Grow Generation Corp – GRWG Stock Forecast 2023 – 2025 – 2030

This article will provide you with the GrowGeneration corp stock forecast for 2023 to 2030. Let’s get started.

GrowGeneration (GRWG -6.39%) was the best-performing cannabis stock last year, gaining an astounding 881%. So far, in 2021, its stock has risen by nearly 30%. 

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What is Grow Generation Corp Stock?

GrowGeneration Corp. is a marketer and distributor of nutrients, growing media, indoor and greenhouse lighting, ventilation systems, and hydroponic gardening accessories in North America. The Company also focuses on other indoor and outdoor growing products that are designed and intended for growing a variety of plants.

It also owns and operates e-commerce platforms such as and, Canopy Crop Management Corp, CharCoir Inc, and several private-label brands in a variety of product categories ranging from light emitting diode (LED) lighting to nutrients and additives, and environmental control systems for indoor cultivation.

The Company conducts its operations through business units such as retail, commercial, e-commerce/omnichannel, proprietary brands, and private label. It owns and operates a retail hydroponic/gardening store chain that spans 12 states.

What Does GrowGeneration Corp Do?

 GrowGeneration is currently the largest hydroponics supplier in the country, with 60+ retail and distribution centers. Its stocks and sell thousands of products, including organic nutrients and soils, advanced lighting technology, and cutting-edge hydroponics equipment used by commercial and home growers.

GRWG Stock Forecast 2023

In the tables below, we have the price predictions of GRWG stock for 2023

DatePrice TargetChange
2023 Jan.$4.532.57%
2023 Feb.$4.632.86%
2023 Mar.$4.793.12%
2023 Apr.$4.861.88%
2023 May.$4.83-0.62%
2023 Jun.$4.73-2.50%
2023 Jul.$4.62-2.50%
2023 Aug.$4.712.75%
2023 Sep.$4.70-0.51%
2023 Oct.$4.72-0.07%
2023 Nov.$4.67-0.56%
2023 Dec.$4.680.15%

GRWG Stock Forecast 2024

Below is the stock price prediction for GRWG 2024

DatePrice TargetChange
2024 Jan.$4.69-0.15%
2024 Feb.$4.720.77%
2024 Mar.$4.801.73%
2024 Apr.$4.922.49%
2024 May.$5.032.60%
2024 Jun.$5.142.13%
2024 Jul.$5.272.04%
2024 Aug.$5.433.04%
2024 Sep.$5.572.98%
2024 Oct.$5.773.56%
2024 Nov.$6.003.81%
2024 Dec.$6.223.58%

GRWG Stock Forecast 2025

With the table shown below, you can see the GRWG stock price prediction from the month of January to December for the year 2025

DatePrice TargetChange
2025 Jan.$6.382.83%
2025 Feb.$6.532.05%
2025 Mar.$6.560.96%
2025 Apr.$6.620.37%
2025 May.$6.600.03%
2025 Jun.$6.61-0.11%
2025 Jul.$6.63-0.06%
2025 Aug.$6.60-0.03%
2025 Sep.$6.58-0.01%
2025 Oct.$6.56-0.01%
2025 Nov.$6.57-0.20%
2025 Dec.$6.53-0.53%

GRWG Stock Forecast 2026

The table below shows the stock price prediction for GRWG

DatePrice TargetChange
2026 Jan.$6.47-0.96%
2026 Feb.$6.41-1.25%
2026 Mar.$6.32-1.46%
2026 Apr.$6.22-1.58%
2026 May.$6.13-1.56%
2026 Jun.$6.03-1.37%
2026 Jul.$5.95-1.12%
2026 Aug.$5.90-0.77%
2026 Sep.$5.87-0.55%
2026 Oct.$5.83-0.46%
2026 Nov.$5.81-0.46%
2026 Dec.$5.77-0.53%

GRWG Stock Forecast 2027

The table below shows the stock price prediction for GRWG.

DatePrice TargetChange
2027 Jan.$5.74-0.64%
2027 Feb.$5.72-0.77%
2027 Mar.$5.64-0.86%
2027 Apr.$5.61-1.04%
2027 May.$5.53-1.35%
2027 Jun.$5.42-1.73%
2027 Jul.$5.31-1.92%
2027 Aug.$5.21-1.76%
2027 Sep.$5.17-1.52%
2027 Oct.$5.07-1.27%
2027 Nov.$5.04-1.17%
2027 Dec.$4.98-1.15%

GRWG Stock Forecast 2028

The table below shows the stock price prediction for GRWG.

DatePrice TargetChange
2028 Jan.$4.90-1.17%
2028 Feb.$4.84-1.22%
2028 Mar.$4.78-1.25%
2028 Apr.$4.72-1.24%
2028 May.$4.66-1.21%
2028 Jun.$4.60-1.32%
2028 Jul.$4.54-1.61%
2028 Aug.$4.47-1.71%
2028 Sep.$4.39-1.72%
2028 Oct.$4.32-1.1%
2028 Nov.$4.23-1.53%
2028 Dec.$4.19-1.55%

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GRWG Stock Forecast 2029

The table below shows the stock price prediction for GRWG.

DatePrice TargetChange
2029 Jan.$4.12-1.58%
2029 Feb.$4.05-1.64%
2029 Mar.$3.98-1.72%
2029 Apr.$3.91-1.90%
2029 May.$3.83-2.18%
2029 Jun.$3.73-2.54%
2029 Jul.$3.60-2.86%
2029 Aug.$3.50-2.82%
2029 Sep.$3.43-2.31%
2029 Oct.$3.36-1.64%
2029 Nov.$3.32-1.13%
2029 Dec.$3.31-0.81%

GRWG Stock Forecast 2030

The table below shows the stock price prediction for GRWG.

DatePrice TargetChange
2030 Jan.$3.27-0.61%
2030 Feb.$3.26-0.48%
2030 Mar.$3.25-0.38%
2030 Apr.$3.22-0.42%
2030 May.$3.21-0.51%
2030 Jun.$3.22-0.41%
2030 Jul.$3.220.09%
2030 Aug.$3.240.55%
2030 Sep.$3.261.03%
2030 Oct.$3.331.72%
2030 Nov.$3.402.54%
2030 Dec.$3.533.35%


How low will GRWG go?

GrowGeneration Corp has a median price target of 5.25, with a high estimate of 15.00 and a low estimate of 3.50 from the 9 analysts who provide 12-month price forecasts.

What is GRWG’s target price?

Stock Price Targets

High: $8.00

Median: $5.13

Low: $3.50

Average: $5.53

Current Price: $5.3200

Will GRWG Stock Recover?

Wall Street analysts predict Growgeneration’s stock price will reach $11.25 by August 5, 2023. The average Growgeneration stock price forecast predicts a potential 125.9% increase from the current GRWG share price of $4.98.

Should I buy or sell GRWG stock right now?

 The stock currently has 5 hold ratings and 1 buy rating. Wall Street research analysts agree that investors should “hold” GRWG. A hold rating indicates/shows that analysts believe investors should keep their existing positions in GRWG but not buy or sell additional shares.


GRWG stock can be bought through any online brokerage account. WeBull, TD Ameritrade, E*TRADE, Vanguard Brokerage Services, Robinhood, Fidelity, and Charles Schwab are among the popular online brokerages with access to the US stock market.

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