10 Best Payday Loans Online With No Credit Check With Instant Approval In Canada

This article will provide you with the best payday loans online with no credit check with instant approval in Canada, their pros and cons, how payday loans work in Canada, and some frequently asked questions.

A no credit check loan is a short-term borrowing in which a lender does not check credit history or report when lending money. Therefore, applications are not refused because of a bad credit score, nor will the loan impact record. 


  • You will understand how payday loans with no credit check work in Canada
  • A list of payday loans with no credit check in Canada, along with their pros and cons 
  • The best payday loans for you to choose from.
  • Answers to some frequently asked questions on the best payday loans with no credit check in Canada
best payday loans online with no credit check with instant approval in Canada

How payday loans with no credit check work in Canada 

When people apply for loans without a credit check, the lender doesn’t pull people’s credit reports as a prerequisite. Instead, they rely on other factors, such as residency and income, to decide. 

People need to remember that just because a lender doesn’t check their credit doesn’t mean they will approve a loan without much thought. 

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10 Best Payday loans online with no credit check with instant approval in Canada 

Below is a list of the 10 best payday loans with no credit check with instant approval in Canada.

1. Captain Cash 

Captain Cash is a Canadian lender that provides some of the best online loans with no credit checks and instant approval in Canada. By applying for a loan with the Captain Cash lender, you get a paperless application, a flexible repayment term of up to three months, and fast email money transfers.


  • It offers a long repayment period
  • Unsecured loans
  • Ability to defer payments 


  • Self-employed people don’t qualify
  • Small amounts available for a 1st loan 

2. GetMyPayToday 

GetMyPayToday enables people to qualify quickly and receive a loan of over 2,000 within an hour. All people need to do is provide proof of address, photo identification, and their last 3 bank statements, and they are good to go. Following their approval, the money will arrive in their account shortly. 


  • An immediate response from brokers
  • SSL website encryption 
  • The platform has no hidden fees


  • It has high-interest rates
  • People can’t apply for 2 loans simultaneously

3. Instant Payday 

Those looking for loans in Canada with bad credit can take advantage of this lender’s hassle-free applications, appealing rates, and fast payouts. 

For convenience, the lender has streamlined the lending process and eliminated storefront locations. Loan approvals happen in as little as 12 minutes, while returning borrowers can get their money within minutes of the application by Interac Email transfers.  


  • Fast, easy, and simple
  • Helpful customer support team
  • Quick money transfers to borrowers


  • Unappealing website interface (not encouraging)
  • No unique features in the platform

4. Cash4You 

Cash4You lender is a one-stop-shop for short-term loans with no credit check and a good money solution because the platform offers installment loans, credit boosts, payday loans, and cheque cashing.

With more than 100 physical locations, people can apply online and in person. And since the lender doesn’t do credit checks, people can get approved in minutes.


  • Hassle-free cash and transparent
  • Clear terms/conditions
  • No additional fees or charges


  • Not available in all provinces (limited)
  • No information on the platform security measures

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5. iCash

iCash is one of Canada’s best places to go for a loan with no credit check. The icash lender guarantees fast, easy, and safe loans with online applications, zero implications on credit, flexible repayment terms, no paperwork, and a five-day grace period. 


  • It has high approval odds 
  • The lender practice instant funding
  • No pre-payment penalties


  • High-interest fees/rates
  • Short term repayment

6. Pay2day 

With thirty-two locations in Canada and 24/7 customer service, it’s no surprise that many borrowers think of Pay2day lenders when they need loans in less than 24 hours.

The Pay2day lender does a great job of attracting people. Namely, people can get a first cheque cashed for free and a free $300 cash advance. 


  • It offers a generous referral program
  • No fees are charged on the first cheque
  • Physical locations and easy to locate


  • Not available in all provinces (limited)
  • The cost of loans is high

7. Simple Credit 

Simple credit is one of Canada’s best references for financial endorsement. With 96 percent customer satisfaction and many loans available, it’s no surprise that the Simple Credit lender has contributed much to online lending.

Namely, the application and approval process is easy, fast, and convenient for individual needs. 


  • Compare lender endorsements 
  • Great customer service
  • It offers a cashback program


  • High fees/charges
  • Application is mostly by fax 

8. Money Mart 

If people want to pay loans online with no credit check, they should look no further than Money Mart. The Money Mart lender is the only lender on the list that presented a bonus for applying.

With the current offer was a chance to win $10,000, and the last offer was a chance to win a $100 eGift card. Plus, borrowers will benefit from an easy and secure application and no hidden fees. 


  • The platform offers Instant funding
  • Lenient eligibility requirements 
  • No pre-payment charges


  • High interest
  • High charges   

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9. Deposit My Cash Now 

Deposit My Cash Now is different from the other lenders mentioned on this list, mainly due to their substantial loan amounts of up to $3,000. Therefore, if people are looking for larger payday loans with no credit checks straightforward applications, and no need to provide documents, people should consider Deposit My Cash Now. 


  • High loan 
  • Fast deposits to borrowers
  • Professional customer care/service team


  • Poor email response rate
  • High service charge

10. Credito 

Credito is said to be the lender with the best loyalty benefits; it pays the utmost attention to its customer base. Not only does the platform provide a loan without a credit check to people who need it, but it also decreases the interest rate with every subsequent loan, from 26 percent on their first to 15 percent on their third loan.  


  • The platform has no hidden fees
  • It gives rewards to loyal customers
  • The platform has a flexible method of payment and frequencies


  • The platform fee is high
  • Its services are slow


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Applying for a loan with no credit check in Canada can be helpful if the person needs money fast and has bad credit.

By analyzing the compiled list of the best online loans with no credit check providers, people can decide which lender is best for their financial needs. 

Finally, people should always consider the pros and cons of no credit check loans before applying and read the terms and conditions before applying.


Does PAY2DAY do a credit check?

No! PAY2DAY doesn’t do a credit check.

What apps give loans instantly?

iCash is one of Canada’s best places to go for a loan with no credit check.

Does iCASH do a credit check?

iCASH performs a credit check as part of its loan application and approval process. Having bad or poor credit shouldn’t stop a person from applying for an instant loan with iCASH. 

How fast is CashnGo?

Upon approval of the application, the money will be transferred within seconds. People can nominate to load their funds onto their CashnGo Eftpos Card (if they have one) or into their bank account.

How long does iCASH take to approve?

Completing an iCASH application may take from 10 to 30 minutes. Once the person has applied, it will be reviewed and evaluated.

Is iCASH free?

No, it isn’t 

How do I pay iCASH?

To pay back an iCASH loan, people need to authorize the lenders to withdraw the funds directly from their bank account. That way, on each date set in the loan agreement, the lenders will draw the interest rate and principal specified in the contract.

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