How to Sell Your Coin Online For Cash

“You’ve been in the crypto game for a while now, and you don’t know how to sell your coin online. You have a few thousand dollars worth of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or whatever other coins it is that you invest in.

What do you do? The first step is to find an online exchange where you can sell your cryptocurrency for cash.” Read on to learn more about how to sell a coin online.

“The next step is to figure out how much money you want to be transferred into your bank account after making the trade. If any fees apply, be sure they are included here as well.

Once all the information has been stored and verified by both parties, hit ‘Confirm Trade,’ and this will make everything official.” this blog post will help to give some insight on how to sell a coin online.

How to Sell Your Coin Online
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List of 5 Best Places to Sell Your Coin Online

Note that the process of how to sell a coin online differs from platform to platform. The following are the list of places to sell your coins:

  • Heritage Auctions – A consignment scheme for coins (previously Teletrade) • Stack’s Bowers – Certified coin and currency auctions
  • eBay – You can see all of the current coin auctions here.
  • CoinWorld – They offer a coin classifieds forum online.
  • Facebook – There are numerous buy/sell/trade coin pages on Facebook, including this one.

The Best Apps to Value Coins

The following are the list of the best ten apps to value coins

  • The United States MintPCGS CoinFacts
  • Newman Numismatic Portal
  • NGC World Price Guide
  • Heritage Auctions
  • Great Collections
  • Mint Error News
  • American Numismatic Association
  • Kitco Bullion Prices

Where to Lookup the Value of Coins Before Selling

Coin collecting is a pleasant hobby, but collectors want to know how much their coins are worth. This could be motivated by curiosity or a desire to invest in coins.

Whatever your motivation for collecting, start by identifying the coin type and its condition.

You can then cross-reference this data with value lists found online and in print if you want to acquire an accurate value for your coin. You can also use the following Methods:


Doing Research

  • Pin down the coin’s origin and date. 
  • Inspect the coin to determine its condition. 
  • Check coin value lists online
  • Consult a coin value book. 
  • Account for any particular factors


Working with an Appraiser

  • Join a numismatics group. 
  • Have your coin officially appraised
  • Go to a numismatics trade show. 

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The procedure for selling cryptocurrencies on the Trust wallet app varies depending on the coin. However, while selling large crypto coins like BNB and Bitcoin is relatively simple, we’ll go over how to sell Safesun, one of the many meme coins in the crypto realm.

To sell Safemoon or any other cryptocurrency with a low market cap on Trust Wallet. The steps listed below should be followed.

On your Android or iOS device, open the Trust wallet app.

Your decentralized applications (Dapps) are at the bottom of your screen if you’re using an Android device.

Your Trust wallet android application will display a list of your decentralized applications if you select the Dapps tab.

Wallet Connect, which uses a QR code, is a more straightforward method.

We’ll be using Pancakeswap as our decentralized application of choice in this tutorial, so if you’ve used it before, it’ll appear in the History tab section. Otherwise, Pancakeswap can be found under “New DApps.”

Pancakeswap is also under the popular tab, as most people choose to swap their tokens there.

  • Step 1: Click Pancakeswap to go to the Panckaswap page and exchange your Safemoon tokens for BNB. It’s always a good idea to convert meme tokens to BNB, especially if you want to use Binance’s bright chain of centralized exchanges like Binance.
  • Step 2: On the Pancake switch Dapp, choose the coin you want to trade, in this case, Safemoon, and the amount you want to swap. Click “Max” if you’re going to alter all of your Safemoon.
  • Step 3: After that, choose a currency to swap and specify the slippage tolerance. Slippage is when trades are conducted above or below the declared or quoted price, and it is frequently caused by solid market volatility.
  • Step 4. After you’ve specified your slippage tolerance and chosen your preferred currency, such as BNB, click Approve Safemoon and wait for Pancakeswap to approve it.
  • Step 5: After you’ve been approved, click Swap to convert your Safemoon coins to BNB.
  • Step 6: A “Transaction submitted” pop-up will appear. Your Safemoon will appear in your account as BNB as the transaction is done.
  • Step 7. Now that our Safemoon coins have been converted to BNB, you can send BNB tokens to your Binance exchange account by entering your Binance address in the Recipient address box and trading BNB with any stable coin you wish.

In addition, depending on your jurisdiction and the services that Binance offers in your area, you can withdraw Binance coin for currency.

If you want to convert crypto, consider that transaction costs are involved. Binance makes it simple to sell crypto for cash, as it provides both P2P and direct withdrawal options to your bank account.

There are five simple steps to selling a coin online for cash.

First, list the best place to sell a coin online and how they work.

Second, identify which app to use when valuing your coins before listing them on an exchange or marketplace.

Third, look up the value of each coin before you start trading so that you know what it’s worth at any given time. Fourth, find out where how to sell a coin online. To get the most money back from each trade-in transaction (several options).

Finally, after following these tips carefully and investing wisely over time, invest in Trust Wallet because this is one of few wallets with low fees for getting cryptocurrency into fiat currency quickly by using their conversion rate service.

I hope this article helps; if you have any questions about how to sell a coin online, comment below.

Watch the video below to learn how to sell your coin online for cash:

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