Truebill Review: What You Need To Know Before Signing Up

This article will discuss the Truebill review and all you need to know about the app before signing up. Truebill is a financial application that enables users to manage their finances and improve their financial lifestyle.

Key Takeaway In This Article

•Understanding the pros and cons of Truebill.
• How Truebill works and its essential features.
• The best alternatives as compared to Truebill.
• Explicit answers to frequently asked questions on Truebill.

Truebill Review

What Is Truebill App?

Truebill app is an application that enables specific users to manage their finances. It suitably assists users in conducting numerous payment transactions while canceling any subscription which may be of no use to them.

How Does Truebill Works?

Truebill works as an application that efficiently helps to reduce the expenses spent on various bills and subscriptions such as Netflix, Spotify, and Apple Music. Truebill connects to a specific user’s account and automatically analyzes the transactions for different subscriptions.

Once the application extracts your list of subscriptions, you can decide which subscription to maintain and the ones you no longer require. Also, the application helps one to receive multiple discounts on bills paid.

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The Features Of Truebill

Truebill is an application that effectively and suitably helps to control a user’s finances while assisting with various benefits. Some of the features of Truebill include;

  • Management Of Subscription

One of the significant features of Truebill is that it helps users to manage their subscriptions and payments. The app helps to determine the various subscriptions you are signed on while giving you the privilege of either cancelling or continuing a specific subscription.

  • Pay Advance

Another feature of Truebill is that it provides one with access to advance payment. Once the app notices that you are at risk of overdrawing your bank account, it will notify you and even offer up to a $100 advance payment. Once you receive your paycheck, the pay advance will be returned to Truebill.

  • Spending Insights

Truebill provides its users with a breakdown of all their spending on the application. It further provides advice on the best way to improve one’s spending and notifies a user even if their balance is insufficient.

  • Truebill Cost/Pricing

Individuals can comfortably download and use the Truebill application to pay diverse subscriptions or bills. The application offers a Free (Lite) and Premium account, but the Free account is limited to some features compared to the Premium account. The Premium account’s price depends on what model you intend to acquire. One can spend between $3 to $12 monthly on Truebill with an optional payment of $36 or $38 yearly.

Pros Of Truebill

Truebill is an application that suitably helps to control the payments made by a specific user. Below are the pros of Truebill.

• Truebill is an excellent application that an individual can afford.

• Truebill provides users with multiple features, including savings and budgeting features.

• Truebill offers an individual the privilege of canceling a specific subscription while providing a bill negotiation service.

• Truebill offers an advance payment service to users at risk of overdrawing from their respective accounts.

Cons Of Truebill

Despite the enormous benefits attached to the usage of Truebill, there are still some negatives. Below are the cons of Truebill.

• A user would need to pay before Truebill can be upgraded to the Premium account, which has numerous features.

• A user would pass through many steps before canceling a Truebill Premium subscription.

• A user would still be required to pay for a bill negotiation after the regular membership fees.

What You Need To Know About Truebill

Truebill is a top application that is designed to provide financial-based assistance to its users in the form of reducing bills payment and canceling various subscriptions. The application is available on Android and Apple, and interested individuals can download it from the Play Store. Below are some of the things you need to know about Truebill.

  • Truebill Manages User’s Finance

The Truebill application helps users manage their financial spending in aspects such as bills and subscriptions. Once installed, it helps to scan through the transactions made and the various subscription attached to one’s account.

  • Truebill Negotiates Bills Payment

Another thing you need to know about Truebill is that it suitably helps users negotiate their bills paid. However, for these benefits, one would still be required to pay 40% of the savings made on the bill.

  • More Features Attract More Fees

The Truebill application can be downloaded from the Play Store and used for various payments, but users need to pay more to enjoy more features. The Premium accounts give one the comfort of accessing multiple features.

  • Advance Payment Service

Truebill assists its users in providing advance payment for their various subscriptions if they run out of funds. The app helps to notify a user when they are at risk of overdrawing their accounts and offers a pay advance to cover this urgent need.

How To Get Truebill

Truebill is an app that provides numerous financial benefits to users. The financial app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The application is available for both Android and iOS device users.

For an individual to enjoy the services provided by Truebill, one would need to download the application, provide personal details and create a secure password. After that, you would link your account to the app before starting to make payments.

The Best Truebill Alternatives

Like Truebill, there are numerous other financial management applications that one can utilize to make payments. Some of the best Truebill alternatives include;

• Cushion

The cushion app is an excellent application that helps to settle diverse financial fees on user’s behalf. The app automatically scans one’s account and helps to handle different charges.

• Revuto

Revuto is another application that helps an individual to control their individual subscriptions. The application leverages Cardano’s crypto asset “ADA” and helps im make payments.


SQUEEZE is a financial-based application designed and launched by the finance company Squeeze. The application offers to manage one’s spending and savings and carefully manages various debts.


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Truebill is a top application that individuals can considerably use for the management of their finance. The application has a lot of benefits attached to its usage, which one can enjoy. We hope this article provides enough information on Truebill reviews. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.


Below are the frequently asked questions and answers on Truebill.

Can Truebill Be Trusted?

Yes, Truebill can be trusted.

Is Truebill Worth Using?

Yes, Truebill is worth being used, given the vast features and benefits it provides.

How Much Does Truebill Cost Monthly?

Truebill costs between $3 to $12 monthly.

Is There An App Better Than Truebill?

Yes, there are apps better than Truebill, which include Cushion, ApexEdge, and SQUEEZE.

Is There A Free Version Of Truebill?

Yes, there’s a free version, but it’s limited to numerous features.

Is Mint Or Truebill Better?

Truebill is better compared to Mint due to the numerous features it offers.

Can Truebill Lower Bills?

Yes, Truebill can help to lower a user’s bills.

How Does Truebill Find Your Subscriptions?

Truebill finds your subscriptions by analyzing your bank account and credit card information.

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