Onyx Forex Review 2022: Is Onyx Forex Legit

This article will discuss the Onyx Forex review and if it is legit for usage and consideration. Onyx Forex is an Australian company formed to teach interested individuals the basics of trading and how to trade.

What is Onyx Forex?

Onyx Forex is a leading trading educational company that seekers to assist beginner traders with vital information and tutorials on trading.

The company, headed by Nick Deflorio, was created to help those traders with no experience and struggling to make successful trades.

Onyx Forex

Who is Nick Deflorio?

Nick Deflorio is the owner and head of Onyx Forex, trading and educational providing company.

The 25 years old, who started trading in 2016, has expressed his goal of educating beginner and struggling traders to become successful in trading.

Is Onyx Forex Legit?

Yes, Onyx Forex is a good trading educational company that seeks to help traders with diverse courses to broaden their knowledge of trading.

Onyx Forex’s training activities mainly target beginner or struggling traders who do not have easy trading.

However, this is not a piece of advice, as you would still need to research and gather information on the company and its activities before making any decision.

Onyx Fx Platinum Review and Ratings

Onyx Fx Platinum is a trading material meant to assist traders in gaining vital trading experience and knowledge.

The platinum trading accelerator helps to guide beginner traders to increase their knowledge of trading in a short time with their framework for success which consists of:

  • Technical Edge

Through this strategy, a trader can use technical analysis to find probability trades using a rule-based approach.

  • Risk Management

Through this, traders are taught how to manage risk to avoid excess capital loss. They provide lessons on risk management plans that traders can consider using while conducting their trades.

  • Trading Plan and Trader Psychology

Traders are taught how to execute various trading plans after confirming with various theories and technical sides to trade.

According to various information on Onyx Fx Platinum, it is considered a good and vital educational training that helps beginner traders to gain in-depth knowledge.

The Onyx Fx Platinum has a rating of 4.7, which shows a good review of its application and usage.

What to Know About Onyx Forex Webinar

Onyx Forex is an educational trading company that focuses on helping those traders who are just starting and struggling to make better trades.

The company offers an educational webinar to assist traders in understanding vital trading areas and becoming successful.

The available course covers compounding growth and a low-risk reward strategy, which the founder of Onyx Forex “Nick Deflorio” and his team of experts utilize in their trading activities.

There is currently a free trading webinar for beginner traders looking to gain experience and mentorship from diverse experienced and senior traders in Nick’s team.

Also, this training involves a virtual platform with all the tools to practice executing professional trading strategies in 15 to 30 minutes daily.


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The Pros of Onyx Forex

Onyx Forex is a trading company Nick Deflorio founded to help traders conduct better trades, learn more about trading, and use various trading strategies. Below are some of the pros of Onyx Forex.

  • Educational Materials

Onyx Forex is an educational trading company that intends to help traders understand more about the basics of trading. The company suitably offers various educational materials for learning that traders can utilize.

  • E-learning Platform

One of the benefits of Onyx Forex is that they offer beginner traders access to their e-learning platform, which can be easily accessible to practice their various trading activities.

  • Personal Tuition

The educational company provides not just online courses and educational materials that traders can use to learn, and they further provide support through their team of experts.

  • Mentorship

The educational trading company “Onyx Forex” suitably offers its members access to their mentorship program. Through this, traders can get trading guidance from the best trading experts in their team.

Cons of Onyx Forex

Even though Onyx Forex is an excellent educational company that seeks to help struggling traders or traders without experience. There are some negatives attached to the company, which include:

  • Their Course is Expensive

One of the disadvantages of Onyx Forex is the cost of their trading educational course. The company charges a huge amount from subscribers or members who intend to obtain educational courses.

  • There are no Refunds

The educational trading company “Onyx Forex” does not offer refunds to its subscribers or group members. Any money paid for any course or material can not be refunded to the individual who made the payment.

  • Their Live Webinar Seems Fake

There are a lot of claims that Onyx Forex’s live webinars conducted by the founder “Nick Deflorio” is fake. Some of their subscribers have voiced their displeasure at the level of videos posted as a live webinar, whereas they are already pre-recorded.

  • Fake Reviews

There are claims that some of the subscriber’s reviews on Onyx Forex are being removed by the founder “Nick Deflorio” or his team of members. Also, there are considerations that fake reviews are being posted on their platform to promote their common activities further.

Onyx Forex is an educational company founded by “Nick Deflorio” to help struggling or startup traders in their trading activities.

There’s no confirming information on its legit status, as there are equally good and bad reviews on the company. Ensure to research and do not make any decision without being comfortable.

We hope this article will help provide enough information on the company. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.

Watch the video below to know more about the Onyx Forex:

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