Polygon Crypto Vs Ethereum: Why is Polygon Faster than Ethereum

This article will discuss Polygon crypto Vs Ethereum and why Polygon is faster than Ethereum.

Polygon crypto “MATIC” is the native asset of Polygon, a scaling solution that runs and allows for fast transactions, while Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain with smart contract functionality.

Polygon Crypto Review

Polygon is a massive solution to fast transactions with lesser fees than the Ethereum blockchain.

Its native crypto asset “MATIC” helps for staking and trading activities; it has a market cap of $3.4 billion with a considerable amount currently in circulation.

Polygon significantly helps handle the issue of high fees on the Ethereum blockchain, and it helps in facilitating low-cost transactions.

Given the features and benefits, Polygon’s crypto asset “MATIC” is hugely purchased by traders and investors.

Polygon Crypto Vs Ethereum
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Solana Crypto Review

Solana functions as both a blockchain and a crypto asset that seeks to provide more scalability.

The network has numerous technologies to enable users to conduct fast-paced transactions.

Solana crypto sufficiently helps solve the issues of speed in concluding transactions and the number of transactions to handle.

According to developers, Solana can handle more transactions than other popular assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Also, it is relatively better in aspects such as fast transaction execution and fees charged for activities.

Understanding the Polygon Blockchain

Polygon consists of various protocols targeted at fixing the scalability issues faced on Ethereum.

It helps in handling numerous crypto transactions in a fast-paced manner. Ethereum is tasked with a lot of congestion leading to lesser executed transactions per second with the inclusion of higher gas fees.

Polygon has significantly helped to handle these issues as it processes transactions on side chains.

Through Polygon, a large number of transactions can be handled per second with relatively lower fees which are better than Ethereum.

Aside from this, Polygon has numerous other benefits as it can be used to integrate Plasma Chain, ZK Rollups, Proof of Stake (P.O.S), and Optimistic Rollups.

Polygon, through its scaling solutions, helps for secure, safe, and fewer fees on transactions. Polygon is well considered the best scaling solution now.

The Difference Between Polygon and Ethereum Blockchain

Polygon and Ethereum are both top crypto assets, with Ethereum rated as the second best after Bitcoin.

Polygon is seen as a huge solution to the scalability issues faced by Ethereum. Below is the difference between them.

  • Rank

Polygon is currently ranked at no. 14 on the list of top crypto assets based on market capitalization.

Ethereum is currently the second largest crypto asset behind the most popular crypto asset, “Bitcoin.”

  • Consensus

Polygon offers a consensus based on Proof of Stake (P.O.S), with which users can earn rewards in the form of Polygon crypto. Ethereum remains a Proof of Work (Po W) which allows miners to participate in its consensus.

  • Transaction Speed

Polygon is fast and quick in concluding various crypto-related transactions on time. Ethereum is relatively slower when it comes to executing various transactions as a result of congestion.

  • Scalability

Polygon is a more advanced and scalable network that offers more improved levels of transaction speed. Ethereum’s scalability level is low; it can only conclude 12-15 transactions per second.

  • Fees

Polygon has lesser and more comfortable fees on transactions with an average of $0.002 in 2021, and Ethereum charges a hefty amount typically on transactions through its network.

Polygon Vs Ethereum Transactions Fee

Polygon network is mainly known for its speed in conducting various crypto-related transactions compared to Ethereum. Below are the transaction fees on Polygon and Ethereum.

  • Polygon: The transaction fees on Polygon range from $0.1 to $0.5.
  • Ethereum: The transaction fees on Ethereum are estimated to be 0.00065 ETH or equivalently to $0.695.


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5 Major Reasons Why Polygon is Faster than Ethereum

Polygon is considered the best solution to the issues faced on the Ethereum blockchain regarding the speed at which transactions are executed. Below are 5 of the major reasons why Polygon is faster than Ethereum.

#1. Usage of Diverse Technologies

One of the reasons why Polygon is faster than Ethereum is because of the usage of diverse technologies.

Polygon is a considerable solution to scalability issues, and through diverse technologies, it has helped massively in transaction speed.

#2. Flexibility in Incorporating Scalability Solutions

Polygon is faster than Ethereum due to its ease of incorporating diverse scalability solutions. Polygon makes it easy for an individual to conduct transactions in a fast pace manner.

#3. It’s Consensus Mechanism

Another reason why Polygon is faster than Ethereum is because of its consensus mechanism.

Polygon’s consensus mechanism can complete the confirmation of transactions in a single block, making it faster to utilize.

#4. Polygon’s In-built Architecture

The in-built architecture of Polygon makes it faster than Ethereum. Polygon is designed with the best of features to handle scalability issues and also makes for smooth conduction of transactions.

#5. Provision of Interoperability

One of the reasons why Polygon is faster than Ethereum is because of its interoperability provision.

Polygon sufficiently provides a network that helps ease the exchange and usage of the past and present infrastructure of Ethereum.


Below are some frequently asked questions and answers on Polygon crypto vs. Ethereum.

How is Polygon Faster?

As a result of the processing of numerous transactions in a fast-paced manner, Polygon is faster than numerous other networks.

Is Polygon a Competitor to Ethereum?

No, Polygon is not a competitor to Ethereum.

Why is Solana Faster than Ethereum?

Solana is faster than Ethereum because of its transaction speed, and it’s faster concluding various crypto-related transactions.

Who Would Benefit From Using Polygon?

Traders and investors would benefit from using Polygon as it helps for the faster conclusion of transactions and at a lower cost.

Is Polygon Good Crypto?

Yes, Polygon is a good crypto asset available for investment. However, one should research and invest what they can afford to lose.

Does Polygon Use Ethereum?

Yes, Polygon is a scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain; it works on the Ethereum platform and helps for fast-paced transaction speed.

Who is Behind Polygon Matic?

Polygon’s Matic was formed by three founders, Jaynti Kanani, Sandeep Nailwal, and Anurag Arjun.

Is Polygon Worth Investing in?

Yes, Polygon is worth investing in as it has the potential to be the next big thing in the crypto market.

Is Polygon an Ethereum Killer?

No, Polygon intends to become an Ethereum Saver; it seeks to help for faster transaction conclusions.

How Does Polygon Matic Make Money?

Polygon’s Matic makes money through staking.

Are Polygons Safe?

Yes, Polygons are very safe; numerous features are in place to ensure they are secured.

How Long do Polygon Transactions Take?

Transactions on the Polygon network usually take 2 seconds to confirm.

Is Polygon a Coin or Token?

Polygon is an Ethereum token.

Polygon and Ethereum are currently two of the best networks for crypto-related transactions.

Despite the issues faced on the Ethereum blockchain, traders and investors can use Polygon as it’s favorable in conducting transactions and at a lesser rate.

We hope this article will provide you with essential information on Polygon and Ethereum. Kindly visit our comment section for your view and opinions.

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