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Crypto trading signals are essential for any crypto trader who want to succeed in trading cryptocurrency. It is a way of copy trading from experts who already know the future price of cryptocurrency by analyzing the coin for its potential.

There are so many fake crypto signals groups and channels all over the internet such as Facebook groups, Whats App, Websites and the most common which is Telegram channels and groups.

In recent time, the trends in fake crypto signals providers became alarming which led so many victims to total loss of their equity/capital, and that’s the reason I created this post to enlighten you the best place to get cryptocurrency trading signals for beginners and experts who want to trade for maximum profit.

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In this post, you’ll get to learn about the following

  • What are crypto trading signals?
  • Best paid crypto trading signals
  • Free crypto signals Binance
  • Universal crypto signals
  • Cryptocurrency buy/sell signals
  • Best crypto trading signals app
  • Coin candlestick chart
  • Candlestick formation

What are Crypto Trading Signals?

Expert traders’ trading recommendations to buy or sell a specific cryptocurrency at a specified price or time are known as crypto signals. News, technical analysis, and the current market condition can all be used to generate cryptocurrency trading signals.

As previously said, crypto signals are a bundle of information and trading instructions delivered straight to you by the signal developers. You can figure out which currency to invest in based on these signs. These pieces of information are usually included in a standard crypto signal.

Which currencies should you purchase? You’ll be able to tell which currency to buy for a decent return based on these indications, such as BTC or ETH.

You will also be able to determine the purchase price of that particular cryptocurrency using these signals.

These indications also include targets for selling. These are the prices at which you should sell your currency to make a profit.

Stop-Loss Value: Using a stop-loss value can protect you from large losses if the market goes against your strategy. It’s an automatic way to get out of a deal if you’re losing a lot of money.

As you can see, the signal provides you with practically all of the information you need to trade successfully. Such as the currency to purchase and everything else we’ve discussed thus far.

They also provide an entry objective, albeit most signal providers do not supply a precise value; instead, they indicate prices in the range of 5000 to 6000 or 4500 to 7000 per cryptocurrency.

If your crypto signal provider delivers you good signals, you’ll almost certainly benefit from the majority of your transactions.

When the price reaches the entry price or the profit targets, your crypto signal will send you an instant message. The best crypto signals channel also uses stop-loss points. This is the most effective strategy to stay informed about the market.

Best Paid Crypto Signals

Signals from MYC

MYC Signals is one of the most active and well-respected Telegram channels for bitcoin trading signals. It sends out more than 20 signals per month to over 400 premium members and 20,000 community members.

This signal provider offers four distinct pricing options, the most expensive of which is a $120 monthly subscription package. You get 20-30 lucrative signals every month, 24/7 customer service, and automatic trading when you subscribe to their VIP channel.

The Cornix bot can be used to manually or automatically follow the signals provided by MYC Signals.

Apart from providing signals, this Telegram group also assists traders in becoming more knowledgeable about the crypto market and providing them with the confidence they need to make sound trading decisions.

Website: Signals from MYC

Free Crypto Signals Binance

Crypto Classics

Crypto Classics is a group of traders with a combined trading experience of more than 15 years. They now offer profitable BTC Forex signals as well as trust management.

What services do they provide:

Client service at the highest level (user-friendly support with instant feedback)

BTC/USD crypto signals are available for free.

Binance Signals Telegram channel provides clear crypto signals.

Universal Crypto Signals

Universal crypto signals will allow you to benefit handsomely from our Best crypto Trading Signals and improve your trading abilities.

For beginner traders who are just getting started in Crypto trading, all of the trading signals are simple to understand. Every signal has an easy-to-understand structure of entries, targets, and stop-loss prices.

Cryptocurrency Buy/Sell Signals


A buy signal is an occurrence or condition that a trader or investor chooses as an alert for placing an investment purchase order. Buy signals can be calculated and automated by trading systems or discovered by observing chart patterns.

A variety of signaling systems can be used to produce sell signals. From day traders to long-term investors, they are employed by all types of investors and traders.

When a security’s intrinsic value hits a specific level, fundamental analysts produce sell signals. The sell signal could be triggered because the fundamentals have reached historically high levels or are beginning to fall.

Technical analysts will use charting techniques to produce sell signals based on technical patterns and indicators. A technical trader might see a sell signal if an asset goes below a support level, for example.

These might all be utilized as potential sell signals if an asset falls below a given level on a technical indicator, becomes overbought, starts to decline, or falls below a moving average.

Others may watch for sell signals in the market, selling when the major indexes see a large-volume selloff.

Many investors will have a pre-determined level recognized as a sell signal, regardless of the approach utilized. Sell signals can be established at the start of investment and updated over time as conditions change.

As events unfold or risk tolerance levels shift, the sell signal can be established at any time during the investment’s life cycle.

Stop-loss orders are one of the most effective techniques to reduce risk and control potential losses. If the amount of a sell signal varies over time, investors can easily update their stop-loss order price levels.


A buy signal is an occurrence or condition that a trader or investor chooses as an alert for placing an investment purchase order. Buy signals can be calculated and automated by trading systems or discovered by observing chart patterns.

Getting to Know Buy Signals

Short-term traders and long-term investors alike can benefit from buy signals. Contrarian investors, for example, may see a major sell-off as a buy signal since the market has overreacted.

In contrast, value investors may see a price below net asset value per share as a buy signal. A trader who uses an automated trading system, on the other hand, can produce buy and sell signals based on a set of rules.

The following are some of the most popular buy signals:

When the price advances beyond a given level, several chart patterns generate a buy signal. When the price breaks out from the upper trend line resistance, an ascending triangle pattern produces a buy signal.

Technical Indicators: When certain conditions are met, many technical indicators provide a purchase signal. The relative strength index (RSI), for example, generates a buy signal when it falls below 30.0, which indicates oversold conditions.

Intrinsic Value: Many value investors use discounted cash flow analysis, net asset valuations, or other approaches to calculate intrinsic value.

Typically, they will build a model for its theoretical value compared to its actual value using one or more favored ratios.

This becomes a purchase signal for them when the price falls sufficiently below a theoretical value they believe in. Value investors can then use other methodologies to identify the investment’s more proximate timeframe.

Best Free Crypto Signals App

There are so many free crypto signals app online but I’ll mention few which I know works and are effective for your cryptocurrency trading.

  1. Free Crypto Signals (

Crypto Trading Alerts

Binance cryptocurrency price alerts

Set price alerts for cryptocurrencies with notifications, sounds, and extensive parameters.

Set price alerts for all cryptocurrencies listed on Binance, complete with alert sound and browser notifications; no need to keep 20 tabs open in your browser to keep track of prices.

[This is an unofficial Binance extension that is in no way affiliated with Binance and only uses publicly available market data supplied by the Binance API.]

How to Make Use of Binance cryptocurrency price alert

Go to the Binance currency pair trading page and click the extension icon; it will auto-fill the pair name and current price, and you can then change the alert price using the percentage buttons.

You can increase or reduce the price by 5%, 1%, 2%, 3%, or 10%, or you can set a custom target price.

Candlestick Chart

A candlestick is a form of technical analysis price chart that shows the high, low, open, and closing prices of securities over time. It was developed hundreds of years ago by Japanese rice merchants and traders to watch market prices and daily momentum before becoming popular in the United States.

The “true body” is the wide area of the candlestick that shows investors whether the stock closed higher or lower than it opened (black/red if the stock ended lower, white/green if the stock closed higher.

Candlestick Formation

Candlesticks are formed by price changes that go up and down. While these price changes can look random, they can also develop patterns that traders can utilize for study or trading. Candlestick patterns are tendencies in price movement, not guarantees, so they don’t always work.


If you’re considering investing in crypto, keep in mind that no venture is without risk. Value fluctuations are fairly common in the crypto realm.

Before you join a crypto enthusiasts’ online community to speculate, think about why you’re investing in digital currency in the first place. Set aside time to investigate the various monetary standards available, as well as blockchain innovation.

Before investing in digital money, learn as much as you can about the nuts and bolts.

The fact is that people all over the world are investing in cryptocurrencies because they are a great method to invest and protect their money. You’ll make a lot of money if your investment pays off.


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