How To Get A Quick Loan From Access Bank 

This article focuses on the Access bank loan and how to get it. This article gives complete details on what an Access bank loan is, the type of loan offered by the bank, the requirement to get this loan, and the process of how to get the loan.

A bank loan is a debt that a borrower owes to a bank. It’s an agreement between the bank and the borrower about a certain amount of money that the bank will lend to the borrower and then pay back in specific increments at a specified interest rate.

What is an Access Bank Loan?

Getting a loan anywhere in the world is inevitable, whether from an institution or a loved one; 92% of people probably have a story where they had to obtain a loan. 

The Access bank loan is a loan designed to finance that need that made people request it in the first place. Below is a list of the type of loans offered by Access Bank

  •  The creative Sector Loans: This kind of loan is a Central Bank of Nigeria loan that is designed for building and provision of employment for people and businesses in industries like movie production, fashion, information technology and distribution, music, and so on.
  • Lending Against Turnover (LATO): This type of loan is an instant loan product that targets non-salary account holders who have a relationship with the bank for over 6 months and above. This type of loan requires no collateral or documentation from the recipient and lasts for 30 days. People can conveniently apply for this type of loan using the Access Bank USSD loan code – *901*11*1#.
  • Personal loan: the personal loan is a type of loan that targets employees to empower the needs of the employees through a salary administration product. The loan is flexible and lasts for 3 years/36 months.
  • Salary Advance: The Access Bank salary advance provides employees with access to up to 100 percent of the employee’s net monthly salary. This type of loan requires no collateral or documentation and can easily be applied through the Access bank quick bucks app or USSD code. The borrower is expected to repay the loan within 3months.
  • The Small Ticket Personal Loan: Access Bank offers up to 400 percent of the borrower’s net monthly salary for this kind of loan. The borrower will be expected to repay this loan within 1 year/12 months.
  • The W Power Loan: This loan is a unique Access Bank loan that helps close the financing gap for female-owned businesses. The W Power Loan provides borrowers access to loans and credit facilities.
  • Advance for School Fees: As a parent, you are eligible to borrow to pay your ward/child’s school fees. This loan also allows borrowers to borrow to pay for certifications and professional courses.
  • Device Finance: This loan is an Access Bank loan scheme designed to help borrowers finance the purchase of mobile devices.
  • MHSS (Maternal Health Service Support): This loan is designed to finance fertility and birth-related procedures.
  • Vehicle Finance: If a person has been looking for a way to acquire a new car, an Access bank vehicle finance loan is a good option. The bank gives the borrower the money they need to make this happen. This type of loan is open to salary earners, SME owners, and corporate organizations. Borrowers can access a wide variety of vendors, and they are to pay back the loan within 48 months.

How Access bank loan works

Access Bank loan is eligible for repayment either by 30 days from the day you take the loan or by your next salary payment. Borrowers don’t have to go through any process to repay this loan; the loan amount is automatically deducted from your salary bank account.

Access Bank Loan Requirements

 Below is a list of the Access bank loan requirement 

1. To secure the creative sector loan, borrowers need a business plan or a statement of how much they need for their business

2. For the LATO loan, salary advance loan, and small ticket personal loan, borrowers need a phone number that is linked to their BVN and evidence that they received salary payment in the previous month

3. To secure a personal loan, borrowers need a complete application form, a complete employer’s confirmation form, a copy of their employment ID, BVN, and a letter of lien and credit checks.

4. To secure a W power loan, the business must be 50 percent female-owned, the business must have been in operation for a minimum of 12 months, and a minimum staff strength of two people

5. To secure an advance for school fees, borrowers need a duly complete application form, a duly accepted offer letter, school fees invoice/bill in the name of the student, a valid ID card, and a recent utility bill in the last three months

How to get a Quick Loan from Access Bank – a Step-by-Step Guide

The process of borrowing money from Access bank using the USSD code is known as the payday loan service. To get a loan from the bank using the USSD code, dial *901*11*1# and follow the instructions below.

  • Ensure you have an account with the bank 
  • Register for the Bank (Access bank) mobile banking app
  • Get the bank mobile banking authentication token/pin
  • Link your mobile phone number to your Access bank account 
  • Dial the Access bank USSD loan code – *901*11*1#
  • Then follow the instruction on your phone screen to request a loan 

How to get a Loan Using the Access bank Application  

  • Download the Access bank mobile application on the App store or Google play store
  • Create an account/sign up on the app
  • Click on the menu button and click on loans and investments. 
  • Click on the payday loan option.
  • Read the terms and conditions that will appear on your screen; if you are comfortable with the terms and conditions, click on accept button. 
  • Enter the amount you wish to borrow and tap on the request loan button
  • The bank would disburse the loan into the account within 1 day if the application process were a success. 

If you wish to borrow money from Access bank in a bank branch when you get there, the staff will instruct you on what to do and the necessary procedures to take.

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Access Bank Loan Code

Borrowers can access the Access bank payday loan code using the Access bank USSD code – *901*11*1#.

Code to Check your Access Bank Loan Balance

Borrowers can access the Access bank payday loan code using the Access bank USSD code – *901*11#; after dialing this code, a different option will surface, then you can choose the option you want.

Access Bank Customer Care Line 

The Access bank customer care line is – 01 280 2500

How to pay Back Access Bank Loan Balance

When borrowers receive a loan from Access bank, they will duly inform them how to repay it.

For most of the products, borrowers will pay monthly installments after about thirty days of receipt. This amount is automatically deducted from their account every month to save them from the stress of visiting the banks.


Does Access bank have a loan App?

Yes, Access bank has a loan app. The Access bank loan app is an app that is designed to help Access bank users to request loans quickly anytime they need quick cash. The loan app is called QuickBooks.

What is the interest rate of the Access bank loan?

The Access bank loan interest does not have a fixed rate; the interest rate depends on the type of loan the person is applying for

What is the USSD code for Access bank loans?

Individuals can conveniently apply for a loan using the Access Bank loan code *901*11*1#.

Can Access bank give loans without collateral?

The Access Bank salary advance provides employees with access to up to 100 percent of the employee’s net monthly salary. This type of loan requires no collateral or documentation and can easily be applied through the Access bank quick bucks app or USSD code. The borrower is expected to repay the loan within 3months.

How can I get a 300k loan?

Yes, borrowers can get up to 300k loan on the Access bank loan app 

What is the easiest loan to get approved for?

  The bank can quickly approve all loans if you have the required documentation and you are also an account holder in the bank.

Which bank gives the fastest personal loan?

  •   Access bank
  • GT bank 
  • First bank 
  • Zenith bank
  • Wema bank
  • UBA
  • Fidelity

What is the name of the Access bank loan app?

The Access bank loan app is called QuickBooks.


To secure a loan in Access bank, you need a solid financial plan showing what your business entails. The plan should introduce you, the business goal, and what the business is about.

Your business plan should be able to state your business goals, mission, and how you plan to run it to achieve all the objectives stated in your plan.

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