Top 10 Best Forex Calendar App for Forex Traders

In this article, we will be talking about the forex calendar app.

The Forex calendar app is one of the critical tools in Forex trading, which opens the market up to novices. The prices of currency pairs do not move up and down completely randomly.

Their values are influenced by many political, social, economic, and environmental factors every day. The Forex calendar app highlights the majority of these critical events in each market to help traders understand when and why a market might move, which will help facilitate their trades on the next market’s platform.

forex calendar app
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What is a Forex Calendar App

A Forex calendar app is a list of significant events that might affect the Forex market worldwide. As the value of a currency is connected to its country’s economic performance, it is essential to know when the most significant events and news releases are expected so that traders can be prepared for movements in the markets.

Why you Should Start Using The Forex Calendar App

Whether you are just beginning Forex trading or an experienced, seasoned trader, you can still benefit heavily from the Forex calendar app. Having all of this essential information in one place takes the strain away from the individual, assisting you to make smarter trading decisions much more efficiently and quickly.

With the combination of the Forex calendar app and free forex software, you will have a solid foundation for your trading decisions, assisting you to make more profitable trades in the future. The forex trading calendar app is still part of the arsenal of some of the oldest forex traders, which makes it an obligation for every trader who wishes to have a healthy nextmarkets portfolio.

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Dukascopy is one of the best forex calendar apps that explain essential indicators, news release frequency, name of the data source, alternative title and significance of the event, and a historical chart, which includes forecasts, a maximum lookback period of two years.

Econoday is also the best forex calendar app explaining the indicators, historical chart for some activities, the schedules, last released data, and in-depth study of recently launched data. There is a quick link named Why Investors Care, which represents the importance of the indicator for the economy. The link gives additional or extra details such as the frequency and approximate time of release, original data source without a tie, revision methodology, and, finally, a period that the report covers.

Forex Factory is the third forex calendar app that highlights a detailed clarification of the indicator, link to the official origin page and the report itself, historical data and chart, related news articles, next release date, description of why it is essential, the indicator’s full name and alternative names if any.

FXStreet is the fourth forex calendar app that defines the indicator, links to the official report, a historic chart with forecast and deviation plots, and complicates market impact charts for major currency pairs. is the fifth forex calendar app describing the indicator, a link to the official source page, and detailed historical data or chart covering a half-century into the past. is the sixth forex calendar app that develops a description of the event, link to the official source page, reference to the previous release, next release date, chart of the recent data vs. forecasts, historical data chart, and historic data table.

Watch this video to know more about the best forex calendar app to use as a Forex Trader:

Myfxbook is the seventh forex calendar app that links to the source page, a textual description of the event, and a historical chart of the data vs. forecast values. is the eighth-best forex calendar app that provides only a basic indicator description linked to the official source page.

Trading Economics is the ninth-best forex calendar app that gives a detailed explanation of the indicator, links to the official source page, the next release date, a historical chart with quick chart view directly in the calendar table, data table, and related news. is the tenth best forex calendar app that provides a detailed description of some events/indicators linked to the source and the frequency of releases.


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