimum balance requirement, and there are no fees. If you establish a Spend account, you’ll also have access to SpotMe, Chime’s rapid money loan.

You must have received at least one $200 direct deposit to be eligible. Then you’ll fill out an application, and Chime will utilize the information to see whether you qualify. They don’t do a credit check but look at other factors to know if you are eligible.

The SpotMe service is free but only available to Chime Checking account holders. If you overspend your account, Chime will spot the money for you. Initially, cash advances are restricted to $20.


  • monetary value: $20 – $200
  • Fee: $0
  • 0% interest rate
  • Waiting time: Immediately
  • No credit check

7.  PayActiv

PayActiv is a perk that your company must sign up for and provide. If your company offers the bonus, you can now access your earnings. Because the app is linked to your company, it monitors your hours worked and enables you to withdraw the lesser of 50% of your wages or $500, unless you have a direct deposit set up, in which case you can start up to $1,000.

In the rapid cash advance app, funds are always available. You can leave it unused or transfer it to a bank account, debit card, or Payactiv Visa card.

Payactiv immediately deducts the payment from your next direct deposit. This service is free if you have set up a direct paycheck transfer to your Payactiv card. If you do not, you will be charged $1 for every transaction, up to a limit of $5 per pay period. Payactiv is not a payday loan; instead, they access your already earned profits with no interest charges.


  • Maximum amount: $500
  • The cost is $1 per transaction if you do not have direct deposit.
  • 0% interest rate
  • Waiting time: 1 to 3 days
  • No credit check

Other Ways to Get $50 Quickly

Now that I’ve covered some of the most acceptable $50 rapid loan applications, here are a few additional options for getting this money quickly.

1. Apps For Gig Economy

Another way to gain $50 is to use different gig apps that allow you to pay out on the same day.

For example, jobs like DoorDash and Uber Eats provide fast pay, allowing you to cash your daily profits for a minimal charge. Instacart, the most extensive supermarket delivery service, is in the same boat.

These engagements may pay $50 for a couple of hours of labor, and services like DoorDash allow you to deliver by bike, car, or scooter, making them quite flexible.

2. Family And Friends

If you need a fast $50, I believe this is the type of money you may ask friends or relatives for. Of course, you must be comfortable with this and be more familiar with your social circle than I am.

However, this approach is frequently quick and free, and for a smaller sum, such as $50, it may not be too much of an ask.

3. Your Insurance Fund

Financial planners frequently advise clients to save for an emergency fund covering three to six months of living costs.

Of course, if you’re seeking $50 rapid loan applications, you may not have emergency money, which is OK.

On the other hand, building an emergency fund should be a goal if you don’t already have one. This is your rainy day reserve for when life throws you a curve ball, and it helps you avoid having to borrow in the first place.

Even if you start small, putting a little money aside from each paycheck into a high-yield savings account is preferable to having no funds.

4. Websites For Getting Paid

Another option for $50 loan applications is to use numerous get-paid-to websites, which pay you for doing brief tasks such as paid surveys or installing various apps.

You can utilize the following credible and famous websites:

Branded Surveys: Allows you to pay out in the form of PayPal money or a selection of gift cards.

Survey Junkie: Another popular survey site with PayPal payouts and various gift card alternatives.

Pinecone Research will pay you $3 for completing a brief survey.

Grindabuck: A popular GPT site that pays you to play games, complete surveys, view advertisements, and do other activities.

5. Sell Items Online

Another option for utilizing a $50 rapid loan app is to sell some of your belongings online. Like most people, you have many goods in your house that you no longer use.

Why not sell it on OfferUp or Craigslist? Both sites concentrate on selling locally, so you may make money quickly. Do you have nothing to sell? Hunt for high-quality free stuff on Craigslist or other sites, or look for curbside sales in your area to resale online.

How To Choose the Best Instant $50 Loan App

Always know what to look for and avoid while using rapid loan applications. Scams abound nowadays, so understanding what to avoid is critical.

What To Search For

Here’s what to look for in immediate lending applications if you need money fast.

First and foremost, you want user-friendly software. If you require a short-term loan, you’re probably stressed out and in need of assistance. The last thing you need is an app that is difficult to use.

Next, you want an app with adaptable approval criteria. You don’t want to jump through hoops since you need a tiny quantity of money.

Pay great attention to the terms and costs as well. Most rapid lending applications demand you to pay back the loan on your next payday. Some even require you to link your current checking account so that they may withdraw the amount automatically from your paycheck. Also, only use a fast loan app that reveals their fees and has no hidden expenses.

Finally, looking for a cash advance app that pays swiftly would be best. You probably don’t want to wait weeks for your money because you’re in a hurry. You’ll get another paycheck and may not need the loan by then.

Avoiding Red Flags

There is always the possibility of being taken advantage of by a scam. Here are some precautions to take.

First, see if the firm is listed with the Better Business Bureau. If it isn’t, you should look into another company. If they are mentioned, check the reviews, especially any recent complaints, to see if the firm is legitimate.

Second, seek clarity. Do they clearly explain the APR and costs, or do you have doubts after reading the terms and conditions? Look elsewhere if you don’t obtain a clear response regarding the interest rates and monthly fees, or you may end up paying hidden costs you weren’t aware of.

Finally, consider how soon you will receive the payments. You want the money now if you’re utilizing rapid cash advance applications. If they can’t say when you’ll get the money, yet they have

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A $50 immediate loan app is an excellent technique to obtain quick cash. However, employing these programs should be considered a “last resort.” Monthly fees, one-time fees, and the possibility of high-interest rates can all be detrimental to your finances, mainly if you use them regularly.

Your credit history, credit score, and a stable job are just a few elements that will affect the terms and conditions of the offer you receive. You won’t need to mail or produce any paperwork, but you must be employed full-time to be eligible for a $50 loan fast application.


What Apps Let You Borrow Money Immediately?

  • Earnin: The best option for cheap costs.
  • Dave: This is best for little progress.
  • Brigit: The best budgeting tools.
  • Chime: The best overdraft protection.

What App Will Lend Me $20?

Chime SpotMe – Borrow $20 today and avoid overdraft fees. Chime SpotMe® can give you fee-free overdrafts of up to $200*.

How Can I Get A Cash Advance Instantly?

  • Understand Your Cash Advance Lenders. There are several cash advance lenders on the market.
  • Determine Your Maximum Cash Advance Amount.
  • Determine Your Fees, Interest, and Penalties.
  • Fill out your application.

How Can I Get Immediate Money Online?

  • Find a freelance job online.
  • Websites and applications should be tested.
  • Take on tasks on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.
  • Take surveys for cash.

Can I Get A Payday Loan Without A Bank Account?

Yes, the answer is yes. Finding loans with no bank account sometimes necessitates understanding the distinction between a secured and an unsecured loan. A secured loan is one in which the potential borrower provides collateral in exchange for borrowed funds.

You can learn more from the video below:

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