How To Predict Crypto Pumps And Dump Before It Happens

This article will discuss how to predict crypto pumps and dump before it happens. Predicting crypto pumps and dump involves researching those crypto assets that one can quickly profit from their surge in price.

How To Predict Crypto Pumps And Dump Before It Happens

What Are Crypto Pump Signals

Crypto pump signals are signals of an artificial pump in value of a specific crypto asset during a trading period. These signals are indications of an increase or rise in a crypto asset’s worth which could earn investors massive profits.

How To Spot A Pump And Dump Before It Happens Crypto

Pump and dump are occurrences where there’s an immediate increase in the price of crypto assets, with a decrease expected after some time. To spot a pump and dump is relatively easy as you need to keep an eye on the price increase in an unknown crypto asset.

You can use a coin price chart to view this sudden price increase. Also, you can spot a pump and dump when you notice a news article on a small cap asset, with a surge in social media on the specific crypto asset. This is an indication that a pump could be taking place.

List Of Crypto Coin Pump Notifier Apps You Should Know

There is numerous crypto coin pump notifier app that one can consider to get immediate information on crypto coin pump. Below is a list of crypto pump notifier apps.

• Cryptocurrency Alerting

Cryptocurrency Alerting is a trusted application that one can utilize to get up-to-date information on various crypto coin pumps.

• CoinMarketCap

Popularly known as one of the legit platforms for crypto asset information is CoinMarketCap. Its inbuilt alert feature, “Coin Market Alert,” is a vital tool for keeping a close watch on crypto assets.

• CoinWink

CoinWink is an excellent product to keep tabs on various crypto asset price changes. It has an in-built crypto alert application that helps one get fast information on crypto pumps.

• eToro

eToro is an exchange platform that enables crypto asset trading. It has an application that various investors and traders can utilize in keeping an eye on crypto coin pumps.

• Trading View

TradingView is another suitable network for investors and crypto traders. Its mobile application is user-friendly and can be used to get qualifying information on crypto pumps.

List Of Crypto Pump Signals Telegram Channel

Crypto pump signals are available on various social media platforms, including telegram channels. Below is a list of telegram channels for crypto pump signals.


Meta boost is a Telegram channel that provides various discussions on diverse crypto assets through its team of members. It offers members the opportunity of getting information on crypto assets.

• BTC Champ

BTC Champ is one of the currently available crypto Telegram channels that has improved the trading experience of its members. It’s another telegram channel for crypto pump signals that one can consider.

• DeFi Million

Another Telegram channel for crypto pump signals is DeFi Million which has a large team of subscribers. It’s one of the most popular Telegram channels on Decentralized Finance.

• ICO Listing

ICO Listing is a complete crypto pump and dump Telegram channel that offers information, signals, and numerous analysis on diverse crypto assets.

• Crypto Evolution

A suitable option for both beginners and experts is Crypto Evolution. Crypto Evolution is one of the best crypto pumps and dumps information choices.

List Of Crypto Pump And Dump Discord

Crypto pump and dump discord is a community of members where information on crypto pump and dump is released. Below is a list of crypto pumps and dump discord.

• MEGA Pump

MEGA Pump is one of the top crypto pumps and dumps discord that seeks to assist members in profiting from its signals on various crypto assets.

• Big Pump Signal

Significant Pump Signal is one of the most prominent crypto pumps and dumps discord. The platform discusses and provides indications on crypto assets to purchase and sell.

• Super Pump

Super Pump is a group that purchases and sells in a “Pump and Dump” manner. It offers various members the opportunity to make profits from different provided signals.

• Elite Crypto Signals

Elite Crypto Signals is one of the most organized crypto discord groups which offers free and paid channels to get information on crypto pumps and dumps.

• Crypto hub

Crypto hub is a pump and dumps discord focused on crypto-related investments, including staking, trading, and lots more.

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Below are some of the frequently asked questions and answers on how to predict crypto pumps and dumps.

How Do You Know Which Coin Is Gonna Pump?

To know the crypto asset that may experience a pump, you need to watch out for an increase in transaction volume, favorable news releases, and consecutive rises and pullbacks.

Are Crypto Pumps Profitable?

Yes, crypto pumps are one of the ways to profit from crypto assets.

Is Crypto Pumping Illegal?

No, crypto pumping is not illegal.

How Long Do Crypto Pumps Last?

Crypto pumps last for fewer hours or minutes after taking place.

Is It Illegal To Pump And Dump?

Yes, in stock trading, pump and dump are considered illegal.

Are Crypto Pump Groups Real?

Yes, crypto pump groups are natural, with numerous online platforms for one to join.

Predicting crypto pumps and dumps is relatively easy if you have the tools to keep you updated. One must keep a close watch on the news and price movements and use various tools to spot those crypto assets with the opportunity of pumps and dump.


We hope this article provides vital information on how to predict crypto pumps and dump before it happens. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.

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