How to Buy Crypto on Webull – Complete Guide

In this article, we are going to look at how to buy crypto on webull.

Meanwhile, many people have been trying to know how to buy and sell crypto on webull.

The discussion below will guide you on what you need to know about the subject matter.

How to Buy Crypto on Webull
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How to Buy Crypto on Webull Step By Step Guide

The following are how to buy crypto on webull:

  • Open an account on Webull

It is one way on how to buy crypto on webull. If you are a starter, you need to create an account on Webull. Like most brokers, you have to provide your details and, most times, add your KYC, meaning know your customer or client detail in line with SEC regulation.

  • Request for Permission

It is another step on how to buy crypto on webull. After opening an account, you must ask permission to purchase or trade crypto through the Webull app. To request approval, make sure your Webull app is in the latest version. Then do the following steps:

  • Click on Webull Icon in the middle icon on the bottom row.
  • Click on the ‘More button.’
  • Then click on ‘Crypto Trading’ to ask for permission.

Once your request to purchase and sell crypto is accepted, you can trade at any time on the app because, unlike the stock market, there are no fees for crypto regulation.

  • Fund your account.

There are a lot of choices available to help you fund your account—webull assists electronic transactions from your bank, as well as a wire transfer. Electronic transactions are free on Webull, but they may take up to 5 days to settle and be available for use.

  • Select the cryptos you want to purchase

After funding your account, click on crypto under the ‘market’ tab. You will carry out purchases with either a limit order or a market order.

A market order is an order to purchase crypto immediately at the current market price at the transaction time.

  • A limit order 

Buying crypto using a limit order permits you to specify the price you intend to pay for your purchase. Your order only executes when that price reaches.

  • Monitor your cryptocurrencies

It is another way to buy crypto on webull, making it simple for you to attach a currency to a watchlist. To try this, tap on the star icon on the currency’s profile. You can put an alert to notify you of price changes. Click on ‘alert’ to start the process. You can examine a currency profile to access critical stats. These include details like trading volume, amongst others.

You can examine the price action of cryptocurrencies using the drawing tools on the Webull app. The mobile app also displays two currencies simultaneously for analysis.

It is excellent for beginners and traders who want to diversify their portfolios and limit risk, considering how volatile crypto trading can be.

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If you already have crypto savings on Webull, you can sell them by operating from your investment lists to your crypto. Once you have chosen the coin, you wish to sell, select the option to sell crypto. ‍You will then see the opportunity to sell all or part of your crypto holdings.

Webull Cryptocurrency Fees you Should Know

There are various commission fees listed, but below are the essential ones you need to know.

  • Webull Trading Fees

It is a trading platform, so it makes sense that you’d see a couple of trading fees there. It may include brokerage fees, which you’ll have to pay whenever you make a trade. For instance, a trading fee may apply whenever you buy stock or ETF.

  • Webull Crypto Fees

The Webull online trading platform allows you to buy cryptos such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum. The forum doesn’t charge any commission fees for trading crypto. Users must remember that each trading side has a 100-basis point spread even if no commission fees are applied.

  • Webull Deposit Fee

Webull does not ask for any withdrawal fees if it transfers through ACH. If the deposit returns, you will pay a reversal fee of $5. Wire transactions will have an $8 fee within the same country, which may go to $12.50 if the international trade.

  • Webull Withdrawal Fee

Additionally, if you use the ACH method, there is no withdrawal fee. The only assumption is the $5 you might be charged with if the deposit returns. Wire transactions will cost either $25 for a national transaction or $45 for international transfers.

  • Webull Margin Interest

When you are swapping or buying margins on Webull, you will also charge for those transactions. The interest records daily, and you will need $2,000 at least to qualify for the margins. They will only charge the fee once a month.

Watch the video below to learn how to buy crypto on Webull:

How to Get Crypto Buying Power on Webull

First, users need to set up an account with Webull. Like any other broker, basic information is required to activate the account. After opening an account, permission to buy or trade crypto via the Webull app must be granted. Once accepted, users can trade at any time on the app.

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