How To Check NIRSAL Loan Approval With BVN

This article will discuss how to check NIRSAL loan approval with BVN. NIRSAL loan are loans made available by the NIRSAL Microfinance Bank to individuals in need of financial support to handle their individual needs.

What Is NIRSAL Loan?

NIRSAL loan are loans offered by Nirsal, which is a subsidiary of the Nigerian Incentive-based Risk Sharing System for agricultural lending. These loans are generally meant to assist agribusinesses in improving and growing better in the country.

How NIRSAL Loan Approval Works With BVN Number

Despite being assigned to cover agricultural-based businesses, NIRSAL loans are also provided to individuals needing financial support. NIRSAL loan was prominently made available to individuals and homes hugely affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Like every loan application, NIRSAL Microfinance Bank must check each application before loans are approved. For a specific individual to get a NIRSAL loan approved, they would need to provide various information, including a BVN number.

After that, the provided information would be reviewed by a team set up for that specific purpose. Once an applicant qualifies, the NIRSAL loan will be approved, and a notification message will be sent to the specific applicant. Then the said applicant can visit NIRSAL Microfinance’s official website to accept the loan and disburse it into their account.

How To Check NIRSAL Loan Approval With BVN Online

Checking the NIRSAL loan approval with BVN is quite easy, as one can do it on the NIRSAL Microfinance website. Below are the steps to checking NIRSAL loan approval with BVN online.

• Visit the NIRSAL Microfinance Website

The first step to checking your NIRSAL loan approval is to visit the NIRSAL Microfinance’s official website. One can suitably utilize their mobile device or a computer to access their website.

• Select The Application Status

Once you have successfully accessed the official website of NIRSAL Microfinance bank, you need to navigate through and click on the “Application Status” option.

• Select Your Customer Status

After clicking on the application status option, you will be required to select your customer status. If you have obtained a NIRSAL loan before, you need to select “Returning Customer,” but if it’s your first time applying, you need to click “New.”

• Enter Your BVN Number

Once you have selected your customer status, you will be redirected to another page. On this page, you must enter your BVN number in the provided space and click on “Next.” Once you select next, your loan status will be displayed. However, if the system shows “In Progress,” you must check again in some weeks.

How To Know If You Qualify For NIRSAL Loan

Before an individual can successfully get a NIRSAL loan, they will need to meet the requirements and patiently wait for their application to get accepted. An individual needs to meet the requirements and have a good credit score; this would increase one’s chances of getting a loan.

To know if you qualify for a NIRSAL loan, you must check your application periodically. Head to the official website of NIRSAL Microfinance Bank, click on the application status, enter your BVN number, and submit. Once you submit, you will get a notification on your loan application status.

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How To Know If Your NIRSAL Loan Is Approved

NIRSAL loans are provided by NIRSAL Microfinance Bank, which specializes in offering credit facilities to qualified individuals. One can suitably determine if their NIRSAL loan is approved by checking the loan status. Below are the three ways to check if your NIRSAL loan application is approved.

• Check For Email Or Text Message

One of the ways you can determine if your NIRSAL loan is approved is to check your email or text messages constantly. Once your loan is approved, a notification message will be sent to your email or phone.

• Contact NIRSAL Help-Desk

Another way to get detailed information on your loan application status is to contact the NIRSAL helpdesk. By reaching their helpdesk, you can suitably provide details and determine your loan status.

• Visit NIRSAL Official Website

An ideal way of determining your NIRSAL loan is to visit their official online based website. By visiting NIRSAL Microfinance’s website, you can check your application status using your BVN.

NIRSAL Loan Update In 2022

NIRSAL loan is open to individuals who intend to obtain loan facilities to improve their agribusiness. One can obtain the NIRSAL application form, provide the necessary information and then apply for a loan. Some of the requirements for a NIRSAL loan application include;

• Any interested loan seeker must create an account with NIRSAL Microfinance Bank.

• Any interested loan seeker must complete their online based application form.

• Any interested loan seeker must be willing to provide their BVN number.

• Proof of identity would also be required for a loan application.

• Business owners must provide a business plan to be included in the loan application.


Nirsal Microfinance Bank offers NIRSAL loans to support agribusiness and provide financial assistance to interested applicants. One can follow the above-discussed steps to check the progress of their loan application.

We hope this article provides enough information on how to check NIRSAL loan approval. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.

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