7 Best Crypto Trading Bots In Canada

Although you might think these cryptocurrency trading tactics are only appropriate for experienced traders, even new traders can engage in automated crypto trading. Regardless of your trading expertise level, you should pick the best bitcoin trading bot.

We’ve included the best cryptocurrency trading bots in Canada in this article. To give the reader a precise yet simple understanding of what to expect from the bot they choose, we have addressed their definition, features, safety, and costs. Each cryptocurrency bot has a unique and substantial value. Read on for more information.

Key Takeaways

  • What qualifies as the best Canadian crypto trading bots
  • 7 best crypto trading bots in Canada
  • Answers to some of the frequently asked questions on Canadian crypto trading bots

What Qualifies As The Best Canadian Crypto Trading Bots

The following are the most crucial aspects to take into account when looking for the top Canadian cryptocurrency trading bots:


What are the subscription purchasing fees? Your profits will suffer in the long term if the prices are excessive.

Customer service:

One of the most crucial qualities to look for is prompt customer service. Since trading bots are computer algorithms, they could have defects like any other computer program.

Highly adjustable features characterize the ideal Trading Bot:

If a trading bot is going to trade in your place, it needs to be ready for any eventuality. The better, the more possibilities it has.

Support for manual and automated trades:

A trading bot that supports both manual and automated trades gives you greater freedom when you need to take control of the process and make changes.

Select the appropriate bot:

There are many trading bots, including arbitrage, leverage, coin lending, market maker, and leverage trading bots. Before making a choice, specify the type of bot you want.

Exchange compatibility:

If you trade cryptocurrency on various exchanges, be sure the bot you choose is compatible with those exchanges. A trading bot is intended to make trading simpler; if you frequently switch between exchanges to adjust your transactions, you might want to get a new bot.

Choose your strategy with care:

A trading bot is ultimately created to adhere to a set of rules. You’ll lose money if the regulations are vague. Most trading bots present a collection of pre-established trading tactics. Stick with them as you learn more if you’re a newbie.

7 Best Crypto Trading Bots In Canada

You might not know this, but the cryptocurrency bot you select matters. Your decision will affect the profitability of your transactions as well as the number of cryptocurrency exchanges you may interface with.

1. Coinrule

It was developed to allow investors to build and test automated trading systems to take advantage of market possibilities.

Users of the bot have access to more than 150 different automated trading templates, and you can set up triggers so that the bot responds to changes in the market. Additionally, the software is set up to control volatility in a way that maximizes profits.

The bot can be used for free with its Starter package, which enables you to connect to one exchange of your choice and write up to two live rules, two demo rules, seven template strategies, and more. The Hobbyist plan costs $29.99 per month, the Trader plan is $59.99 per month, and the Pro plan is $499.99 per month. There are 3 other premium programs available.


  • Cost of the Basic Package: Free
  • Cost of the Hobbyist Package: $29.99 per month
  • Cost of the Trader Package every month: $59.99
  • Cost of the Pro Package per month: $499.99

Best For

  • Investors that wish to use automated trading benefit from market possibilities.


  • Excellent clientele service.
  • Several pricing tiers with ongoing discounts.
  • There are more than 150 templates available.

2. Cryptohopper

It functions as an addition to some of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Huobi, and Kraken, and it easily integrates with the user interfaces of nine different businesses.

Cryptohopper offers highly customized trading bots and operates on a subscription-based business model rather than charging trading fees. The monthly open positions, or trades, for Cryptohopper’s plans range from 20 to 500, depending on the Plan, from $15 to $85.

Cryptohopper is governed by Cyprus-based CySEC and supports 75 coins across 9 exchanges. The ability to imitate the trading strategies of successful traders through copy trading, a test environment, and a 7-day free trial of the Explorers plan are some of Cryptohopper’s most prominent features.


  • Fees for trading: None
  • Pioneer Plan: Free (20 places available, no triggers).
  • Explorers Plan ($16.58; 60 unfilled slots; 2 triggers)
  • Adventurer Plan ($41.58; 200 unfilled slots; 5 triggers)
  • Hero Plan Plus ($83.25; 500 active positions; 10 triggers)

Welcome Bonus

  • Receive 10% to 15% back when you join up using this link.

Ideal For

  • Seeking highly customized trading bots, whether they are a novice or seasoned investors.


  • Compatible with 9 crypto exchanges
  • 75 cryptocurrencies are accepted
  • Trading Copies
  • Testing Conditions
  • 130+ ready-made tactics
  • Advanced tools: Arbitrage and Backtesting
  • Strategies that can be modified and market signals
  • Supports Trailing Stop Loss, Buy Stop, and Short Buy Stop

3. Pionex

Pionex offers 16 distinct trading bots, including Stop Limit, Dollar Cost Averaging, Grid Trading Bots, and 346 different cryptocurrencies. All of these bots are free to use.

Trading commissions on Pionex are among the lowest available, starting at only 0.05% of each trade. By using this link to sign up for Pionex, new users can make free cryptocurrency deposits, receive up to 20% off trading costs, and gain access to the Grid Bot insurance fund.

Binance, Sumsub, and Simplex, two of the biggest crypto security platforms in the world, are partners with Pionex. It conducts 100 million deals on average daily and was the country’s first exchange to be given a FinCEN money service business license.


  • Trading Bot Charges: Null
  • Fees for trading: 0.05%
  • Bitcoin deposits are free.
  • In Europe, credit card deposits are 3.5%.
  • Outside of Europe, credit card deposits are 4.5%
  • Withdrawal Fee: Varies by cryptocurrency (0.0005 BTC for Bitcoin)

Welcome Bonus

  • Use this link to sign up and receive a 20% commission discount.

Ideal For

  • Looking for a logical, data-driven, hands-off approach to investing for the novice or seasoned investors.


  • 346 cryptocurrencies are accepted
  • 16 no-cost crypto trading bots
  • accessible in 100 nations
  • App for iOS and Android
  • Trading with leverage
  • Using two factors to authenticate (2FA)

4. Trality

With an average daily trading volume of $10 million in just two years, it is interoperable with Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, and Bitpanda.

Trality enables users to build custom trading bots and even earn money from them by selling them in a marketplace. The Code Editor, a web-based Python protocol for programmers, and the Rule Builder, a protocol is containing preset rules and indications that users can use to build a bot without programming, allow users to design their bots.

Trality provides 4 subscriptions, each with 1 to 10 customizable bots, ranging in price from €9.99 to €59.99/month. Your assets are never kept on Trality; they never leave your exchange, and Trality only utilizes APIs to execute orders for you. Trality is protected using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).


  • Fees for trading: None
  • Pawn Plan: Free (1 rented bot, 1 personalized bot
  • Knight Plan: €9.99/mo (1 hired bot, 2 customized bots)
  • Rook Plan: €39.99/mo (1 rental bot, 5 customized bots)
  • Queen Plan: €59.99/mo (1 rental bot, 10 customized bots)

Ideal For

  • Experienced investors who have some knowledge of Python-type programming languages.


  • Tools for Bot Creation: Rule Builder (No programming)
  • Tools for Bot Creation: Code Editor (Python)
  • Over 100 technical indications
  • The Bot Market
  • Internet-based Platform
  • Additional resources: backtesting
  • Able to work with four crypto exchanges

5. Shrimpy

It works with more than 30 cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Bittrex, and Coinbase, as well as 13 wallets, including the Huobi Wallet, 1inch Wallet, and Coinomi.

All Shrimpy users have access to Indexing and Portfolio Rebalancing because Shrimpy was one of the first to introduce them to the cryptocurrency market. A portfolio Backtest and a Copy Trading function are also included. Additionally, indexing may be used to rebalance using various criteria automatically.

Shrimpy also handles and keeps track of your portfolios, keeping them all organized under the Shrimpy Dashboard. Your API key is safely encrypted and saved using hardware security modules that have passed validation under FIPS 140-2 security standards.


  • Fees for trading: None
  • Starter Plan: $15 per month (link 5 exchange accounts
  • Professional Plan: $63 per month (link 10 exchange accounts
  • Enterprise Plan: $299/month (link 25 exchange accounts
  • Welcome Bonus
  • Use this link to sign up and receive a 30% discount.

Ideal For

  • Investors are seeking a full-service Defi with exceptional security and portfolio management.


  • Compatible with 13 wallets and 30 exchanges
  • Rebalancing a portfolio automatically
  • Encryption using FIPS 140-2
  • Portfolio Regression
  • Indexing devices
  • Trading Copies

6. Bitsgap

More than 100 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, are supported, along with over 10,000 trading pairings.

Grid Bots and Futures Bots are the two bot categories that Bitsgap offers. Following your selection of the kind, you may either select one of the pre-existing Buy The Dip Bot and Scalper Bot tactics or build your own bespoke Custom Bot. For Android and iOS, there is also a test environment and an app.

Instead of charging trading fees, Bitsgap provides monthly subscriptions ranging from $29 to $149. Trading expenses are dependent on your exchange. A free 7-day trial period is available for new users to try out all the features. Bitsgap employs 2FA in addition to 2048-bit standard encryption for security.


  • Fees for trading: None
  • Basic Plan: $29 for 2 active trading bots
  • Advanced (5 trading bots in use): $69
  • Pro Plan ($149) (20 active trading bots

Welcome Bonus

  • Use this link to sign up and receive a 30% commission discount.

Ideal For

  • Investors seek the highest level of security and a testing ground for potential investment techniques.


  • Suitable with over 25 cryptocurrency exchanges
  • More than 175 TradingView indicators
  • Over ten thousand trading pairings
  • App for iOS and Android
  • Testing Conditions
  • Supports functions, including Stop, Stop Limit, Limit, and Scaled.

7. TradeSanta

It works with nine or more of the biggest exchanges, including Binance, OKX, and Huobi, and it is accessible on Android and iOS mobile devices.

For bot creators, TradeSanta provides various resources, such as Bot Templates and a Demo Environment. Additionally, developers may earn money from their bots through Mirror Trading, which enables users to mimic the techniques of more seasoned investors or the Bot Marketplace.

TradeSanta provides leveraged trading for the spot and futures markets, two of the most well-liked marketplaces. You can be guaranteed that your money will never leave your exchange since TradeSanta synchronizes with your exchange using APIs and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).


  • Fees for trading: None
  • Basic Plan: $15/month for up to 45 bots
  • Advanced Plan ($27/month) for up to 99 bots
  • Maximum Plan: $35/month for unlimited bots

Welcome Bonus

  • Plans are 20% off when you join up through this link.

Ideal For

Investors seek the highest degree of security, and bot creators want to profit from their creations.


  • Trading with leverage (Spot and Futures trading)
  • Mobile application accessible on iOS and Android
  • Compatible with nine or more bitcoin exchanges
  • Robotics market
  • Inverse Trading

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The top seven Canadian cryptocurrency bots have been covered. However, you have access to a wide variety of other bots.

We’ve covered a sufficient number of functions and cost considerations with these seven, allowing you to easily compare different bots and select the one that best meets your requirements.

If you’re still unsure, we advise you to take advantage of the free trial periods and find out for yourself. We think the best bot for you is the one that precisely satisfies your needs and meets your budget. It would help if you didn’t overlook Pionex’s free cryptocurrency trading bots.


Is Bot Trading Legal In Canada?

Yes. Cryptocurrency, digital currencies, and crypto trading bots are all permitted in Canada.

Can Canadians Use Pionex?

The Platform is not intended for distribution to, or use by, any individual in any country, including but not limited to Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, or Ontario of Canada, where doing so would violate local laws on the release of information.

How Much Does Pionex Cost?

The maker and taker fees on Pionex are now fixed at 0.05% of your total deal value. When your deal closes, your payment is deducted from the entire outstanding balance deposited into your account.

If you’re a trader with a significant volume, you might want to apply for the Market Maker program at Pionex.

What Is The Minimum Deposit For Pionex?

There is no required down payment.

What Is The Most Profitable Bot In Pionex?

By trading in cryptocurrencies on your behalf, Pionex’s bots assist you in making money for a small trading charge of 0.05%. The Grid Trading Bot, which enables you to sell high and purchase low, is one of its most well-liked bots.

Can Pionex Be Trusted?

Pionex utilizes the security features of high-level exchanges like Binance and Huobi by keeping its money on those platforms. Additionally, FinCEN has granted it an MSB license. These attributes make the broker safe to use.

Is Pionex Trading Bot Free?

The creation of an account and access to all 16 of Pionex’s trading bots are both free. The trading fees are exceptionally minimal, at only 0.05% for each trade, so that you may optimize your profits.

You can learn more from the video below:

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