Blackberry Stock Prediction 2023 – 2025 – 2030

This article will discuss BlackBerry stock predictions for 2023, 2025, to 2030. BlackBerry stock is the financial asset of the Canadian-based company BlackBerry limited.

The company provides extensive cybersecurity services to diverse enterprises and governments.

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• You will learn about BlackBerry stock forecast and price target.
• You will get BlackBerry stock prediction from 2023 to 2030.
• You will get to know the best places to buy BlackBerry stock.
• Answers to frequently asked questions on BlackBerry stock.

blackberry stock predictions

BlackBerry Stock Forecast & Price Target

According to various experts and stock investors, BlackBerry stocks remain among the best financial assets to purchase and hold. BlackBerry stock has a forecasted price of between $6.5 to $11.

Also, there’s an average expected price of $8 for the company. Given the massive success of the company in the cybersecurity industry, its stocks remain one of the best for investors and traders who are looking to grow their investment portfolios.

BlackBerry Limited remains one of the active cybersecurity companies which provides the best cyber-related services.

Expert Forecasts On The Future Of BlackBerry

There have been different comments by various experts related to the future of BlackBerry. Most experts consider the company to continually grow in the cybersecurity industry, with its stock expected to yield profitable investment returns.

Some of the comments expressed by analysts from investment companies and banks include the following;

• Paul Treiber, RBC Capital, $7 Price Target

As expressed by this analyst, BlackBerry’s valuation strictly reflects the fundamentals, multiple opportunities, and the various risks of the company. This analyst backs the fact that BlackBerry stock could reach the price target of $7.

• T. Michael Walkley, Canaccord Genuity Group, $7 Price Target

T. Michael Walkley stresses that even though the company’s management has created a futuristic strategy and the business is making huge success, we still need to consider including evidence of cross-selling opportunities, the product roadmap, and the growing software and services revenue before confirming the shares.

BlackBerry Stock Prediction 2022

According to various predictions, BlackBerry stock could reach $8 in 2022 if it can grow up to 8.25% over the year. But this price could be lower than $9, which was the stock’s opening for 2022.

BlackBerry Stock Prediction 2023

Experts believe that BlackBerry stock will maintain the exact growth estimate of 8.25%, with the stock expected to reach $9.60 in 2023. Others have a price target of $5.50, which is lesser than the 2021 price.

BlackBerry Stock Prediction 2024

In 2024, the price of BlackBerry stocks is expected to get to $11. Experts and analysts expect the stock to reach a bullish target in the year.

BlackBerry Stock Prediction 2025

BlackBerry stock remains one of the most promising financial assets, with 2025 predicted to be its biggest year. The stock is forecasted to reach $20.

The company has a strong partnership with a globally recognized automotive supplier known as Marelli, which could see it attain such a target.

BlackBerry Stock Prediction 2030

At this point, BlackBerry stock is expected to be among the well-recognized and highly sought-after assets. The stock price is considered to reach between $60 to $100 despite the huge factors affecting its price.

Best Places To Buy BlackBerry Stock

An individual must register with a broker to successfully purchase and hold BlackBerry stock. Below are some of the best platforms to buy BlackBerry stock.

• Trading 212

Trading 212 is an excellent trading platform that offers the best access to trading on many assets. Through their trading platform, one can execute different trading decisions on assets, including stocks and ETFs.

• Pacific Union

Pacific Union is one of the best brokerages, which serves a large number of traders and investors. It offers access to over 200+ assets with various tools to help in conducting trades.

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BlackBerry stock is one of the financial assets that traders and investors can consider for investment. The stock has massive potential to profit individuals who are considering investing on a long-term basis.

We hope this article provides enough information on BlackBerry stock prediction from 2023 to 2030. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.


Below are some frequently asked questions and answers on BlackBerry stock prediction.

Is BlackBerry A Sell Or Buy?

BlackBerry is a buy.

What Was Blackberry Highest Stock Price?

The highest stock price which BlackBerry has reached was $147.55 on the 19th of June, 2008.

Is BlackBerry A Stock To Buy?

Yes, BlackBerry is a stock to buy.

Will BlackBerry Stock Ever Go Back Up?

Yes, BlackBerry stock will go back up. There are numerous predictions that the asset will make waves in the market.

Will BlackBerry Stock Go Up 2022?

Yes, BlackBerry stock has the potential to go up in 2022.

Why Is BlackBerry Stock Dropping?

BlackBerry stock experienced a massive decline in stock price due to the disappointing quarterly report.

Is BlackBerry Successful?

BlackBerry remains one of the successful companies.

What Strengths Does BlackBerry Have Now?

BlackBerry’s strength includes the production of highly secured phones and focusing intensely on a narrow customer segment.

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